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    New Rule: A panel of nine fans decides whether the batter swung on a check swing call a la the Supreme Court.
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    All ....just heard from @mjr_2013 ........ He's on his way to Vero Beach to see where he will be placed!! Congrats Matt! Keep us posted!
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    And perhaps the most disappointing part of the test is that at least two of its authors are educators. If I asked my students to answer questions that were of the same clarity as those on the NJ test, the students, their parents, and my bosses would certainly expect me to make significant changes in the way I assess my students.
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    If it goes around the neck, it's an undershirt; if not it's a "sleeve." Similar issue in basketball with the shooting sleeves. And, a camo undershirt would (likely) be judged to be distracting.
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    The presentation speaks to compression sleeves specifically.
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    Great transaction with @Razzer. And the harness looks great. Gonna try it out this weekend.
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    I am a member of Red Sox Nation - Gotta go with Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy. The radio guys have been there for years as well. I think they all got rings when the Sox won the WS. They kept everyone in the game, when it was slow and were always entertaining. You all know how a Sox / Yankee game can take forever. Remy, as the color guy, is not as up on the rules as he could be, but he can make them up with the best . Good news for Padres fans and bad news for us - Don has moved to the west coast. Not sure who they hired to replace him in Boston.