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    10u rec ball... and lower level rec ball at that. No outs and there is a pop up on the infield... no one catches it. After the play is over, one of the kids yells out to no one in particular that it was an infield fly. Almost immediatley, F3 tell s the kid he is wrong and proceeds to quote the IFF rule almost word for word. I tell F3 he ought to be an umpire. He just looks at me with a big grin on his face and slaps his glove a couple of times and goes back to playing ball.
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    So I was informed today I would be getting to call the 5A State Championship game this Saturday night at 7:00. Pretty pumped about this. Not only should it be a great game, but it is a huge honor! Just thought I'd share with you guys!
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    Comon guys - its right in rule 17.04(a) in OBR and 23-2-1 in FED - faking out an opponent is an automatic ejection AND if by the offense, an out; if by the defense, the offense gets an extra out to be used at any time in the game. I'm surprised y'all didn't know this one. :rolleyes:
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    Pleased and happy to announce that I received my 1st playoff assignment today! I've got the plate for a 3-man crew for a quarter-final game. Now to read up on 3 man rotations & mechanics!
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    I guess all good things come to those who work without expectations other than to try and do the best you can for yourself and the game. I was just notified that in my first year of high school ball in the great state of Kansas, (several in Kentucky with a two year break for Afghanistan duties) I was selected to work in the KSHSAA 6A Regional in Olathe. I am honored and humbled. I was only able to work 7 high school dates this year and was chosen for this tournament. I cannot wait for Wednesday to come. 3 man crews. I give thanks to God and good partners. And my assigner---Thanks Mike.
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    Call IFF at the little kids. It teaches the rule to both the coaches and kids, plus you get a free out. Something that can be precious sometimes in minors.
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    I don't know how you chose the name dumb dumb but with that answer you should change it to holySH*#iknoweverything. Thanks for the feedback. It really helped and I think I still want to go. Either I'll get college games or you will have to add a name of someone in their thirties.
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    "Just trying to convince my wife and find the money." This says it all IMHO. Take care of your wife and yourself. Forget about the rest. Now, from what I have read here and there. No one associated with the schools will answer in the negative concerning questions about age. To honestly answer age questions in the negative will bring tons of lawsuits just like in the real world. They can think it and do it, but they can't say it and do it. Absolutely nobody on the full-time MLBUs staff today started MiLB in their 30's. The current full time MLBUs that stepped on a Minor League field for their first game ever at the oldest age were Cuzzi at 29, Hudson at 28 and Rapuano at 27. The last 3 umpires to step on an Minor League field for their first game ever in their 30's that became MLBUs were Charlie Williams at 32, Durwood Merrill at 34 and Frank Pulli at 33. They have all retired, and back then you could skip leagues and make it to MLB in 4 or 5 years. Absolutely no one on the current call-up list started MiLB in their 30's. However, many D1 umpires have gone to the umpire school and that is pretty much the prerequisite for D1 now. In the old days you could just move from HS to College and some former players went right into College. It looks like with a completely open schedule you can work the Conference games on Weekends and a couple non-conference during the week. There are 15 weeks during the season which includes the Conference tournament, so you can pocket up to 30k before expenses and taxes if you can get the time off and live in an area that has several D1 teams within driving distance or they will fly you. You can go another 2 weeks if you get a Regional and Super Regional or a Regional and a CWS. I am not trying to encourage or discourage you. I am only trying to give what I have found on the subject.
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    Took the poly-wools to get hemmed, I go to a place near the house run by an Asian husband and wife, they speak very broken English but are also very nice and do great work cheap. I walk in with my shins, plate shoes and pants. She greets me with "I remember you, you the freakin' crazy guy who wears all that stuff while I pin your pants" (hard to approximate the accent and broken English on the internet) I love her LOL
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    Then what the announcers should have said is, "Outfielder made an amazing running grab, took two steps and lost control of the ball, which then ricocheted off the outfield wall. We will have to await the ruling on the field by the umpires, who are the experts in this area, because we don't know dick." Or, they could have said, "Bill, why don't we bust out the 2012 Official Rules of MLB and look under 2.0 'Catch,' that should give us the answer." But they didn't because, as I said, they think they know the rule. And the clueless umpires we've encountered could go to coaching clinics instead of asking "why did the coach do that?" Or asserting a certain play call is stupid without thinking it through. Or assuming a coach expressing an opinion on a play is favoring one aspect over another when in actuality tthe coach has to consider the result from both the offensive and defensive perspectives. Or the ones who refuse to discuss rules with coaches then bitch because coaches don't know the rules. I have worked with a lot of umpires who never played and/or coached the game. All you need to do is talk to them for five minutes, or watch them, as PU, throw a ball back to F1. I would say they throw like a girl, but that would be insulting to girls. But that is not the point. The umpires who never played or coached, are not out there to play or coach. They are out there to ensure no team obtains an unfair advantage through their appropriate administration of the rules. If they give an uninformed opinion of a coaching decision (that most baseball people know is the correct move) then they need to be educated, not defended as you are arguing. In line with your reasoning, if an umpire says something stupid about a coaching move, then it should be excused because "they aren't there to be coaching experts..." It seems like the days of the professional baseball announcer (Vin Scully - and I hate the Dodgers) are gone and all teams want in the booth is a home team fan that played pro ball. Ok, whatever...but if it is your job, then properly educate yourself or keep your mouth closed. After hitting a seed, how many times have you heard your experts in the booth say the "hitter really got good extension on that one." High level hitters do not extend their arms prior to or at contact, unless they were horribly fooled by the pitch. To me, that is not accurately describing the "game-playing aspects." Rich, we can go back and forth on this all day. Umpires, coaches, and announcers say and do stupid things everyday and that is not going to change anytime soon. I get that you enjoy being contrary, but your argument is a little weak.
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    I think I had that number last week for powerball.......... I lost.
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    Had a player approach my partner & I in the parking lot after a game this past weekend. Wanted to ask a question about one of the calls I made. (a balk for blowing through the stop) Well, I know he didn't pitch in this game or the game before, so I'm wondering why he cares so much, but I answer him. Then he says he has a couple more questions. At first, I'm thinking, "Oh, no - this is not going to be good." and I'm thinking about shutting him down when he tells us he umpires for his local LL and wanted to make sure he understood everything we did out there. We held about a 15-minute rules/mechanics clinic w/this kid. It was great!
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    :ranton: What is all this signing the card crap? Something new I've never heard of? Are they playing golf and attesting the score for a handicapping system or playing in a golf tournament? What an asinine practice, having to stand around for them to shake hands and have them sign something? Whose freakin stupid idea was this? The last thing I want to do when the game is over is to watch teams shake hands or hang around one minute longer than I have to. Just disheartening to hear about. The umpire should not be ever required to converse with a coach of either team following a game, especially the loser. :rantoff: