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Allstar cpu21 chest protector

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Anyone know about this? How old it is and level of protection. I bought this from a umpire a few years back but never used it. Then when I got into umping it was just a little to small so I ordered a new one.

I took a shot with mine tonight and it does not have the protection I need for this summer and next years college schedule. So im going to try to sell this allstar one. Just want to get some info on it before, so i know what a fair asking price is. Its mint. Ill post a genaric pic here and will take measurements and real phots if requested. Thanks for any replies.

Edit: cant get pics to load up on my ipad. Ill get on the computer later and do it.

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This is a link to a stock photo until i can get my pics up.

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All-Star doesn't make this CP anymore. This is from when +POS went under and All-Star had some left over BB2200 CPs from +POS and rebadged them.

CAVEAT: I do not know the story, the above is only hearsay.

Anyhow ....

Go to Ebay and see if you can find it in any old or "ended" auctions.....

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