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    ....but he can bypass his mouth and adjust his cap...that doesn't simulate the same motion.
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    "Going to the mouth while in contact with the pitcher’s plate is a balk, not because the pitcher goes to his mouth, but because the action simulates the start of the pitching motion." They can't let go of that one, can they?
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    Unless the batters 1st name is Claire and last name is Voyant (see what I did there?), you can't just expect the batter to "disappear".
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    I’m in SoCal so any time under 65. Say what you want
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    I just got off the phone w/ Honigs. They have about a dozen black plate coats left and they are going to be placing an order for about another 40 or so real soon. I got the last 42 regular they had. Sorry guys.
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    Most HS umpires don't understand the risk that they are taking when they don't enforcing this rule. When the umpire crew allows F1 to throw to a base from the hybrid wind-up position, he's going to get crap from the OHC for allowing the pickoff (from the wind-up and illegal stance) or DHC for balking F1 (coach insists that F1 was in a legal "set" position). Either way the crew rules, they are screwed.
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    So for the mask, I have the Hong's pro frame with the Team Wendy pads. It's light but not too light that you forget its there, takes the force of everything and easy to maintain. Highly recommend it. For the base shoes, I have the NB's and I love them. It's like running in regular sneakers.