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Found 4 results

  1. U3K Positioning

    I'm having some trouble with the tag attempt after a uncaught third strike (u3k) and batted balls in front (or on) the plate. I almost always move to the left for any play (batted ball, bunt, u3k, etc.). I have been straight-lined a couple of times recently on the catcher's tag of the BR, and couldn't judge whether there was contact for a tag or not. I'm debating whether I should be moving to the right to get between the catcher and batter and see the tag attempt more clearly. What is the proper mechanic to be in position to see the tag on u3k or even a batted ball right in front of the plate? Should I move left or right to get the best view of the play? Does it depend on whether the batter is right- or left-handed? On a ground ball to the infield, I clear the catcher to the left and trail the BR up to first base. On a fly ball, I step to the left and potentially gain distance toward the fielder making the catch. On a bunt, I move to the left to watch for BR/Catcher interaction and then rule fair/foul (depending on the location). About the only time I move to the right is a sharp hit down the third base line. In other words, I'm conditioned to move to the left on just about every play. If I need to be moving to the right, how can I best change my behavior? Thanks!
  2. I certainly do not see a tag here....... Your browser does not support iframes.
  3. I certainly do not see a tag here....... Your browser does not support iframes.
  4. LL Majors, nobody on, outs don't matter. Had an uncaught third strike, near the catcher's feet. Batter takes off, release the bat behind him, catcher steps up to the plate to throw and takes the bat right on the arm. Can't make a good throw. I was focused on the ball to see if he came up with a tag, and the whole situation blew up on me. Naturally the coach wants interference on the batter. I went to my partner while they were tending to him, to see if the bat really came flying back and I missed it--he agreed with me it was released like a batter should and the catcher kind of stepped into it. On the field I kept my ruling of nothing. I was thinking of the bat hitting the ball in the situation and knocking it away from the catcher. More I think about it, I think I kicked it--I didn't need intent for interference there, did I? Doesn't help that it was one of those games where everything close went against that team, including a rotation we kicked...and I took a mask and cup shot about three pitches apart--but I'll save those for War Stories.