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High School Benches Clearing Brawl

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lawump    707

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BrianC14    422
5 hours ago, ofhs93 said:

From the article:   Gebhart said. “There will not be any sanctions on the umpires coming from this office. Two umpires makes it tough. When you have three officials, you have two to break up the altercation and a third to control the benches.”


Sounds to me as though the Assistant Executive Director of PIAA should attend some additional training along with the officiating crew.    Please tell me that this Association doesn't actually expect their officials to break up fights?   

Good grief.... and I'm trying to picture one umpire controlling TWO benches.   "Hey!  You guys way over there in the first base dugout !   Stop that illegal behavior and get back to your Gatorade and sunflower seeds!  I'd come over there and make you get back myself, except that I'm kinda busy herding these cats on the 3rd base side...."   

And I wonder how Mr. Gebhart would respond to a lawsuit from parents accusing an umpire of injuring their child during the umpires' attempts at "breaking up a fight"?   How long do you suppose the PIAA would stand behind the umpires?    A nanosecond?   Two nanoseconds?   Good grief.

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dumbdumb    305
5 hours ago, lawump said:

As you well know, it all starts at the top.

The game is only as good as the way those at the top back the officials when they make those difficult calls concerning sportsmanship and deportment, up to and including the possibility of ejections, and even game suspensions or forfeiture as the case may be. And this goes for any sport.


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