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Summer Closet Clean Out PRICES REDUCED!

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Hi all, 

I'm trying to get rid of stuff that has just been sitting in the umpire closet. PM me if interested; pics upon request. All payments sent as gift to a friend via Paypal only. Prices DO NOT include shipping. 

1. Gray/Black Wilson Wrap Around pads-like Brand New RARE (used once) $60US

2. BRAND NEW Wilson memory foam pads SOLD

3. Wilson memory foam pads (used 5 times) SOLD

4. Wilson two tone wrap around pads (BRAND NEW, but some coating chipping) $20US

5. BRAND NEW Mizuno mask harness $30US

6. Brand NEW Wilson MLB mask harness (sides have been cut) $ 5US

7. Black Team Wendy mask pads (used 1 season) SOLD

8. Tan Team Wendy mask pads (used 10 times) SOLD

9. UA XL Black Ball bag (used 1/2 season, but in great shape) SOLD

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1 hour ago, tpatience said:

They only come in black

Coulda sworn they came in tan... Oh well.

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