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Plus pos frame ordered last night and label made at 4am

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Latest update, adding to the (new) trend: Ordered a ZRO-G mask at $49 for one of my "junior" umpires who was attempting to call balls and strikes while wearing a Rawlings PWMX-LP and avoid neck strain. Also tacked onto the order a set of simple black mask pads. Order placed on Wednesday...

... box arrived Saturday afternoon. The mask is just simply stunning. I think it's the best value in masks on the market. The stock micro-mesh pads won't win awards, but are quite lofty, alot like the All-Star LUC pads. The additional set of mask pads I got are called Air-Chamber pads, in leatherette, and are quite comfortable and lofty too. They arrived in their own kit bag (like a shaving kit), and for being $20, will be a marked improvement over Diamond's common stock pads.

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