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  2. Kneeling for National Anthem

    Yet the only player to kneel in major league baseball was a catcher making the league minimum with less than a year of service time...
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  4. Kneeling for National Anthem

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ THIS!
  5. Kneeling for National Anthem

    It somehow seems disingenuous when millionaire athletes, somewhat like millionaire Hollywood actors, protest something. I understand their protests. I do not understand how our flag, the symbol of our country, got lumped into what they're protesting. Maybe it's age, but I really don't get it.
  6. Kneeling for National Anthem

    They've stimulated a lot of 'outrage' ..... These so-called 'preliminary steps' have only created frustration so far. We may disagree that they're 'protests' are doing nothing, but what have the accomplished so far?
  7. Kneeling for National Anthem

    By using the forum available to them, these athletes have stimulated public recognition that racism is a problem, a preliminary step towards solutions. "Doing nothing" is a matter of opinion, not of fact, and I, for one, think these athletes are courageous. Peaceful protest in the face of public opprobrium--how utterly American.
  8. Kneeling for National Anthem

    Fixing what's broken has NOTHING ....and I repeat, NOTHING to do with the National Anthem. Fight your fight someplace else, not on a field during the National Anthem. All they're doing is drawing negative attention to themselves and it's doing NOTHING to solve what they THINK they're fighting for. Idiots!
  9. NB base shoes

    Last place I'd look .... Why doesn't it show up on the New Balance site? That's strange to me .....
  10. HP Umpire Will Little ejected Astros Manager AJ Hinch (check swing strike three call) in the bottom of the 7th inning of the Angels-Astros game. With two out and one on (R1), Astros batter Evan Gattis attempted to check his swing on a 1-2 slider from Angels pitcher Cam Bedrosian for a swinging... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] View the full article
  11. Kneeling for National Anthem

    That's what they're trying to do. This started with Kapernick's stand against racial discrimination and police brutality. Drawing attention to it is the first step. I'm stealing from someone on twitter, but I want to work to make this a country where everyone will gladly stand, because they want to. Here's the thing: I can be proud of my country AND work to fix what's broken.
  12. Kneeling for National Anthem

    Leave all the players, NFL, MLB, whatever, in the locker rooms until after the anthem is played. (I really don't believe what I just said. I would fire them if I had the power). No place anywhere for that kind of look at me, I'm so special because I'm protesting mentality, etc. Be proud of your country, work to fix what's broken or get the hell out.
  13. Kneeling for National Anthem

    The only thing I hope is that he get voted out of the HOF ballot in his first year of eligibility, like the baseball writers did with Carlos Delgado, who have the numbers to be a HOF member so they proof that they don't discriminate and they are saints.
  14. What a call!

    Great call; looked like Counsell was arguing that the fielder pushed him off the bag...really Craig?
  15. Yesterday
  16. Just to clarify...you didn't turn if you got this call, did you?
  17. NB base shoes

    I’m hereby volunterally forfeiting all of my points, now that I got the entire story the shoes the new balance rep gave my buddy are the elements...
  18. MLB playoff umpires

    Since it’s that Time of year let the assignment guessing begin
  19. Kneeling for National Anthem

    I probably won't see it till the season starts in March. The thing might be over by then, though in the current political climate, who can really say? Maybe all sports will be made a federal crime. Even then, only a handful of schools do the anthem.
  20. Okay. We've had our first MLB player kneel for the Anthem. How long do you think it will take for it to get to our level or will we even see it?
  21. NB base shoes

  22. Force Play

    I really need to make a macro that types out the answer to this question with a single key binding.... The OP has been umpiring his whole career (however long that may be) based on this common myth regarding "force plays" (that it's a "force" if the fielder can tag the base instead of the runner—NOT the definition). I hope it occurs to him to wonder how many more common myths he is using, instead of learning the actual rules.
  23. Force Play

    Failure to tag is NOT a force play. NOT. You can NEVER be forced to retreat. It is an appeal play. The out happens at the time of the appeal. Anything that happened before that time is valid.
  24. Force Play

    Two outs. This out of the BR (batter-runner) broke the sequence of runners so there is no chance for a subsequent "force out." Three outs. This out on R1 (runner who started at 1B) is a "time" play (actually an appeal by the defense that R1 failed to re-touch 1B after the BR's fly ball was first touched) and, because it's the third out of that half-inning, no run may score after the "time" that it occurred. Yes, because R3 (runner who started at 3B) touched home plate BEFORE the precise time that the defense successfully appealed R1 failed to re-touch 1B.
  25. Force Play

    So I have a situation that happened in a game I was umpiring in today and I am still not sure if I made the right call. Here is the situation: Runners on first and third, 1 out, ball is hit to the right fielder as a pop fly and is caught. 1st base forgets to tag up, 3rd tags up and runs home. By the time the first base runner realizes he needs to tag up the ball is waiting for him and he is out, but the runner from 3rd scored before the out. Does the run count or no? I ruled it as no run scored due to the force out.
  26. NB base shoes

    They're hiding in plain sight. New Balance Men's 4040v4 Turf Baseball-Shoes https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01NBA072L/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_2xZXzb9G68PES You have to select the Black/Black color option; this is the Elements version. The mesh version is Black.
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