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    Below are a few pics of the old style New Balance 450's (Plate Shoes) Size 13 Wide (EE) that have never been used. For those who liked the older style in this larger size in wide should jump on these. First decent offer and they are yours, buyer also pays shipping. PM me for any questions and prompt responses will be made. Thanks. Curtis
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    Ball was over the top of the wall in other angles. His glove dipped because he's not strong enough to keep it from doing so. He's 12.
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    Page 3, Interp#10 Abandoning Basepaths (Including after third strike not caught) Somebody named @johnnyg08 copied the text to the comments to the spurious analysis.
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    Legion probably has a patch he can buy for it.
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    If the ball/strike calls were computerized ... Siri: strike three Pedroia : DA FAQ YOU TALKING ABOUT, YOU ELECTRONIC POS. THAT PITCH WAS LOW AND INSIDE. Siri: You sound a bit tense. May I suggest a cup of herbal tea. I found two coffee shops within 5 minutes of your location.
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    On his hands and knees gasping for breath....