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NB base shoes

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3 hours ago, Bloodhound1042 said:

I have to say that they are pretty good looking shoes.  I have the older NB's in the all black and they lasted me a long time.  I recently switched to the UA's since I knew a few guys that had them but I may switch to these depending on the price. Are there any official reviews out yet on them?


2 hours ago, HCueds said:

All I’ve heard so far is that they’re pretty narrow. 


1 hour ago, BT_Blue said:

Which would be REALLY out of character for New Balance. 

I got feedback on them in person this weekend. A 1BC was wearing the Elements version, and I instantly recognized them. I would have remarked on them anyway, because they are quite snazzy looking. His opinions on them were that the shoes are very lightweight, comfortable once broken in, but do run narrow and a bit tight in the toe box.

It may be out of character for New Balance, but keep in mind, they might be trying a new last for this model; also, New Balance makes (nearly) all their shoes in variable widths.

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