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    So about a month in... I've been wearing size 46 pants... For Ss and Gs I pulled out a pair of 42s yesterday... Fit without a problem.
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    hate to say I told you so........
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    What do I do ? I'd sell the $#!+ out of my coin flip call... ... and at my age, I secretly hope that this pair of Depends has enough capacity
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    I didn't mean that as a putdown of you at all. Just a little gratuitous shade cast on AL.
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    That actually is a kind of cool designation...
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    1. No 2. On a swinging strike, point with the right arm out (fully extended) to the right to indicate that the batter swung. The umpire can either (1) hold it there until a tag attempt is made (then he would signal out (for a successful tag) or safe, while saying "no tag" (for an unsuccessful tag); or (2) he can give the safe signal while yelling "no catch! no catch!" to indicate that the pitch was not caught. I have seen both mechanics used. On a called third strike that is uncaught, after giving the strike three mechanic I would recommend signalling safe while saying "no catch! no catch!"...unless it is painfully obvious that the pitch was not caught (such as in yesterday's playoff game where the ball fell out of the catcher's glove (which was at F2's eye level) all the way to the ground and rolled on the ground.)
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    The PU is a rules expert; so I'm going to give him some benefit of the doubt on this one. (I don't say that he's a rules expert solely because he's an MLB umpire; I say it because he is recognized as a "go to" guy on rules within the professional ranks. He taught the rules at umpire school for several years in the 1990s.) I watched the game. Your second post, @Jimurray, is 100% correct. According to the MLB and MiLBUD umpire manuals...if the runner does not attempt to advance to first base after a reasonable amount of time, he can be called out. (This is in ADDITION, to the part of the rule interpretation about the batter losing his right to advance to first base once he leaves the dirt circle around home plate. Everyone, I think, knows about the dirt circle interpretation, but they forget the "reasonable amount of time" interpretation.) Furthermore, the umpire manuals give the umpire a lot of leeway to determine what was is a "reasonable amount of time". Nelson called the punch out (a pitch he had been calling all game...but that's beside the point), and then he stood there and engaged with the B/R who decided to argue. And, actually, when he saw that the ball was not caught by F2, he actually took several steps forward (toward the mound) in case a tag attempt was made. But once the B/R stood there and argued, he lost his right to advance. I would bet a million, billion dollars (as my daughter used to say) that had the B/R attempted to advance (after having stood there and argued) that Mr. Nelson would have emphatically come out in front of the plate and called him "out". In other words, I don't think there was any "luck". I think Mr. Nelson did not leave the field until he had decided that the B/R had lost the right to advance to first base. My only criticism, and what I think he should do differently in the future, is that he should have, IMHO, signaled the "out" once he had determined that the B/R was no longer entitled to run to first base.
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    I didn't see an out signaled on TV but once the batter did not attempt 1B in a "reasonable" amount of time he can be called out even though he had not left the circle.
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    Is the "like" feature that has been upgraded and expanded on this forum created by a woman? I pity the Male Participant who thinks a "heart" emoji is more manly than a simple "thumbs up." Just a random comment, we ALWAYS pre-game at the HS level that the PU will look for illegal slides (or illegal non-slides), INT, OBS at 2B on a double play ball. The reason U3 is taught (in 3-man) to stand in Deep B with his shoulders squared with the 3B dugout … it is a means of helping to remind him that he has no primary responsibility at 1B. Don't look over on a pickoff attempt at 1B as though it's U3’s call (just because it is BU’s call in 2-man). U1 better have it. That's the beauty of 3-man. Since U3 never has to look at the back end of a 6-4-3 or 4-6-3 DP, he can usually have the best look at the slide and see if he catches OBS, INT, illegal slides, etc, (Another point we pregame when doing 3-man). Districts at Top Level Programs should get consistent in all states and demand 3-man for regular season District games. There is just too much riding on it, and we don't have replay. Most officials here love working 3-man, and would give up even more of their paycheck to work 3-man (as compared to the 2-man fee) in a District game. —————— TENNESSEE RATES —————— $75.00 … 2-Man Fee per Official = $150 $70.00 … 3-Man Fee per Official = $210 $60 Disparity ———————————————————————— $75.00 … 2-Man Fee per Official = $150 $60.00 … 3-Man Fee per Official = $180 $30 Disparity (What I plan to propose) That’s about the cost of 5 baseballs. If the school can’t afford that, maybe each team should have a parent from the home team provide the $30 on a rotating basis starting with parents of Seniors.
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    I’d like to clarify something that Mr. grayhawk said earlier about the appeal rule in OBR. The rule does state the following: “5.09(c) Any appeal under this rule must be made before the next pitch, or any play or attempted play. If the violation occurs during a play which ends a half-inning, the appeal must be made before the defensive team leaves the field.” But just a little further in the same rule it explains (interprets) what the expression defensive team leaves the field means: “5.09(c)… For the purpose of this rule, the defensive team has “left the field” when the pitcher and all infielders have left fair territory on their way to the bench or clubhouse.” So, in that regard, the OBR appeal rule is the same as the Fed and NCAA.
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    I get almost the exact opposite reaction. Me: "Play" Batter: (Turns around) "What???" OK, so that's more at youth levels than high school, but still...
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    Agreed ... solid advice. But aren't we all glad that I took a second to decide against, "Hey you, (3BC) STFU, batter, you're out on K3, and runner (R1) you're out on the batter's interference." I gotta get some positive eval points for that decision at least. haw
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    Big fan of Starting Strength for beginning/getting back into it. It starts you out finding where you're at and doesn't do too much, too soon. You'll be sore at first, but embrace the DOMS. Get back in there. It also just focuses on the core muscle groups and builds foundational strength. Combine it with a calorie deficit and by opening day next year, you'll be svelte and ready to kick ***
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    Please go back and read how you wrote your responses... Your statements made it seem like you were still rendering a call at 1B after calling FPSR at 2B. Cut the unnecessary sarcasm. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
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    Not an umpiring question. Try fan-boy.com.