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    This is kinda like the harvard/yale, babe ruth/hank aaron etc etc. that make for some good old competitive conversations. But remember "one" thing You cannot 'win' (get a job in MiLB if that is what you are after) if you do not 'enter' (go to one of the two schools). Period. Have not heard one person, going for a job or not going for a job, that is just interested in being the best umpire they can be, regret the opportunity to attend and learn as much as they can from either school. Nuff said.
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    We all dream about it, but last night i undoubtedly had it. The shortest baseball game ever. The game had been suspended in the bot 7 w a tie score and R1 1out. (i did not work the first part of this game). Im PU. I put the ball in play. The pitch comes in belt high right down the middle and the kid smokes one to the LCF wall. R1 scores walk off. From start to finish id say this lasted about 15 seconds. By far the quickest game ive ever had. Almost felt bad taking the $55 for that one. (key word almost). That puts a wrap on what was definitely my longest season. From Mar 15 to Nov 15. Around 160 games split amongst HS, travel ball, mens league, and LL. Not too long of an offseason however, as I will start up again in the middle of january in a dome league. Looking forward to my first season of basketball in the offseason and enjoying enduring the remainder of New York Jet games. Yes I'm well aware my first game next year is bound to be 4 hours. LOL
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    oh.. so you havent been to Pro school.... It just seemed like the way your talking that you have.. Ok.. I have.. at the end you do waht you want.. But i will tell you.. many of my class mates from Harry's are still in the game.. AAA, AA.. IT DOESNT MATTER ONCE YOUR IN THE GAME WHERE YOU WENT...
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    Nice! Going to be a great experience and hopefully further some careers whether in Pro or College! I can't wait.
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    1st thought is there is still a lot of Real Estate on those umpires uniforms for additional advertisements... Their marketing department is just not doing their job at a high enough level. Ohh... the question. Nice hit. 2nd base :-)
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    Hello @KenBAZ. Good questions. @BT_Blue got you on the low-cut availability. We have Jan 1 but with NB shipping the mid-cuts 2 weeks earlier than expected, I wouldn't be surprised if Christmas comes early for the lows. Our feeling on the hi-gloss is to not do anything different than you have been on shoe care for your other plate shoes. The easiest answer is "do what's been working for you". I've always been a proponent of mild-soap and water as a cure-all for anything cleaning wise as that just keeps things simple and does a pretty good job in most cases. I know some like Windex for shine (which works great for patent leather too) or one of the ready/lemon sponges. I won't argue either for a quick hit. Scott advocates just a wet cloth often takes care of most cleaning and shine issues outside of anything too dirty. I know the Pedag Clear Polish is also product we also hear about that doesn't overdo things in the polish department. We hope to carry Pedag soon but sure you can find it elsewhere if you wanted to give that a try. I'm sure others here will have good advice as well once everyone has had a chance to use the new shoes. http://www.pedag.de/en/products/shoecare/premium_shoe_polish.html Hope that helps. Feel free to disagree as we're open to hear better ideas. Here's the Q&A piece that has some shots alongside the new features. Doesn't hesitate if you have other questions. If you have questions, others will as well. https://www.ump-attire.com/Umpire-Articles/Q-A-on-New-Balance-Umpire-Plate-Shoes
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    @OfficiallyFit is one of our members here I'd love for him to have the opportunity to chime in...
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    Mark Lauren's Bodyweight Training. If anything you'll learn some new ways to workout, it's great on the road as well. I think it's $5. Much cheaper than a gym membership. But, like I said, start slow, this guy was the trainer for our Special Forces troops, and these workouts work the whole body.
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    Those questioning the Wendlestedt school... There is a long history of respect for that program, they still listen and send guys. It doesn't hurt that have a massive amount of guys in the system and MLB umpires on staff... Don't underestimate how much clout the Wendlestedt school has. Doesn't hurt to go to the MiLB school either and I get it, but they will hire the best at the evaluation regardless of where you are from. You also have more time and exposure to be written off at the PBUC camp as well, same with Wendlestedt. If you can work, they will find you. I promise, no matter which.
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    The specific wording is different (FED is something like, "in the umpire's judgment, close enough to reasonably make a play") -- the practical application is (nearly) the same.
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    back back back back back........................It could.....go.....all......the.....way.............
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    Look at the rule as to when a runner cannot correct a mistake. Pay close attention to the words used.
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    Pretty rare with 2 outs at the beginning of the play... Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
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    If you are an umpire, then I don't really thing going as an umpire qualifies as a "costume" for hallowen. jmo. My wife and I always have a themed costume. I go as the front end of a horse. She goes as herself.
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    Combo pants look to blousy (is that a word) for the bases and are too tight for shinguards. Combo pants look AWFUL. It's one game fee, buy plate and base pants.