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    I see that. And see the recent post. Will pass along to NB.
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    Hello, I would like to buy a Nike titanium. But I would like to pay for it with payments over about a month. Because I am 17, I can't afford to spend $350 at one time. PM me if you are willing to do this.
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    Back in July I won a poetry slam at the local level. On the 21st I'm going to be competing against other (some are published) poets for what the organization calls "Eternal Fame" and also 500 dollars. I get my own promotional poster hung up around town and everything. Now I just need a two sentence bio for said poster. :0
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    This is why the women of Baseball and softball need to be organized and visible as a buying group. If we could get pre-orders of 25 or 30 in each size every few years and be willing to pay a little more, one of these companies might be more willing to make that concession. Heck, it could be great marketing too in this ever increasing pc world, especially for a major sports company that has a larger cross section market like NB or Nike where a commercial for running shoes could increase sale of yoga shoes or cleats. Also, women have a tendency to be more emotional buyers, be brand loyal, and have control over daily household spending, all of which these companies already know but they might be looking for a new angle for a marketing campaign. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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    WOW ......Brian Knight ....... 96.9% !!!
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    https://www.facebook.com/groups/916803298408709/ Perry Barber replied to my thread on there, ermegerd! Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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    New Balance is setting the price higher (than previous models) for two reasons: to offset the increased Design and Development costs in today's digital market. Somewhere in the process, they are likely using new (to them) design and virtualization software or resources, are employing new (to them) materials or construction techniques, or have a bean counter department holding their feet to the fire. There isn't room for experimentation in today's market any more, gentlemen – there cannot be a loss. Because the market for these shoes is so relatively small and specialized, the bean counters likely projected a target number for meager profit margin, and are holding the product managers to it. because there is now an absence of like-competition. Does NB sweat anything 3N2 makes? Not at all. What about Reebok? Now we're talking... So Reebok's withdrawal from team sports footwear creates a void that would otherwise counter NB's market strategists' aims. While nature abhors a vacuum, market strategists – bean counters to their cores – love it, because they have a captive market with no check or challenge. It would take a product entry from UnderArmour or Nike or Adidas (not going to happen; Germans don't understand baseball and Adidas owns Reebok) to get that price to drop. With that said, I'll likely get the brand-new NB plate shoes – in a low – because I've lost the (any) love for the N460's. They are heavy, cumbersome, and with their (unnecessary) height, are starting to chafe my highly-valued Force3 Ultimate shinguards. They will get repaired (the inner lining around the heel is more or less in tatters) and cleaned up, get new inexpensive footbeds put in (I took out the stock ones recently to wince at just how badly beaten they are, and replaced them with Dr Scholls Sport inserts), and then sold to a junior umpire. The new N470's (think that's what they'll be named?) will have to do until something better springs into the scene.