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  2. Quick Tip Videos

    The "x" most important things to cover in a pre-game is worthy of its own video.
  3. Quick Tip Videos

    and if you want to post "Friday Funnies".............. http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=How+to+Be+a+Baseball+Umpire&&view=detail&mid=8DA14A75589927FBEB088DA14A75589927FBEB08&FORM=VRDGAR
  4. Mask Porn?

    Mizuno 122, striped and powder coated matte black w/ SSK tg also pc’d. Im playing around with the mask pad combo, but I’m probably gonna stick with this or the fonzie look
  5. Missed home appeal

    No. No following runners can score on a play where a preceding runner is called out upon appeal for the 3rd out. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  6. Missed home appeal

    R2 and R3, two outs. Batter hits clean single to outfield. R3 scores but fails to touch home. R2 scores touching 3B and home properly. Defense appeals R3's miss for third out after R2 has already scored. Does R2's run count?
  7. Quick Tip Videos

    2-3 minutes videos......just trying to think of something from basic to advanced that you could do in that short period of time. Working the slot(feet, head position, distance from catcher) Timing(what is timing, how we use it) The wedge (plays at the plate) Read step post pitch step b and c 2 man doubleplay footwork/mechanics When to go out on a flyball how to start a game(from arriving at field to ending the plate conference) Presentation/Professionalism how/when to get help from your partner timing play(1 out/2 out) 4th out rule Appeals EJ HC and how to get them off the field There are probably a few others I can think of, but my brain is more focused on turkey.
  8. Looking for plate jacket

    The reference provided a conversation about Honigs, their recent find of plate of plate coats (in black), and their decision to once again offer them for sale.
  9. BI followed by HC EJ

    Wish I could say I was better than this. But this comment would get a snarky response from me.
  10. Quick Tip Videos

    I have a channel with 1 whopping video one it currently. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0vV4nQjnhngh6dXcMQol_w Basic enough where I can cover it in just 2-3 min.Signals sounds like a good suggestion.. I probably will not cover LL rules as I'm not well versed on those. Most rules I'm going to cover are from the standpoint of MLB/OBR. I also have a couple planned for NFHS. I will also have some things on mechanics. As for a donation, I'm flattered, but that's not necessary. If you want to contribute to the site I suggest becoming a Premium Member. However, I have taken down the option to purchase Premium Memberships for the immediate time as it is being revamped. Look for Premium Memberships to return in the near future.
  11. Appeal of pulled foot

    Actually had an umpire IN A PLAYOFF GAME tell me if he asks for help on a check swing, he wants me to agree. Asks another way... give what I got. And to never change his check swing call in the middle. I had a 10 month old at the time. I couldn't remember what I had for breakfast that morning!
  12. Strike Call

    We have a kid (and by kid I mean he is in his early 20s) in my area that says "strike one", "ball one", etc. It is for sure odd to hear it since we are more used o the normal ways of doing it ("ha", "hee", "hee-ha", etc). But when asked for ways he can improve and such... this never even entered my mind.
  13. Unorthodox rotation situation

    I completely agree. This could have ended very badly if not for Warren's hustle and the luck of having a partner that communicates better than most.
  14. The Kids

    Come on... you know "Coach's Kid" is either batting leadoff or clean up. Everyone else is interchangeable.
  15. The Kids

    I only need line up changes not position changes @BT_Blue
  16. Relocating due to rain

    Although I agree with the logic of this post, the matter which the OP describes it is out of line. If he's going to challenge the idea of gas money and location change, it has to be more tactful with the assigner. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  17. Looking for plate jacket

    Not sure the navy coat would fly since college is exclusively going black. @Dawn Rosinski, contact Honigs. @tpatience recently posted about ordering one from them now that they have ironed out some of the kinks.
  18. Last week
  19. Looking for plate jacket

    I emailed the guy about that coat and he said he didn't have it.
  20. Looking for plate jacket

    https://shop.thesportsloft.com/mobile/cbuao-plate-coat-p42.aspx?widget=mp Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk
  21. Looking for plate jacket

    Looking to purchase a plate jacket for my son. Sz 42. It’s been on his Christmas list for the last few years. He umpires many D2 college games and wants to look his best. He’s been moving up and is considering Umpire school in Florida.
  22. The following four minor league umpires officiated Saturday's Arizona Fall League Championship Game at Scottsdale Stadium. The AFL staff includes 12 officials from Triple-A Baseball's International (IL) and Pacific Coast (PCL) Leagues. Related Post: 2017 Arizona Fall League Umpire... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] View the full article
  23. I begrudgingly placed my vote to remove both of these "awards". Figure it is one of those "be on the right side of history" things. Also... I'm up for re-election for the Appeals Board.
  24. +POS black frame

    FREE shipping within continental USA New frame $35 shipped
  25. Transaction Experience Thread

    Add @bluejersey to the list of guys who are awesome to deal with. I just got his 18.5" Wilson Platinum shin guards. They came very well-packed, they came fast, and he made a me a great deal. Thanks, man!
  26. The Kids

    I would say "Best Kid" and "Coach's Kid" can be interchangeable. Lol
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