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Found 19 results

  1. Check them out at this not-yet-available-to-the-public link with detailed info, photos and videos by Scott Kennedy. Find out for yourself as we are offering a VIP promotion of them to UE members, our Facebook fans and email subscribers before we open them up to everyone. The reason we are doing this is there is a very limited current supply and wanted to give you first chance of what will be a hot item.
  2. Smitty heather grey combo pants for sale. $30. Worn for 1 game. Waist is a 38. I am 5'8", so the pants are hemmed accordingly.
  3. Emptying out a few items from the closet. All excellent condition - in fact that's why I'm getting rid of them, because I haven't used them much. 1/2 zip medium Smitty black w/ white stripes plate jacket. Open bottom (no elastic) and long for tucking. Ideal for bad-weather plate jobs. Medium Smitty black long-sleeve shirt. Small Honig's light blue w/ black collar short sleeve shirt. $50 gets you the lot shipped. Otherwise, it's $25 for the jacket, $15 for the long sleeve, $12 for the short-sleeve. I'll give it til Friday, then it's off to Ebay if no one needs them in here. Color from the photos might be off a bit, each item is like new.
  4. Smitty Performance Poly Spandex Pants

    Its lightweight-athletic performance of Smitty's unique 92/8 poly-spandex 4-way stretch blend not only moves with you but also breathes and cools you in warm weather by wicking moisture away from your skin (no more pants soaked in sweat). The highly-polished professional look and rich charcoal grey will make you the envy of your crew. Not to mention, its durable-construction will withstand many seasons of wear without the extra dry cleaning expense. These pants are available in Plate, Base & Combo cuts. BASE PANT FEATURES 92% polyester and 8% spandex for an innovative 4-way stretch fabric that moves with you Fabric spreads and lifts moisture from the skin for a cooler and lighter fabric feel Athletic cut for comfort and durability Pleated-front with standard slash pockets Wrinkle-resistant fabric Color: Charcoal grey For baseball and softball PLATE PANT FEATURES Sewn-in saddle seat for added strength to meet the demands of plate work Silky smooth fabric slides easily over your shin guards when you get in your stance (fabric won't get caught) Adequate room in knee to fit all shin guard brands and styles (approximately 12.5" diameter as measured off size 38 waist) COMBO PANT FEATURES Can be worn behind the plate and on the bases Sewn-in saddle seat for added strength to meet the demands of plate work Silky smooth fabric slides easily over your shin guards when you get in your stance (fabric won't get caught) Adequate room in knee to fit most low profile shin guard brands and styles (approximately 11.75" diameter as measured off size 38 waist) CONSTRUCTION Reinforced-stitching throughout Premium quality double clasp combined with inside support button Upgraded brass zipper will hold up better than plastic zippers Detailed matching grey pocket lining and grey back button with loop on left pocket (say "no" to tan buttons) Wide-reinforced belt loops fit all style and size umpire belts and provide the right amount of spacing, especially in the back - with one in the middle and adjacent ones evenly spaced (no more large gaps or un-professional triple side-by-side belt loops found in other brands) Pressed crease Snug-fit, non-roll, gripper waistband helps keep your shirt tucked These pants are available form
  5. I imagine this has already been discussed in the past. But with the new Polywool pants introduced into the market by Gerry Davis, it has added a new dimension to the topic. For the longest time, I have always been a Honigs guy for pants. But with the supposed decline in quality. I am now looking for an alternate. So I am asking you guys for comparisons between the new Davis/Feicheimer pants, the new version of the Honigs Polywool, and the Smitty Polywool sold by @UADirOps Thanks. (Side Question: I think I had bought a pair of Smitty's in the past and the base pants had white pockets. Is that still the case?)
  6. I have a clean, gently-used Smitty -brand half-zip jacket. It is Black w/ Sky Blue shoulder stripes. It is the pull-over type, heavier than the Convertible Sleeve jackets but lighter than the ThermaBase. It is size XL... Because I moved to The Oven Arizona from Wisconsin (compare, at time of writing... 55º in AZ to 28º in WI), I doubt I will ever need a ThermaBase jacket for quite awhile. Additionally, I have resolved to never work as PU with a jacket on; if cold, it'll be a plate coat or long-sleeved umpire shirt. So, I'd like to get this same jacket of Black w/ Sky Blue shoulder stripes in Large, please, if anyone has one to trade.
  7. I have a used once XL Smitty Convertible Jacket that I would like to sell or trade for a size Lg. I have lost weight and the XL is too big on me. Contact me for info or trade. Thanks.
  8. Smitty size 38 poly-wool base pants (80/20) 80 percent polyester; 20 percent wool. Worn approx 15 times . This type is also wash friendly so no need for dry clean. Has the expander waist so will adjust up or down from 38 two inches either way. Pants are hemmed with an extra 2 inches underneath to let out further. They were originally size for 5'11 in shoes. $15 plus shipping l
  9. Thoughts? Only difference is no majestic logo?
  10. DESCRIPTION The Smitty Major League Style Fleece-Lined Baseball Umpire Jacket is truly a heavy-duty jacket with a lightweight feel for cold weather conditions! FEATURES Same style jackets worn by MLB umpires 100% woven polyester technical soft shell exterior with a bonded Therma Base fleece interior for comfort Full front zipper Stand-up collar Zippered left chest pocket Hand pockets Windproof, water resistant Four-way stretch for maximum comfort Sized to accommodate chest protector underneath- size down for wearing on the bases. Machine wash cold
  11. DESCRIPTION Adapt easily to changing weather conditions with this convertible umpire jacket (pullover), the same style worn on-field by MLB umpires. This Smitty jacket replaces the Majestic jacket that has been discontinued. It is available in black only. 100% horizontal ripstop polyester "Zip-off" removable long sleeves convert to short sleeves to easily move from cooler to warmer weather or as on-field conditions change. Moisture wicking and water repellent for warm or rainy conditions Color: all-black Sized to accommodate chest protector underneath - size down for base
  12. FlexibleFit non-roll waistband provides 2" of stretch for better, more accurate fit and comfort.100% polyesterHeather greyPleated frontsComfortable non-roll expander waistband for better fitBelt loops are 2" tall allowing any size umpire belt to fit easily and are 3/4" wide for greater strength.Side slash pocketsButton loop on back pocketWrinkle-resistant and washableUmpire pants come unhemmed100% polyesterAvailable in Charcoal or HeatherAvailable in Base, Plate or Combo style.Plate Pants styles feature: "Saddle-seat" sewn in giving added strength in the seat areaRoom in legs for shin guards (approx. 24" knee)Combo Pants style feature: "Saddle-seat" sewn in giving added strength in the seat areaMore room in legs for shin guards (approx. 22 " knee)This product is available from
  13. Smitty Premium Poly Wool Pants

    Stay cool even in the heat with the Smitty Premium Poly Wool Umpire Base Pant. The 80/20 blend of polyester and wool makes this base pant breathable. A fitted waistband means these pants will fit great and last through many games. Improved design! Breathable 80/20 poly/wool fabric blend to keep you coolCharcoal greyMachine wash with cold waterAvailable as Plate or BaseBase features:Standard leg widthPlate features:Reinforced seatSized to accomodate most brands of leg guardsThis product is available from
  14. So we all recall the Majestic Cool Base shirt sale that Gerry Davis had a while back. They call me the morning after I place the order telling me that they are out of stock on my shirts and that hopefully they can place an order with Majestic for more. Then two weeks later, GD calls me again to tell me that Majestic wont be sending more until later and want to know if I want to cancel my order (they never charged me for it) or switch to the Smitty version of the shirts? So there I lays my conundrum. Im positive this has been descussed before but how do the Smittyxs compare to the Majestics? I want to call GD back by warly next week with my decision, but I dont know what to decide. Thanks in advance for not killing for not searching. Oh and thanks for the help too...
  15. I ordered a pair of Smitty Poly Wool pants from ump attire and was told these are a great product and the size is true. Well once I got the pants I had them hemmed and I feel they are not true plate pants. The legs feel too skinny to be plat pants. If I could get my money back I would, but I cant, so I am going to have to eat these. But I wont order from UA again, it will be honigs.
  16. I'm looking to purchase a jacket and I'm trying to decide between the Smitty half-zip and the full zip. I've decided against the Majestic because most umpires around here don't wear it and I'm worried that it'll look bad because its such a different color and has a different stripe pattern. So: is there any difference between the Smitty half-zip and full-zip that would justify the $20 more for the full-zip? (And please don't say the zipper.)
  17. Selling: Smitty Pleated Combo Umpire Pants with Expander (size 28, but expander gives 2-4 inches) $40 Charcoal Grey Description: - Constructed with high quality "WOVEN" Polyester Fabric - Wide Leg - Smitty Comfort Grip Waistband - Wide Belt Loops - Front Lay Flat Pockets - Button Tab and Clasp Closure - Button Loop on Left Back Pocket - Heavy Duty Zipper Smitty Pleated Base Umpire Pants with Expander (size 28, but expander gives 2-4 inches) $40 Charcoal Grey Description: - Constructed with high quality "WOVEN" Polyester Fabric - Smitty Comfort Grip Waistband - Wide Belt Loops - Front Lay Flat Pockets - Button Tab and Clasp Closure - Button Loop on Left Back Pocket - Heavy Duty Zipper - Unhemed - Tailored Fit Neither pair has been worn nor altered in any way. Please reply if you are interested.
  18. I'm looking at purchasing a jacket and I am hoping to get input from some of you wiser/more experience gentlemen.The association I'm with is switching to the navy with r/w stripes and I'm looking at either the Smitty or the Majestic. I know the Majestic costs more but i'm willing to spend more if it really is the better option. Any of you have either/both of these? Likes/dislikes? Other possible options?