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    I didn't wear mine for plate work during clinics. I wanted the instructors to able to see if I was tracking well with my eyes. Wore my clear glasses. Never had an issue from evaluators/assigners about them....Just the random "take off those shades and maybe you can get the call right" from the irate parent(s) whose team was on the wrong end of a banger at 1B. Makes me laugh even harder thinking "If they only knew how bad my vision is without the Rx sun lenses."
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    I have been to the Walsh 3 man clinic in Indy and the Doane 3 man invite clinic in Grand Rapids this year and wore my Prizms at both clinics. No one ever said anything negative about them. Some of the best instructors in the country, so I think someone would have said something if that was something they thought was inappropriate.
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    Your post motivated us to have our Oakley rep bring a pair by to view. WE LOVE 'EM! The Flak 2.0 Prizm XL Field will be a new product add in 2017. http://www.oakley.com/en/mens/sunglasses/prizm-sunglasses/prizm-trade-field/flak-2-0-xl-prizm-field/product/W0OO9295XLPZBB/?skuCode=OO9188-03&categoryCode=m0201012 Thanks for the suggestion. We're listening!