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Found 8 results

  1. RLI

    I was reading the other thread about the RLI called in a Little League game. The discussion went briefly to the HS interpretation of the ruling. I thought I would move over to the High School section to continue that part of the discussion to avoid high jacking the other thread. There was a quotation in one of the posts that quoted and interp from 2004: SITUATION 19: B1 bunts and F2 fields the ball in fair territory in front of home plate. B1 is running in foul territory when F2, in fair territory, throws errantly and hits B1 in the back. B1 continues running and touches first base. RULING: The play stands. F2 made an errant throw. Although B1 was not in the running lane, his position did not interfere with F2’s throw. (8-4-1g Exception)" My confusion over this interpretation is that I thought in FED that quality of throw is not a factor when determining RLI. I also note that in the 2017 Rule Book, there is no exception listed to 8-4-1g. I think this ruling should correct, but I'm having a hard time seeing how this ruling conforms with the rule as written. Thoughts?
  2. RLI

    Had the ball went off BR shoulder/back, gone left or right to F3, or overthrown F3, would anyone else get RLI here. I know the throw retired the runner, but had it not. Your browser does not support iframes.
  3. RLI ...once again draws an argument

    is this play EVER NOT argued??? Your browser does not support iframes.
  4. RLI not called

    Your browser does not support iframes. Your browser does not support iframes. (if needed) Any clue why this is not RLI? Not a quality throw? That is the only reason I can think of.
  5. Classic RLI

    .... MLB managers STILL don't understand this rule .............   http://m.mlb.com/video/v36443733
  6. Another RLI

  7. RLI - Textbook

    How long is it going to take for Sciocsa to learn the rules ??????   http://m.mlb.com/video/v35311349
  8. Running lane from Thursday ......

    .....Same game as the CI call ..............       http://m.mlb.com/video/v33668161