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Various Shirts-2XL

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So I'm cleaning out my closet of excess equipment.  On the list is various shirts.  All are 2XL.  All are in excellent condition, hardly worn.  Price for each shirt is $25/shipping included.  If you purchase additional shirts, each additional shirt is $15 (i.e. 2 shirts-$40/shipping included, and so on).



Navy Blue


Powder Blue




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35 minutes ago, Matt Hoey said:

I got ALL the New MLB shirts in from Purchase officials for 25 and 30 each free shipping


If you are selling your shirts. Go ahead and start a new thread. 

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11 minutes ago, BT_Blue said:

If you are selling your shirts. Go ahead and start a new thread. 

I think he's saying he bought them for that price. I think. 

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6 hours ago, bluebarber said:

would like to order 2 shirts 

Let me know which ones.  Pay through Paypal.

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    • By Mister B
      So we've got a new group of guys taking over our little league board and trying to make an effort. On of the goals is to get more coaches/dads working the field. So to help with that, we are looking to get a couple sets of gear that isn't 20 years old. One of our masks weighs in at around 4 pounds. I've been watching craigslist, but I figured I'd ask as well. Our shin guards will work, but mostly it's shirts and masks. 
      I'll be honest, we aren't the poorest league around, but we are saving up for a place to hit and throw here in the PacificNW during the fall and winter months. As well as improving our stadium. (I'm lobbying for an umpires' lounge, but it's an uphill battle. ) So any help would be greatly appreciated. I already started by donating a Honig's mask, a large blue navy shirt and a Honig's intermediate CP. Things I picked up while gathering my own gear. 
      If somebody is interested in a trade, I do have a set of Honig's shin guards, K20-19. I'd be willing to trade those for some stuff as well. They aren't new, but they are in good shape and include the thigh pad.
    • By MadMax
      In the time since the Elbeco, there have been several varieties of umpire shirts making their ways into The Show, and then trickling down to the other junior leagues.
      Until 2010, shirts all featured a twin stripe of trim – colors coordinating with the main base color – on the sleeve cuff and the collar. This has been referred to as "Traditional" or "Classic":

      I have been unable to determine if Majestic took over and became the official supplier of MLB beginning with 2010, or they trotted out the new style, but it was indeed 2010 that the new "Vertical Stripe" debuted:

      This has been known as the MLB Black / MLB Sky (or MLB Powder or MLB Blue), or Modern Black, or Vertical Stripe... I think this should be thus be named "The '10 Black" (the Ten) and "The '10 Sky".
      In 2015, Majestic developed a new technical fabric, a smooth lightweight textile that was a departure from the jersey-esque pebble knit. Unable to wait, or let another company beat them to the punch, Majestic rolled it out as a "technical exercise" in an all-black, unadorned shirt for the Major Leagues and they (unfortunately) revisited the Classic navy (thus, setting back the progressive, modern umpire's campaign to end navy by several years). It looks like this:

      This should be designated "The '15 Black" (the Fifteen). Only a few crews ever used this shirt, and it was not introduced in a Sky blue version. One can only deduce that Majestic rolled out this shirt in Classic Navy so as to appeal and capture sales to some state high school associations which would otherwise be using the same ol' Dalco, Cliff Keen, Smitty or Bumblebrand (made up name) of arcane material shirts.
      With a full year of the new fabric with which to plan a new style, Majestic's designers debuted a comprehensive attire system, with a new ThermaBase jacket, a new CoolBase jacket, and 2 new shirts, complete with a contrasting panel on the flank and at the collar. It was issued in Black (and charcoal) and Sky Blue (and black). I have dubbed this, appropriately, "The '16 Black" (the Sixteen... of course, there is the Sixteen Sky).

      Thus far, only Smitty has produced a rendition of the '16, but I am hopeful that other manufacturers will soon (TheOfficialsChoice). Now, with UnderArmour soon to take over the Official Supplier mantel, we may see a continuance of this style, or something decidedly different. The simple fact of the matter is, the Major Leagues and modern umpiring is leaving the "Classic" styles in the dust.
    • By Thunderheads
      OK ....
      I'm getting rid of a couple shirts that just don't make the rotation anymore.   All are XL, with dimensions below (measurements taken across the front just under the armpit).
      1) Older, Honigs, Pakistan White, w/ red and navy trim.  It has the older (not so good) quality fabric and collar, see the pics.  The fabric doesn't stretch very good with this vintage Honig's shirt.   Measures 24.5" across the front.  Worn once.  Collar was like this out of the bag.
      $10 + shipping
      2) Gray with black collar Officials Choice shirt.  This is the classic OC jersey with the 'UmpDry' material.  This was worn maybe 3 times.  It measures 25" across the front.
      $10 + shipping   SOLD!
      3) Army Green w/ black trim MLB knock-off Officials Choice shirt.  Worn once.  Personally, this is much nicer than the gray shirt (fabric, quality, etc...their MLBs are actually nice).  Again, just didn't make it into the rotation.  This measures 26" across the front.  
      *** I also have a matching Medium Army Green OC shirt as well.  Measures 22" across the front.
      $15 each, + shipping.   SOLD!
      PM if interested
      Paypal to a friend only.  I'll probably do a USPS priority padded envelope for shipping.

    • By MadMax
      Amongst umpire crews trialling the (purported) new 2015 shirts, Dale Scott's crew has gone Classic. He's doing Classic black w/ twin white pencil lines on the collar... Long-sleeve. His crew is employing the full black jacket w/ Sky and white shoulder stripes. Good look.

      Must be chilly on the Bay tonight.
    • By JaxRolo
      I have several Umpire Shirts for sale.
      Make an Offer or Bid!
      Umpire Shirts