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  1. That's not crazy! That's CERTIFIABLE!!!!
  2. being discussed here .... add on here please
  3. I've asked Brad Jurga NUMEROUS times to do the LUC pads in tan, and in a silver/gray. Hell, they do the LMX pads in gray and tan, why not the LUC pads ??? NOPE .. that's the answer every time! By the way, my customized pads I had were made for Salvador Perez when he was with All-Star, and they were hybrid LUC/LMX pads ..... they were LUC pads with chest protector material silver on the front, and tan leather on the face. LUC pads are stuffed more full than the LMX pads, but's the same material w/ a different outer layer. LUCs are actually my favorite!
  4. Here you go, Reebok Magistrate plate shoes low-cut, size 10.5 Used but still in very good condition, still have some mileage left. Make me a reasonable offer via personal message Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  5. Sold everybody thanks for looking. No problem Brian Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  6. I have original padding for a 15" Douglas CP. (The 12" and the shoulder pads are sold) Used but in good shape, we'll taken care of New padding is $85 from me with questions and offers. PayPal friends and family ...Shipping to be determined after sale to your zip Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  7. Saw it on facebook .........
  8. meh ...... too much to deal with ........tuck your shirts into your tights .......done
  9. appeal .... video in Gil's post looks as though he touched third .......but oh well......
  10. Based on what I can see in the video, ...R2 certainly touched 3rd
  11. no ...his left foot starts his windup, that'd be a start/stop balk ...that's illegal.... all codes
  12. good for you Stephen!!!!! Yeah, TW'd CPs are nice, but heavy ....and when you put on a Douglas it just slips on like a t-shirt!
  13. LMAO!! I'm glad you took that the way it was intended was indeed in jest! I scored it first,...w/ a carpet knife carefully, took a long time, then you could actually use snippers to finish it ...then sand it. PM if you want to you said, don't want to hijack this. Sorry @BT_Blue
  14. Matt, the photo of Kyle's throat guard on that mask is indeed the proper location to mount it. On the bottom rung of the throat extension puts it too far forward and a ball will flip it up into your throat
  15. additions and notes
  16. Hang on a second there rookie ... Max had his done LIKE MINE!! And .... he doesn't have a custom sunshield like mine either
  17. blue cushion is standard when you order a complete CP
  18. what's the +POS hollow steel weigh? I bet you the All-Star FM4000 gives it a run for its money (weight wise)
  19. this is what I use on turf .......... old, but you may be able to find them on ebay (Nike Lunar TR1 (first edtion)
  20. All, It has come to our attention that there are a fair amount of transactions that take place between us U-E members. In an effort to improve the site and make everyone involved more comfortable, I am creating this thread (sticky) within the Buy, Sell, Trade forum where U-E members can mention their good transaction experiences, and, just in case, their NOT so good experiences. In the situation you do have a poor, or less desireable transaction, please be fair. No name calling, no embellishing, period! This is your warning. Good transactions should be mentioned as such, ....(think eBay): good communication, fast payment, equipment in good condition, etc, etc. If you'd simply like to start out by stating the members in which you've had good expereince with, you can list them, this way eveyone can see all at once, it's up to you. I have been on different forums that use a thread like this and it can be very helpful to people who are purchasing or selling something for the first time. If you have any questions, PM me. BE FAIR, BE NICE I will start: GOOD TRANSACTIONS WITH: Jocko Conlon FranklinT JaxRolo Slo8140 If I've forgotten someone, let me know, I'll add you
  21. it's pretty cool actually, switching it up I guess ........ my only issue with that (personally) is that I'd put the lighter pads on the top ...darker on the bottom ..... because the bottoms will get more dirty with your hands
  22. BUMP!
  23. Hi all ..... Well ......It's time for one of my masks to go. I now have 4 and it's tough to decide, but original All-Star custom job is the one I've decided on. This was done by Tony at Mask-It ... Matte black, and he took the " i-bar vision" tag off for me also. On here is an All-Star sunshield and gray/silver LMX pads. Gray vinyl on the outside, tan leather on the inside. The FM25 is a work horse! Known as a catchers mask but anyone who's used them know that first, yes, it IS a dual bar mask, but you don't notice it because of the iBar vision bars (flat), and .... VERY light for a hollow steel mask. Plus, it's durable as a M4A1 Sherman! Throat guard I'm keeping (it's in the photo, but I'm keeping it) LMX pads are used, but not very much ...still in good shape! I have over $100 in this rig .... PM me with offers please. Paypal Friends and family
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