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    If the fielder does make a legit move toward 3B first then it is a FC. That's why the part you highlighted is there.
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    What did the SS do? If he just looked at R3 and then didn't throw it's a hit. If he took any steps toward 3B/R3 then decided to not throw it's a FC.
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    Per PBUC/MLBUM a ball that hits the top of the wall and does not go out or come to rest is treated the same as a ball that hits the face of the wall, live and not catchable for an out.
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    Most policies can be summarized as: We Cover EVERYTHING!* * -- except what actually happens
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    So you find your spot about 15 feet from 3B, several feet inside the foul line, and if there's an overthrow, you drop step left, cruise home, and get there in plenty of time. And, as a bonus, you can get in on the 3B end of the rundown, take a tag from a great angle, and not leave your partner to eat a sh!t sandwich while you're anchored to the plate, missing a pretty good game.
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    Guys, you're missing the fun potential here! I loved Lawumps' post. It is exactly what the OP needed. Now for what his partner missed. How much fun it is to fly down and get involved in a rundown. No matter where the play is I want to get to where I can take over part of the responsibilities for umpiring a rundown. I'm sorely disappointed if a rundown does not last long enough for me to get involved. Coaches, players and partners are amazed when you bust down a line and jump into a rundown. It makes your crew look great when the HPU gets to where he needs to be and verbalizes, "I've got this end". The players are scrambling but the umpires are in control! Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk