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Mask (and accessories) Weights

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Hey guys, there are a lot of members here who are mask addicted so I just thought I'd post some weights of some of the popular mask frames and accessories that I have, have had or tried. It might help you choose a back-up or lighten up your current rig a little. Every little bit helps. Though I can't attest to perfect calibration on my scale, I am using the same scale for each item so the differences in weight by comparison should be very accurate. Everything here is listed down from lighter to heaviest.

Also, if you guys want to 'weigh in' your own items that aren't listed here, feel free.



Nike Titanium - 11.1 oz

Rawlings Titanium - 11.5 oz

+POS ZeroG - 12.5 oz

All-Star FM25 Hollow Steel (with vinyl coating) - 14.6 oz

Wilson Chrome Moliben (without vinyl coating) - 15.2 oz

Wilson Dynalite Catcher/Umpire (with vinyl coating) - 18.7 oz



Diamond Quik-Dry Vinyl (Not 50/50 pads)  (upper) - 0.9, (lower) - 1.3 oz

+POS black mesh  (upper) - 1.0 oz, (lower) - 1.4 oz

Nike  (upper) - 1.1 oz, (lower) - 1.8oz

All-Star Mesh  (upper) - 1.6 oz, (lower) - 1.4 oz   (Yep, I checked it twice, the upper is heavier than the lower pad)

+POS Classic Brown Leather  (upper) - 1.4 oz, (lower) - 2.0 oz

Rawlings LWMXTI  (upper) - 1.8 oz, (Lower) - 2.1 oz

Wilson Amara Suede  (upper) - 1.9, (lower) - 2.6 oz

Wilson Black Leather Wrap-around  (upper) - 2.6 oz, (lower) - 3.9 oz


Harness (es) (Harnessi?!)

Rawlings Ti - 1.2 oz

All-Star Delta - 1.3 oz

+POS lite  - 1.3 oz

Nike - 1.5 oz

Wilson - 1.6oz








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Team Wendy pads???

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