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Umpire equipment shop shipping to Germany

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Hi everyone,

I now live and also umpire in Germany (yes, they play baseball here :beerbang ). Its not hard to come by equipment, there are several shops. But they don't always feature all equipment.

Me and some other umpires here would like to order in the states to get our hands on that "good stuff". But, it seems not many shops ship to Europe. We don't have APO anymore.

Do any of you guys know of shops (or maybe even own one) that will ship umpire equipment to Germany? Ump-Attire does, but seems to be the only option.

Can any of you guys help me on this?

Thanks in advance


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Try between the lines. Also 1stopsports.com (not a great option as they don't carry high end gear, but uniforms are good) Maybe Terry at theofficialcall.com can help. He's a member here (t-ringer I think is his screen name). Good luck

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