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    Infield fly/boundary call

    Thank you very much for the explanation! I Appreciate the further explanation of the IFF as well. To answer your question, they were camped, just fell between/behind the SS/3B. So I didn’t have any issue with IFF being called. I just had never seen an IFF situation coupled with a boundary call! Probably something I’ll never see again!
  3. MadMax

    Baseball Tweet of the Year

    ... and no one stopped him until he got to the dugout?! Yeah, that’s situational awareness and game management.
  4. Kevin Hubbard

    Douglas 15 in, All Star MVP 2500 and More!

    Smitty charcoal combo pants and xl shirts still available?
  5. beerguy55

    NFHS - Ejected coach; where must he go?

    The question I specifically answered was about whether or not you need an adult to determine lineups or call pitches. You don't need an adult to coach a game any more than you need an adult to umpire a game. Many minor teenagers are well qualified and capable of doing both or either and if we want to see the pipeline of both full for the future I hope that's where either of them get their start. If the state/association mandates it, that's a different discussion. If there is a qualified coach as per the governing rules that determines the standard for a coach, the age should only matter if it is one of the specific rules. Otherwise, your need for an adult may be over-reaching. Likewise, I would question any coach that demanded an adult umpire.
  6. Scotty_Ump

    Baseball Tweet of the Year

    From a HS game today in Hampton, NH. https://twitter.com/JayPinceSMG/status/1119358222383632384 For that level of service you'd better be tipping the delivery guy well...
  7. umpstu

    Hoodie under plate coat

    I've worked games in 20 degrees with spitting snow in Missouri, but the coldest I've ever been on a ball field was like Feb 1998 in the Coachella Valley. The mountains surrounding the valley were packed with snow and I had the plate with the wind blowing down the back of my neck during a night game. By the time we got nine innings in I was freezing and shivering uncontrollably. So, being the good umpire I am for +Pos at the time, I ordered some cold weather gear from them. I had the dish on the next Saturday and I was going to be prepared. Saturday arrives and it broke a record for warmest recorded temperature in February. 100 degrees. Can't win for losing.
  8. umpstu

    Hoodie under plate coat

    GO BLUES from the desert of Coachella Valley. We need a win at home.
  9. umpstu

    Hoodie under plate coat

    Yep. And because they are more than likely because they are the veterans everybody under them has to suffer the consequences of still wearing the navy blue shirts.
  10. beerguy55

    LL Umpire calls B&S from behind Pitcher?

    This is very common in volunteer scenarios at all ages and all types - baseball, fast pitch, slow pitch, etc. If there's no mask for an umpire, and the choice is having a volunteer call the game from behind the pitcher or no game at all we know what every kid on that field would choose.
  11. MadMax

    NFHS Rules: Catcher's Helmet

    @ilyazhito, I’m not trying to argue with you nor do I disagree with your sentiment. It’s not a technical issue. There is no distinction that can made through scientific study of any kind to conclude that an 18-year old catcher for HS is any more, or any less prone to injuries than an 18-year old catcher playing for a college. None. It will never be found, no matter how many times they (or we) run the tests and run the numbers. It’s a liability issue. Simply said, because NFHS covers HS sports, which, aside from 18-year olds, are almost wholly minors, they do not want to run the risk of a lawsuit.
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  13. Kevin Hubbard

    ISO/WTB Shirts and Pants

    Looking to purchase the following items: Smitty Plate Pants (38”) Smitty Field Pants (38”) Smitty Black High School Style Shirt (1 XL) Smitty Pink High School Style Shirt (1 L & 1 XL) Smitty Blue High School Style Shirt (1 L & 1 XL) **Able to pay through PayPal.. Thanks in advance.. no longer fit in my XXL since losing some weight..**
  14. Yesterday
  15. AtlUmp

    Hoodie under plate coat

    As contractors we can use a Schedule C under the sole proprietorship provision. The mileage deduction doesn't apply only to games, it also applies to preseason training and meetings as well.
  16. wolfe_man

    Tony @Mask It

    Tony Letizio
  17. Rock Bottom

    Tony @Mask It

    I've searched FB and couldn't find him, do you know what name he's under there?
  18. Rock Bottom

    Hoodie under plate coat

    Sure, but expenses are still that. The deduction just takes a little of the sting away.
  19. BT_Blue

    Hoodie under plate coat

    You sure about that? I think the minimum to claim if you arent one of the four select businesses is around $4000 I think.
  20. BT_Blue

    Tony @Mask It

    You can find him via messenger on Facebook
  21. sgvump

    Wash mask pads

    Hey guys looked for a thread but couldn’t find one. Is there any particular or safe way to wash your mask pads without damaging the integrity of the pads? Just bought some used two tone wrap arounds and wanted to see what the best way to wash them would be thanks!
  22. Richvee

    Hoodie under plate coat

    All deductible on your taxes if you report your umpire income. Don’t forget mileage if you go to games straight from work
  23. In LL you also lose leaving early, not that you can focus on it that well behind the plate.
  24. johnpatrick

    LL Umpire calls B&S from behind Pitcher?

    No big deal. Pretty good view of the zone. You only lose fair/foul down the lines. Just go with it.
  25. kylehutson

    Finding the pitched ball

    I *really* struggled seeing pitches at last night's game, and it took me a couple of innings to figure out why. Now I have the question "what can I do about it for next time?" I normally don't show where I've umpired, but this field is ... unique, and I think a visual would help. Here it is on Google Maps. For reference, the right field fence is about 230' and about 30' tall until it gets to the start of the "curve" where it goes to about 6'. Plate to center (plate through 2nd base, not the center of square footage) is about 315'. Directly behind that is the gas station (typical 1 story flat-roofed building) about 400' from home plate, and directly behind that (again, looking from home plate) is a tree (notably, not a grove or forested area, just a single tree). If you're standing straight up, you don't think much about it, because if you look at the pitcher, you see "building" as the background. However as the sun is setting (as it was last night) and I'm down in my normal stance, I'm look up just enough to see "tree" and that tree is full of light-and-dark holes. And that's where I'm trying to pick up seeing the pitches. Most of the time, by the time I was seeing the ball, I wasn't able to get a good track on it to see it into the catcher's mitt. I was relying on the catcher, and I felt like I had my worst game in *years* as far as zone consistency. My partner (a long-time veteran, but with whom I'd never worked before) said I did fine, but I didn't feel like I was doing fine. I tried setting up higher so the background would be "building" rather than "tree", but the different view there was also throwing me off. Any suggestions (other than "don't work the plate at dusk on that field")?
  26. UmpSC7

    Tony @Mask It

    I had to get a new phone and lost Tony's contact info and his website it down. Can anyone help me with contact info? My nike mask bent after a foul ball this week and need to get it repaired.
  27. yawetag

    Complete game

    That makes sense @Lou B.
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