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    They were saying Boo-urns.
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    Of a pitch? Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
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    Note that this includes the jab-step and the jump turn. Some mistakenly think this is some sort of "disengagement" and does not require a throw to first base. It's not-- even thought the pitcher is "beraking contact" with the rubber, this is still considered a move from the rubber.
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    I'm 90% sure that's a catch...but there were a couple angles that introduced that 10% doubt (ok, maybe 5%). Depending on who's manning the replay that night, 5-10% doubt may be enough to be that person's threshold of inconclusive. I don't think a call stands in this case is all that big of a travesty, though quite likely incorrect.
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    The standards for INT vs illegally batted ball are different. The question of INT/foul ball turns on whether the batter has left his stance as a batter and become a batter runner. If he's still in his batting stance — 2 feet on the ground in the box — and a batted ball hits him, it's a foul ball. If he's begun to run — even if a foot has not landed outside the box — he's going to be called out for INT. This is a violation by a runner (namely, the BR). To be batted illegally (in the relevant way), the batter's foot must be on the ground entirely outside the box at the moment he contacts the pitch with his bat. The video cannot have been illegally batted in this sense, because it was no longer a pitched ball, but a batted ball. This is a violation by a batter. "Legal position in the batter's box" = the position used by a batter when batting. Both feet are on the ground in that position, as it is rather uncommon to hit a pitch with one or both feet in the air. Start the swing and stride? Sure. But not when actually offering at the pitch.
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    From the article posted... "This is the first umpire-initiated ejection of a fan during play since Tim Welke's ejection of a Bryce Harper heckler on September 16, 2014."
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    Think of it this way -- a runner who misses a base is assumed to have touched it (and is treated that way) unless and until the defense appeals it. the same is true for a runner who leaves early on a caught fly. So, you do exactly what you would have done if the runner had touched the base -- nothing, and just make a ruling on the next play (and then on the appeal, if it's made correctly).
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    Yes. Yes, or if they appeal the missed base. Be non-committal.
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