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  1. Some know I am the UIC of my local LL (again). Went to a game as a spectator last night (and evaluating JR umpires). Sat up close to the fence at 1BL extended. it was a 9-10 minors game, and given the usual chatter, I'd throw in a "nice hit" , "good dig" or "great play" and use their name when I did so. The kids kept looking at me with the deer in the headlights look. About the 4th inning, one of the coaches stopped on his way to 3B box and said, "My son always says he enjoys the games that you umpire. Would you believe he just asked me who that was talking to the players? After I told him it was you, it was then that I realized that they don't recognize you without a uniform and facemask on." Needless to say, we got a good chuckle out of it. After that, the players kind of gave me a sheepishly half hearted wave when they came up to bat as if in an apologetic acknowledgment.
  2. so THAT"S what they meant when they said you "had a face for radio"...............
  3. After seeing the topic..............I WAS SURE that the first response was going to be .......... "gas"
  4. Apparently, they thought he entered 2 steps too early. LOVE last comments by announcers.............."half of the base is in fair territory" what a jakwad
  5. @956UMP was BU a softball ump? May be confusing rule sets...
  6. It's spring gobbler season here!
  7. @kylejt@Mudisfun TOO COOL GUYS!!!! Freaking awesome.
  8. MAJORS coach on the field???
  9. I believe there is a distinction somewhere in the LL R.I.M. or the operations manual that differentiates a "competitive" minor league. I could be mistooken. Awaiting Coach @Rich Ives input.
  10. Unless granted time to confer with his players. I'll ask once for him to stay in the dugout. MAYBE.....even twice if I'm in a good mood and if he hasn't been much of a rat. The 3rd time, I'd make sure he didn't make it on the field any more that night (or their next physically played game)
  11. no
  12. I'm not 100% up to speed on softball, but I would logically think that you let it unfold. The pitchers plate is not a magic "stop button". Now if the runner stops, that's another story.
  13. but keep in mind............the runner is ALSO (most likely) trying to avoid being hit by a fair batted ball.