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Mask broke wilson dyna lite

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So first game out last week and I take a pretty common foul ball to the face. A few innings later I notice a break around the ear area. Looks like the mask had just snapped at the weld. Wilson dyna lite.

Not sure if its because I kept it in a cold place over the winter or what. 

Anyway, I have to brag on umpattire.com AGAIN!

I emailed them and explained situation. Im not sure when I bought the mask, sometime last season I was thinking. I wake up the next morning and I have a new make en route. 2 days later its here. No questions asked, no pics, no hassle. Just great customer service as usual from the umpattire crew!

I showed my appreciation by ordering the new poly spandex and a few other items. 

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I dont but havent sent the mask back yet. Will try to take a pic sometime tomorrow. 

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1 hour ago, humanbackstop19 said:

DynaLite Aluminum

Yup. Poor welding job. Don't be surprised by this... aluminum takes consistency, commitment and attention to detail to weld.

I'm not poo-pooing aluminum – it's an ideal material to use for masks, and bikes, and tents, etc. No, I'm poo-pooing the company that is ramping up production quantity over quality.

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