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  1. well...that's all horsepuckey right there .......
  2. I just don't see how that's possible
  3. ...yawn ....... BORING!! ......... LOL!!! well deserved!!
  4. If the pitcher is making this move in order to make a play it is not considered a balk
  5. A BrianC14 sighting!! YES!!!
  6. no problem, ...yeah,'d have to search both I'd think because of the spelling
  7. Michigan, ... it's encouraged and we've been asked to carry a stop-watch (base ump) and keep to a minute the best you can. If you mention this quickly in the pre-game, you'll have ZERO issues. I've had no problems
  8. stick-em ....plain and simple ......the ball STUCK to his chest protector like there was a velcro attachment
  9. I've met Laz .... that's JUST LIKE something he'd do!!
  10. I've notice quite a few guys moving away from their Nike's in the past couple of seasons.......
  11. NFHS 3-1 Article 3.... Any of the starting players may be withdrawn and re-entered once....... You, my friend were correct, it's legal and happens all the time
  12. Did someone bring up this mask?
  13. as already stated, the "3-1" move is still legal in FED. early in the season it'll still get "that's a balk" squawks
  14. Agree @Stan W. ..... and these guys are the source of coaches coming to a plate-meeting all pissed off before we even exchange our greetings, because they've been jaded by umpires, and you're the next one they see ....YOU are getting the residual from that jading