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  1. Regardless .... as long as you're in the same color, I don't see an issue
  2. Ok all ..... As you recently saw, I have a nice Dyna-Lite (West Vest original) that I had sent to Tony and had it done plain old gray! I have some nice Belgard pads on it also and I'm looking for a TG that would finish the look on this thing! Any suggestions, and/or anyone that has a TG for sale (searched but not finding much) ... let me know! Thx
  3. 2 things.... 1) Rich wasn't aware which is strange because he KNOWS the rules .... 2) @maven used the word "dude" LOL!
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^ that's one of the most ridiculous things I've ever read
  5. Actually, listening to it again, I think @umpstu is right .... he's saying that time must be granted by the umpire, ...just because you ask doesn't mean it'll happen .... at least that's how I took it after I listened to it again
  6. I'm surprised you noticed .........
  7. After all of the above created ANOTHER post ........ I deleted the on from Monday, and updated your original post
  8. ...ouch ......... eBay = $27 ....geez
  9. ...that's not THIS thread.....
  10. LOL ...ok guys, let's keep this on point w/ 'mask-porn' ......... thanks
  11. lots of info on this CP in the equipment forum a search on "champion hard shell"
  12. OH HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. That's a Champion re-badged with +POS stickers/logos ... I don't recall +POS making this CP
  14. Couldn't agree more! The white looks athletic, the all black looks like you have shoes on from your suit
  15. Technically, Michigan requires all black shoes as well, however, many, if not most of us have white on our shoes .... but alas, Michigan(MHSAA) is navy required still
  16. Disagree.... He's in a perfect (as instructed position) but when F2 makes a quick adjustment, it's too late to rotate left, and thus moving into fair territory is the best option. Quick moves like this almost make it impossible to calculate a next move ....
  17. Yes ... I actually had Tony do that so it looked like a Riddell. I found this super cheap on ebay and Tony fixed the right ear guard as well. The ears came the way you see them, so that's why I had him take out the vertical bars. I thought it turned out pretty sweet.
  18. Mario, thanks for these ..... I've been on ump-attire's site and seen these. I hate TGs that have writing on them, so your favorite is my least favorite for that reason. I like the vented and no-logo version, but it's a 1/2" longer again than my All-Star that I typically wear. My look at Amazon to see if they have a Mizuno .... then sell it to @BT_Blue ....
  19. ..........Michigan!!! Nice Max ......that looks SWEET!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Understood, and we could easily argue that here and win without incident. That being said though .... the catcher was 'behind' (foul ball territory) side of the plate leaving it open and the runner went in the same direction. That argument is also valid and could still get you the out.
  21. he had access to the plate, and slid no where near the plate and way off to the right.... P.S. Nice timing sir!
  22. 1 .....just because that's what I started with and what I'm used to .....
  23. Jos. A Bank will do it for you
  24. I thought the Schutt used the same mask as Diamond with their logo
  25. Kyle, haven't seen one on ebay either