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Let's Talk - Mental Health in an Abusive Environment

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Gil's Call: Let's talk about mental health in officiating. With umpire and referee abuse continuing to plague the sports world, chances are the average official has encountered more than one castigating coach or persecuting player. Combine that with a cocktail of a pre-existing or developing...

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Y'know, you're right. I think I'm going to use this;

Coach: "That call was horrible! I can't believe you're even seeing the same game!"

Me: "Coach, you're just projecting negative emotions onto me in a Level 2, or immature, defense mechanism, similar to the defense of displacement, whose rationale is similar".

Coach: "----------------------" (walks away).

This is awesome.......

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I really like this article one of my favorites @Gil has posted. 

As I've said before I will continue to umpire as long as I enjoy it. 

As Gil noted, "It's about the disturbed state of the participant, not about the official."

It does take it's toll on people. I think at the amateur level coaches, parents and fans are at a new level of disrespect towards officials. And we have a huge nation wide problem recruiting and retaining officials to begin with. There are 2 youth leagues in my area, my association has contracts with that I will not work any longer because IMO they are just out of control and as much as I like umpiring, it's not worth it to me. 

Here's one thing I turn back to time and again when discussing people's poor decision making and out of control behavior. Reality TV: the drama, the histrionics, the displays of the worst of human behavior. People who regularly watch this crap, IMO, start to believe that is normal.

The systematic abuse of officials - by this I mean where leagues, associations or others who have the ability to reign things in don't - is completely unacceptable. These groups should hold their coaches, parents and participants to higher levels of sportsmanship.

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