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  1. I can't seem to get them completely wrinkle free. I've tried low heat in the dryer, low temp on iron, warmer temp on iron. Anything using the iron without using another cloth leaves marks from the iron. Suggestions?
  2. RLI

    Plus, I would add that something that could be easily overlooked if not "marked clearly" the runner cannot run in the lane, until they REACH the lane (45' away).
  3. @maven and his darn selfies..................
  4. my bad
  5. Was this rep receptive in the possibility of expanding this service? Please keep us posted.
  6. double header or night game?
  7. But you can't make him stop chalking
  8. Charge is converted from Yen to US Dollars. I received the correct item Total turnaround was (in stock) about 2 weeks. No known breaches in security of my information.
  9. If I can put it the easiest way to remember, the CR is for the position, not the player.
  10. jv70-v84
  11. I'M CARDED!!