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Found 30 results

  1. Looking for teams for the next two weeks. Please contact me to help lower your fee by almost 1000 dollars. My fee will be less than that. Please contact me 7179688797
  2. Hello to all, My name is Jim Serafin and i'm an umpire from New Jersey. I will be in cooperstown dreams park and i will also be available for all star village weeks 1-10 next summer and am SO FAR available all ten as of right now.(this will change very quickly as coaches have already started asking). I have worked BOTH all star village and dreams park in the past. I see myself as someone who enjoys what he does. If you want I can get you a long list of very trustworthy and reliable references. My cell phone number is (201)- 800-2627 and my email is serafin.james22@gmail.com. Price is negotiable of course. Please don't hesitate to call. Thanks. Jim Serafin
  3. Umpire Week #3

    Hi all!! My name is Hunter Wood and I am in search of a team for Week #3 for Cooperstown. The dates are June 17-23. If your team is in the search process for an umpire for this week please reach out to me! Reasonable rates! I look forward to hearing from you! Hunter Wood 636-970-9142 woodhunter14@yahoo.com
  4. Available to Umpire

    I am available to umpire week 3-9 (2017). I have umpired in Cooperstown the past 2 years. Please let me know if your team is looking for an umpire. roquexiii@gmail.com
  5. Experienced Cooperstown umpire, I am wanting to go on Week 2 and if other teams need me for more Ill be able to cover them for other weeks. Contact me on here or email me at baseballdudester@gmail.com Thanks, Sam
  6. Hi, I am available to be your team's umpire for week #5 of the 2017 season of Cooperstown Dreams Park. This will be my 11th summer at CDP! Let me help to make your team's experience the best it can be while at Cooperstown. Please contact me for specifics. You can reach me at my email: jwegrzyn@earthlink.net, or call my home phone: (845) 687-3688 or my cell phone: (845) 332-7338. Hope to hear from you soon! Rollie (Jim Wegrzyn)
  7. We are a 12U team from Southern California called OCX (Orange County Xtreame). We had an umpire for our trip to Cooperstown but unfortunately it fell through. We are looking for an umpire for the week of August 6-12, 2016 at All Star Village (CASV). Please email me if your interested to go over details and requirements mrcheez@sbcglobal.net Jeff Showalter
  8. Hey guys, I am in need of some help with transportation the following times. I was all set and then something came up and I had to give back one of my weeks and need help. End of week 1 from CDP to Albany Airport Beginning of week 3 from Albany Airport to CDP. I can help pay for gas $ Please call or text me at 301-580-0621 Thank you, Carter Caplan
  9. In Need of Umpire Week 2 @ CDP

    Hey Umps, I am a CDP umpire too and need another umpire for week two. I have a team and screwed up and cannot go week two so saving the hassle of them team and finding another umpire. Please call or text me, 301-580-0621. Thank you
  10. 2016 CDP Umpires

    I am compiling a list of Umpires that wish to go to CDP in 2016. Just go here and sign up. As always this is a free service. http://www.umps4hire.com/2016-cooperstown-umpires/
  11. Umpire Wanting To Go!

    I have been going to Cooperstown Dreams Park for 2 years straight and I would love to keep going. Contact me on here and lets work something out. I would love to go with your team to Cooperstown.
  12. A Texas team is looking for an umpire for CDP the week of June 13th, 2015. All expenses covered. Please let me know if you are interested and available. Thank you.
  13. Our team is looking for an umpire for Cooperstown Dreams park staring july 3rd. Please let us know if you can help.
  14. My 13u team recently planned a trip to Cooperstown, NY to play a tournament at the Cooperstown Baseball World complex and unfortunately is now unable to attend. We have paid for the trip and rather than lose almost $12k am hoping someone out there knows of another team who would be willing able to attend in our place. The dates are 7/25/15-7/31/15 and occur during the 2015 HOF induction ceremonies which would hopefully make it a more enjoyable trip for someone. All we ask is for that team to pay 80% of what it would normally cost them to attend as we have paid for 12 players and 3 coaches and would be willing to offer a 20% discount. Please call me if you are interested and if you know of someone who is, feel free to provide my cell number (919-268-8166). Thank you.
  15. Experienced Umpire, currently working NCAA, NFHS, Recreation Leagues, Dixie Boys World Series (2), available for week 1 at Cooperstown Dreams Park. I have umpired the final game at CDP. Have enjoyed many years with these young men. Very reasonable and professional. Contact me: John G. Walrath, Esq. 1770 Indian Trail Road Suite 430 Norcross, Georgia 30093 770-717-1900 jwalrath@johngwalrathlaw.com
  16. Need a umpire for Cooperstown the week of June 28th - July 3rd. Please email at cgtacka5@verizon.net Thanks
  17. Need an umpire 6/7-12

    Austin, TX based team traveling to Cooperstown Dream Park June 7-12 and in need of an certified umpire for the week. Contact us at banditosofaustin@gmail.com if you are interested and available. Cooperstown experience preferred.
  18. Hi, I am available for week #13 of the 2014 season of Cooperstown Dreams Park. I was a crew chief for several weeks of the 2013 season. This will be my 8th summer at CDP! Please contact me for specifics. You can reach me at my email: jwegrzyn@earthlink.net, or call my home phone: (845) 687-3688. Hope to hear from you soon! Jim
  19. I am the most certifiable Umpire that you can find. When you have me around there is no where to go but up! I am available pretty much any week. PM me
  20. Northern Virginia-based team looking for top umpire for CDP for the week of July 27. Please contact me at CLLLPresident@gmail.com if interested. Thanks.
  21. Exit Sandman

    Mariano 'Mo' Rivera pitched his last home game. A true class act. I know there is mention of this in another thread, but I think the greatest closer in history deserves his own thread. #42 will never be worn in Yankee Stadium again. Ever. His last pitch from the loneliest place in the world Thanks for the memories
  22. I was just up at Cooperstown during week 8 and had a GREAT time. If any teams are in need of an umpire for week 12 please email me at timothy.haggart@gmail.com. Nominal fee since I drive 8 hours to get there. I was selected to be a crew chief for the first round of playoffs that week and am planning on going back to work the entire summer next year. I am a 'professional official' in that I do 4 sports (baseball, football, soccer & basketball) all at the high school level although I do work DIII college baseball as well as adult league baseball so I am available pretty much all the time. If you want to plan ahead for next year and lock in an umpire now feel free to contact me. Thanks and have a great day! Tim Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much, And Always, Dare To Dream!
  23. I really need a team for Week 9 for a buddy. I have a team for week 9 already but one of my partners wants to go the same week. We both went last year the same week and had a lot of fun. p.s. - On a side not to other umpires on Umpire-Empire. It be nice to see some of you guys there that week also!
  24. Pin Trading

    what are everyone's thoughts on pin trading at cooperstown dreams park? i was thinking of doing it this year with a custom pin, does anyone have a pin that they had made? i traded with kids with the stock pins CDP gives you but i wanted to see what it was like cost wise and such to get a pin made
  25. Please contact Doug McClure of the East Cobb Baseball 12U Indians to discuss at dmcclure@ecindians.com. Thanks! Doug