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West Vest Accessories

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Thunderheads    2,361
1 minute ago, Matt said:

I keed...remember a few years back on the Salvi pads?

OHHH LMAO!!! You scared me, I thought to myself, "oh no...what did I do"??? :D 

I was given "the last set" ..... that was truly a needle in a hay-stack when I asked!

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wolfe_man    59

I saw a really beat up WV pre Dyna lite mask at Play It Again on Saturday in Columbus.  They were pretty rough, so I hesitated. Went back today to get them and of course they're gone!

Got me thinking on this post and I wanted some too. LOL

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Matt    1,194
10 minutes ago, Thunderheads said:

Well .....we're waiting!!!


Yeah, I'm at the office right now. It's in better condition than the one heretofore posted, but definitely looks 20 years old (I got it in 1999 or 2000.) I also found my red +POS Jim Evans replacement pads...I wonder what other goodies are in there.

Pics will happen probably late tonight.

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BT_Blue    821

I actually get to use this TWICE in two different threads I less than 15 minutes.

Today must be a good day!


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Matt    1,194

The frame is being saved, and the logos are spoken for. I did find a pair of GD patent leather plate shoes that have never been used, as well...I wonder what else will come out of those boxes over the weekend.

I'm still amazed at the timing of this. They were at the back of my storage unit, which I cleared out on Sunday with the move to my new house. This is almost as big of a coincidence as to when I got a new phone number, and within six hours, before I had a chance to send it out, my cousin from 1000 miles away drunk-dialed the wrong number...and got me.

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    • By BrianC14
      Just received the harness to replace the original on my Platinum CP.
      Mere words aren't enough.  This. Harness. Is. Beyond. AWESOME.
      An added feature is that it has been personalized, which is icing on the cake !   Woo hoo !
      Thanks @Razzer for the fantastic work, and thanks also to @MadMax for the referral !
    • By MadMax
      With this last order of nine harnesses arriving on my doorstep this morning, fresh from @Razzer in Maple Syrup-land, this makes 20 harnesses I've commissioned from him in the past year. Sure, there've been one or two Schutts that these have gone on, and the occasional Force3 UnEqual, or Douglas, or Champro / Champion, even. Out of the 20, can you guess where 14 have gone?
      Yup, freakin' Wilson CPs. 11 Platinums and 3 Golds.
      Oh sure, you can easily (and lazily) point out, "But Max, that just indicates that Wilson CPs are more popular and numerous!", but it also indicates just how plain awful and ineffective the Wilson units are with their stock harnesses. Each umpire supplied with a Flex -style harness (preferably Ray's) experiences a dramatic improvement in fit and protection. Many suddenly become very aware of how brief the coverage is on the Platinum, especially, as it doesn't provide much in the way of abdomen protection, nor does it natively allow an extension to be added...
      ... but that's another discussion, for another time.
    • By the_umpire
      Up for sale is a BRAND NEW (never cut) Nike Harness. Can ship tomorrow if purchased by end of day today.
      $25 OBO
    • By Thunderheads
      Hi all ...
      Odd request, but ....this forum has so much, I figured it's worth the question
      I'm looking for just a chin strap of a red bottom All-Star pad like the photo below .....thanks

    • By MadMax
      I recently replied to a message from a fellow umpire here on U-E regarding chest protector opinions. As I re-read it, what a I divulge is applicable to a great number of chest protector questions we the membership here get. His question was in regard to a Douglas, specifically, but I can express technical opinions about any of the CP's on the market. So, let me share this here with you...
      I present to you this rhetorical question: why are we as an umpire community clinging to antiquated technology and practices when modern, cutting-edge opportunities are not even being fully considered or realized yet? Or, better yet, why are we accepting this sloth and sluggishness from the gear producers themselves??!
      I hold Team Wendy in lofty regard because they actually established and progressed their own technology – Zorbium – for one ambitious goal: to mitigate, reduce and hopefully eliminate TBI's. The reason they pulled the plug on CP retrofits wasn't because TW is a money-grubbing company that saw no profit in it, or that Zorbium itself is a poor product. It simply is, that when the US military drops a massive product request on you, with an ironclad contract, you put everything else aside and go all-hands-on-deck.
      We really need to start examining the direction that our protection needs and solutions will go instead of settling for the "traditional" and "status quo".