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  1. This topic is new to the Free for All forum, and was inspired by @JaxRolo 's "Good Morning" thread. This thread has picked up steam and has featured photos of peoples mornings, sunrises, etc. The other day, I received a PM from @Rulekeep with the idea to have a PHOTOGRAPHY thread where we can post photos that we're proud of, regardless of the subject matter. I discussed this with Warren, and ...here we go! With Warren having the "GALLERY" which is typically umpire related, .... let's try to keep this section separate from umpire stuff. Warren's caveat: All photos and posts within this thread are subject to all rules and regulations of Umpire-Empire. Photos can be deleted/taken down at the moderators/administrators discretion if warranted. Please enjoy! Looking forward to great photos!
  2. Douglas Custom Gear

    Yup.... and they'll add a piping color to your pads along with custom colored pads Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  3. Douglas Custom Gear

    No mistake, ... they will do ANYTHING you want. Not cheap by any stretch, but their quality is great, and customization is cool! email Jeff Cook ..... jeffcook@douglaspads.com ...... He'll tell you what's up!
  4. Douglas west vest any offers?

    My God ... WHY ??? That's THE piece!
  5. Transaction Experience Thread

    All, It has come to our attention that there are a fair amount of transactions that take place between us U-E members. In an effort to improve the site and make everyone involved more comfortable, I am creating this thread (sticky) within the Buy, Sell, Trade forum where U-E members can mention their good transaction experiences, and, just in case, their NOT so good experiences. In the situation you do have a poor, or less desireable transaction, please be fair. No name calling, no embellishing, period! This is your warning. Good transactions should be mentioned as such, ....(think eBay): good communication, fast payment, equipment in good condition, etc, etc. If you'd simply like to start out by stating the members in which you've had good expereince with, you can list them, this way eveyone can see all at once, it's up to you. I have been on different forums that use a thread like this and it can be very helpful to people who are purchasing or selling something for the first time. If you have any questions, PM me. BE FAIR, BE NICE I will start: GOOD TRANSACTIONS WITH: Jocko Conlon FranklinT JaxRolo Slo8140 If I've forgotten someone, let me know, I'll add you
  6. Father's Day Masks

    correct, he put the Father's Day blue pads in his black dyna-lite .... sharp
  7. Mask-It Colors

    attached are: gray primer finished w/ a clear coat and, .... matte black
  8. Douglas Chest Protector vs. Team Wendy West Vest

    Get the T-Hooks for sure. Also, make sure you get the gap protection (flat plate-style). WV w/ TW I believe has gone for $250+ here? Try to do a search in the for sale/trade forum. I don't delete posts, I just lock them, so they should come up! Good luck!
  9. wrong name on lineup card

    That was my point with the number. If Joe Smith is on the card and it's Joe Smyth on the field (or vice versa) ..... if the number is correct for Joe Smi(y)th, then that's who that is. You can also look to ensure there isn't a Smith AND a Smyth.
  10. wrong name on lineup card

    Tha'ts easy ....2 words .... PLAY_ON ..... Smith, Smyth, SMithe, doesn't matter ......especially if you have a correct number. My God, a mis-spelled name? Please! Choose your battles and play the flippin' game
  11. wrong name on lineup card

    I've never heard of a line up card "mis spelling" that forfeited a game???? That's ridiculous, and umpires that do stuff like this give us ALL a bad name
  12. This forum has nothing to do with equipment .... let's keep it that way, thank you.
  13. Scott, .... you go up 2 sizes on this to do the plate?
  14. I usually post videos in the Professional section but this is an equipment post/video: Well .... it looks like the Force3 Defender didn't necessarily protect Suzuki better than other masks....... And .... the mask cut him .... http://m.mlb.com/video/v1166128783/?query=suzuki
  15. Nike Ti Black-Riddell Power-Wilson items-etc

    Sorry to say, but Aaron 'went dark' on me last year sometime as well. I'm actually surprised at his good reputation
  16. Keeping shoes white

    Just don't us SB on your shoes EVERY time you clean them. These cleaners aren't meant for shoes and their chemicals can be quite harsh. For lots of dirt and mud, and every now and then, sure, but I wouldn't do it after every game.
  17. Keeping shoes white

    This link should help. There are a TON of threads about cleaning your shoes. @BALL4 has my remedy, but to be more specific: Get a spray bottle from Home Depot and put in a cap-ful of Murphy's Oil Soap, then fill with water. This is a great cleaner that works wonders on keeping white soles clean.
  18. 20

    That, my baseball friends, is called PEAKING TOO EARLY!
  19. 20

    OUCH .................
  20. Old West Vest Frame (converted - Riddell)

    SOLD!! Thanks Griffin! @grk17
  21. Ok ...here we go ... I found an old West Vest frame on ebay last year. I had it fixed (right upper ear) and powder coated by Tony at Mask-it a dull-ish plain old non-metallic gray which I think turned out great. I used this frame last year for high school as you see in the photo (Michigan is still Navy required). I'm keeping everything but the frame. I've got more than $50 into this right now, but I'll let it go for $50. PM me if interesting (frame only) Paypal friends and family
  22. Old West Vest Frame (converted - Riddell)

    I'm not aware of anyone else that I work with that does. Like I said, I just did this to go with our navy required uniforms......And I must admit it looks pretty slick Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  23. No sht fair

    I've noticed this also @Jimurray .... obvious fair points, and rarely, on routine plays will you see the MLB guys signal a 'catch' with an out call
  24. Sunglasses Polarized or No

    I believe it's a perception / depth perception thing with the polarization, but you can call Oakley or chat w/ them online and they'll tell you.
  25. Burn out

    Because of a death in the family in early June, .... I had a difficult decision to make, which I knew was the right one. This year I was assigned a State Quarterfinal that I had to turn back because the family issue, and all of the minutia that follows such an incident, I chose not to umpire this summer and just be with the family as much as possible. BEST decision I've made in a long time because for the first time since 2010 .... I HAD A Summer that wasn't spent on a baseball field for 5 to 7 weekends in a row. Did I miss it ....yes, a little bit, but it was nice to get away and remove myself. What it did was refresh me and now I must say I'm looking forward to Spring and the next High School season! Stepping away for a bit helps considerably.