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  1. Keeping shoes white

    Just don't us SB on your shoes EVERY time you clean them. These cleaners aren't meant for shoes and their chemicals can be quite harsh. For lots of dirt and mud, and every now and then, sure, but I wouldn't do it after every game.
  2. Keeping shoes white

    This link should help. There are a TON of threads about cleaning your shoes. @BALL4 has my remedy, but to be more specific: Get a spray bottle from Home Depot and put in a cap-ful of Murphy's Oil Soap, then fill with water. This is a great cleaner that works wonders on keeping white soles clean.
  3. 20

    That, my baseball friends, is called PEAKING TOO EARLY!
  4. 20

    OUCH .................
  5. Old West Vest Frame (converted - Riddell)

    SOLD!! Thanks Griffin! @grk17
  6. Old West Vest Frame (converted - Riddell)

    I'm not aware of anyone else that I work with that does. Like I said, I just did this to go with our navy required uniforms......And I must admit it looks pretty slick Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  7. Ok ...here we go ... I found an old West Vest frame on ebay last year. I had it fixed (right upper ear) and powder coated by Tony at Mask-it a dull-ish plain old non-metallic gray which I think turned out great. I used this frame last year for high school as you see in the photo (Michigan is still Navy required). I'm keeping everything but the frame. I've got more than $50 into this right now, but I'll let it go for $50. PM me if interesting (frame only) Paypal friends and family
  8. No sht fair

    I've noticed this also @Jimurray .... obvious fair points, and rarely, on routine plays will you see the MLB guys signal a 'catch' with an out call
  9. Sunglasses Polarized or No

    I believe it's a perception / depth perception thing with the polarization, but you can call Oakley or chat w/ them online and they'll tell you.
  10. Burn out

    Because of a death in the family in early June, .... I had a difficult decision to make, which I knew was the right one. This year I was assigned a State Quarterfinal that I had to turn back because the family issue, and all of the minutia that follows such an incident, I chose not to umpire this summer and just be with the family as much as possible. BEST decision I've made in a long time because for the first time since 2010 .... I HAD A Summer that wasn't spent on a baseball field for 5 to 7 weekends in a row. Did I miss it ....yes, a little bit, but it was nice to get away and remove myself. What it did was refresh me and now I must say I'm looking forward to Spring and the next High School season! Stepping away for a bit helps considerably.
  11. Kneeling for National Anthem

    we're not talking about their issue though ...., we're talking about the 'pot they're stirring' amongst fans because that's all this 'kneeling' is doing.
  12. Tapatalk - Android (Samsung Galaxy S8)

    I found out via Tapatalk that the level of 'settings' aren't that refined yet. So, whatever color your phone's LED is for Tapatalk, ...that's what it is
  13. Kneeling for National Anthem

    you know, that's true ...and a good point that supports mine. He started all of this 'kneeling protest stuff' and it's gotten him no where but out of a job ....so the protest isn't gaining the real issue any attention, but only bad press for him. p.s. it's not working ....
  14. Kneeling for National Anthem

    exactly my point from earlier ...........