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  2. I have concerns with all "RIM's" . By their own "disclaimer"? on page 2 of the RIM. Especially the first > and the last sentence under NOTE:
  3. Ohio has its own manual now, so I have not seen the FED manual (they don't even send it out anymore). But I'm glad that you prevailed: the pro mechanic is not suitable for HS varsity, much less sub-varsity and non-scholastic ball played under FED rules. I suspect that the pro mechanic might create more problems than it solves, but I lack standing (to use the legal phrase) to have an official opinion about it.
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  5. In past years we used to use LL RS-T for majors and below and Senior LL RS-T baseballs for intermediate and above. But I don’t see any requirement other than RS-T. Are LL RS-T allowed in Intermediate and above?
  6. Sounds like a two-base error. That is scored as a single error against F5 but accounts for the BR reaching 2B. The additional two bases are scored as fielder's choice.
  7. roothog66

    Balk or no balk?

    Also once saw Turk Wendell pull it off twice in one game.
  8. After trying it out, eventually decided I didn't like the fit enough to keep using it--I could never get the chin pad in a comfortable position for me. So, here it is for yous guys. It's never taken a shot with me and according to the previous owner (only a few games), also never taken a shot with him. I've worn it for three games. Asking $150USD (or $205CAD) plus shipping. If you're local to the Toronto area, I'm willing to meet up and swap cash for mask as well. Will include the carrying bag, which I bought specifically for this.
  9. Jimurray

    Balk or no balk?

    I’ve seen the “wheel” move work and not be balked.
  10. Most coaches know they can protest and most of them rarely/never use it even when there aren't rules and processes that discourage protests. I've seen the rules with fees, waiting periods and other hurdles to discourage protests because they're afraid of frivolous protests, but in my experience those fears are unfounded - I've coached and watched hundreds of games in tournament format where there was absolutely no obstacle to filing a protest...and have run 30 team tournaments as a TD...I can count the number of protests filed in all those tournaments on one hand. I think that quantity can go up a bit, even if some of them are outright dumb.
  11. beerguy55

    Balk or no balk?

    Until MLB/OBR changed it a few years ago I had heard for 30 years that it should be changed (and I agreed), specifically the fake to third throw to first, but at the same time I always asked, and still ask, has anyone ever seen it work? In all my years through Little League, Babe Ruth League, men's leagues, not to mention however many games I may have watched on TV...I don't know if I ever saw it catch the guy off first. Seems like it's a rule more about speeding up the game rather than deceiving the runner.
  12. Working the Seniors Allstar games tonight at Caruthers Park in Bellflower. District 56 vrs 29 at 5pm and then D38 vrs D30 at 730. Should be fun working this as a 4 man.
  13. If these are college players, they could fix it, too. If they wanted to.
  14. You are 100% correct (as you know). We (at my urging) specifically put this in the FED umpire manual in 2016 because I had, had long debates about this with umpires across the country throughout my FED career. I told my fellow committee members that I didn't really care which way it was resolved, but that we definitely needed to provide guidance to umpires.
  15. In my prior days working in a sports information department at a D. II school, this might warrant a "note" in the box score explaining the 3-base error. It definitely would be explained in the press release accompanying the box score. But, this is basically a three base throwing error on F5.
  16. Continuing in our series about umpire abuse following the MLB Umpires Association's infamous workplace violence tweet, we report Sunday's arrest of a softball player in Des Moines on charges of assault causing bodily injury after allegedly violent and illegal contact with an umpire. The Des Moines... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] View the full article
  17. Yes! WR week long school is great and an amazing value. Mark and company are the best! And yes it fills up quickly.
  18. I'm pretty sure the guys on the field took the temperature of the situation and handled it the way that they saw fit.
  19. Yeah, but on the score sheet it's only one error. His fielding percentage doesn't change whether the error allows one base or three bases, nor whether the runner ends up scoring or not. In the advanced metrics/stats of MLB F3 would be penalized in the "defensive runs saved/allowed" and defensive WAR categories....mental errors like this one, or misreading a fly ball, or missing a cutoff man, get tracked there for the big boys.
  20. meh - maybe he's a childish prick. And, maybe he's responding to something coming from the bench. I've played with and against many many players at this level. Most of them are more boys than men...and many of them don't have the intelligence justified by university enrollment. It doesn't really change much in the pros. I find the cameras, the mic's and the broadcasters rarely pick up, or know, what's coming from the bench, before and after a pitcher (who is the center of everyone and everything's attention) starts yapping. They see the pitcher and judge his actions in a bubble - nobody ever seems to know what's coming from the other dugout, and for how long it's been happening, before everyone sees the pitcher do/say something.
  21. Thanks @Mudisfun! I have not yet been "corrupted" by multiple rule sets as yet, most likely a different story next year. I have had a chance to look at the RIM and it has proven itself a great great resource. Speaking of All-Star time, I got the opportunity this year to be involved in the D63 tournaments and it has been a blast working with some very experienced umpires and then getting to pick their brains after the game. I am even looking into attending the week long WR clinic, though I hear you gotta be quick to get into it.
  22. This year, Little League Baseball (majors, 10-12 Tournament) can start June 24th. They allow 3 1/2 weeks for Districts - never heard of anyone taking anything near that long! After that, all the levels are about a week each. Regionals are staggered so they can all get their finals shown on ESPN. Softball starts a week before baseball, they get two weeks for Districts (usually not as many teams). I've recommended not starting Districts till after July 4th. You could easily play it in 10-12 days and be done in time for Sectionals. Starting that late also gives you more time for your Regular Season (get in more games for all of the kids in the league). Then again, that's just me. I know of several Districts in Florida that played last Saturday and Sunday (Pool Play) and had their Championship Game (Pool Winners) Monday (yesterday). So, they're done already. The District Winners now have quite a wait till Sectionals start July 19th. The good thing is, the losers get a long summer break!
  23. beerguy55

    Ball 4

    This is a case of two different awards being awarded concurrently. The award for four pitches called as balls is first base. The award for a pitch that goes out of play is one base from Time of Pitch - meaning, for the batter/runner, first base.
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