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    Maybe F5 dove for the ball and caught it (or not) just before the ball and his chest hit the ground? I agree the OP didn't see what he thought he saw. And, I don't see anyone in this thread suggesting that the umpire used the player's actions to decide -- it's only a clue to those of us who didn't see it (and, thus, have only the OP and the actions on which to base our conclusions.)
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    Trying to get the day off of work set up to attend Memphis Redbirds PCL/AAA game. In a stroke of Sports Marketing genius they are throwing their 1st pitch at 11:52am as the eclipse starts & it will be at 94% peak at 1:22. Seems like a better way to spend the day than going to work.
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    From video looks like runner goes over the catcher's arm as he reaches to tag runner. Legal in all codes.
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    Off topic: That PU probably has not attended any reputable training or clinics. Mask in right hand and 1BX for play at plate.
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    Read the OP. F5 "caught" it chest high. I'm not throwing to 1B if I catch a ball chest high. I will if I know it bounced. If an umpire blows a chest high catch he deserves whatever the crowd yells at him.
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    I honestly hate that line of thinking for a player or umpire. On close plays, it's a safe bet for a player to throw it to 1B and not leave a close play in the umpires judgment, which could be wrong. I've seen too many players stop playing on a ball they thought they caught but umpire thought otherwise. As an umpire, our job is to judge what we see on the play, not player reactions. He either caught it or he didn't. What he does after that, doesn't have a bearing on that Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
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    Watched it on my dvr last night...ball caught the hollow of the knee at the front edge of the plate. Rangers broadcast showed multiple angles of the whole thing. Kinsler initiated after the strike by asking Angel, "What's your problem with me?" After the ball, Kinsler did turn towards Angel and say something, but I was unable to read his lips. After that it got R rated. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A using Tapatalk
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    I'm so gullible that they had me believing it was a goalies mask for weeks!
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    Are you sure it's not just a catcher's mask?
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    If you have a legitimate umpiring question, feel free to post it. Arguing about cheating umpires is not appropriate for this site. There are plenty of other places on the internet where people will engage with your apparent desire to be right about how bad umpires are.
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    MLBUM added interp #30 this year. ".........i.e. the fielder is moving to tag the runner, no physical tag attempt is required to call a runner out for leaving the basepath."
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    That's not a nutty buddy
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    I hate ebay snipers... that is all....