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  1. Farewell for now

    Signed docs this morning. Will be transferring with the company to the metropolitan Indianapolis area. Been in touch with @indianaumpire15 to network. Until then, I relinquish my favorite emoji........ Catch y'all on the flip side.
  2. Umpire

    So not only for the players.....you have provided a "daddy coach" a teachable moment. Let's face it, these coaches that you see in Williamsport generally know the rules. How did they learn them you ask? Most likely starting from 8 y/o wreck ball when an umpire began teaching them the rules...................
  3. Farewell for now

    I heard that they did. Unfortunately, my transfer takes effect just as our busy season begins so I will be otherwise preoccupied learning this customer and making sure things happen as they should, for at least a good 6 months.
  4. Bears!

    Damn @udbrky.............You have assisted me in remembering how the truth can hurt.
  5. First Throw By An Infielder When Ball Goes Out of Play

    Man, I'd hate to see what this person is like on Military forums when the new version of Call of Duty drops.
  6. ISO Nike TI with Black Pads and Harness

    I see what you did there @Razzer with the whole Ti versus iT thing...
  7. New Feature - Member Map

    Nice to see that @maven updated his location. Must be on his boat since he's in the middle of Lake Erie.
  8. Aging_Arbiter

  9. Best lines you've heard or used at an umpire?

    Could it be that during regular season, someone from the BOD should be at your fields........whereas tournament time, your BOD may not travel with YOUR team, thus, placing the responsibility of controlling the parents on the manager at that point??
  10. Pro School

    Looking for input. Looking for recommendations of what to tell a fellow umpire going to pro school in January. Been through the "get in best shape possible, get reps, eat right, blah blah blah", even sent him the blog from a post on here from a guy who went a couple of years back. Just wondering what else someone who has been there can offer in preparation. Thanks!
  11. ISO Nike TI with Black Pads and Harness

    Didn't @the_umpire have one on the market? I think he's from the great white north........
  12. ALWS

    @lawump, I think he just called you OLD!
  13. SWMBO - The next Chapter

    Yes, many of you are familiar with my SWMBO stories, and trust me, there are many MANY stories that don't make it to this forum. So the latest chapter unfolds as I'm going through the "end of summer" cleaning of the equipment bag and disposing of things that have been extended beyond their usefulness, as we get into "fall ball" mode. As I get to my (what I call) "ditty bag", I pull out 3 or 4 indictors, 2 plate brushes, some pencils, sun screen and a line up card holder (that has seen better days). Since SWMBO also wears the hat of my personal financial consultant, she also receives the emails from @JimKirk's team (because she has placed several orders for me). She mentioned that "our man @Scott Kennedy" just did a 2 minute review of a new magnetic line up card holder, and that I should order one. Well, needless to say, I just placed my order. Fella's, I wish that each and of you could have such a supportive SWMBO as I do (if the situation applies). Ladies, I just hope your "fella" is as understanding.
  14. appeal play

    After re-reading my verbiage, I realize I left that part out. Good call out. I'm glad somebody meant what I knew.
  15. Site Upgrade

  16. appeal play

    Also assuming that the code that you are operating under allows dead ball appeals.
  17. Fielder Dropping Ball While Out of Play

    ..........was much easier
  18. Fielder Dropping Ball While Out of Play

    Noted. I was replying from my own personal experience. I had included myself in the "anyone" spectrum of the question.
  19. Fielder Dropping Ball While Out of Play

  20. Site Upgrade

    I just appreciate the fact that @Umpire in Chief has taken @BT_Blue's quote to heart.............
  21. 1st time going to CDP, need some info

    Sounds like you're almost ready then!
  22. What to look for here?

  23. Plate umpire calls time... and it's all downhill from there.

    Maybe SEGAL farted
  24. Baseball

  25. I can't seem to get them completely wrinkle free. I've tried low heat in the dryer, low temp on iron, warmer temp on iron. Anything using the iron without using another cloth leaves marks from the iron. Suggestions?