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  1. he was just hired full time last season ..... it's a very odd stance ....him, and Bellino's stance just boggles my mind
  2. Moylan was pissed at the "ball 3" call on Bautista in that inning that caught most of the plate .......
  3. he was seen many times during the CWS whining about things on the field .......... u2 clearly said to him "stop pointing Don" ....and he kept up with his antics
  4. COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can't come on here like this and tease!! You just can't!
  5. Mike, ONCE AGAIN I've deleted a post that's a duplicate from you on this forum. Your post from yesterday was deleted and I just changed your post from April 28th and updated your weeks you're available. It's not that difficult. Please utilize the rules that everyone else follows for this forum. Just in case you haven't seen the rules: @tpatience
  6. maybe without the "flinch" it wouldn't be as bad?
  7. You do understand that this is coming down from above to the MLB umpires ..... "wear this stuff on these days please "'s a part of their contract
  8. Mark Uyl didn't look happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's always at our umpire camp I attend in February, and MHSAA officials director ....
  9. No catch (DEFINITIONS) R3 scores, appeal answer is SAFE. 8-2-2 Art 6, a, 2 (leaving a base on a caught fly ball before the ball is first touched) Gee @maven ...I didn't know you could give impromptu quizzes AND hand out credits!
  10. what I noticed is that the Louisville coach is a whiner!
  11. I've stated this in a facebook post ............ I think it would look better overall with a standard black mask and harness, and just have the blue pads!
  12. bump
  13. obligatory June bump ............
  14. Oh doubt ....... I agree 100% and have no problem with that at all! As a matter of fact, I think that's why he called it a strike!
  15. college and high school ALL DAY LONG ....... but at that level, that's 'in' ......