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  1. at home, on my sofa. Locally, our coach pitch is instructional. We do not officiate this level.
  2. Looking for input. Looking for recommendations of what to tell a fellow umpire going to pro school in January. Been through the "get in best shape possible, get reps, eat right, blah blah blah", even sent him the blog from a post on here from a guy who went a couple of years back. Just wondering what else someone who has been there can offer in preparation. Thanks!
  3. I hope the Canadian's got your contact info............They may invite you North of the border.
  4. Working an Intermediate (50/70) LL State Tournament last week w/6 umpire crew. Had a great week getting to know players and coaches from across the state. R1, R2, 1 out. F9 was playing a little deep and had to run and dive for a fly ball. I'm U1. Apparently, when the runners (and BR) saw that F9 had made a miraculous catch and had the ball in his glove, I watch R2 tag to advance to 3B, R1 retreated to 1B, BR retreated to get his bat and headed for the dugout. THEN......F9 hits the ground and RF umpire (U6?) comes up with "no catch!". It would appear that the impact of hitting the ground had dislodged the ball from his glove. I hear him and give a quick glance to see the mechanic as well. F9 gathers himself and throws the ball in to F4. This particular F4, realized what had just happened. He stepped on 2nd for the force and U2 declared R1 out. He then jogged over to 1B and stepped on it, I called BR out. He tosses the ball towards the mound and heads for his dugout with the rest of the team. AC (at 1B) says to me very politely "Blue, do you mind if I ask you a question?". I replied, "absolutely not coach". He then asks "what just happened?" I offered up a quick "after 3 outs, you switch sides"...........and with the deer in the headlights look, I knew I had to explain the whole situation.
  5. I have one (previous JR) umpire who has been doing local little league for 4 years now. This year, he graduated HS, has been working Legion ball as well as district, sectional and state level LL tournaments. Every once in awhile you will find someone with the interest and the desire to continue to learn and move up. Sadly, I fear that I won't have him around next year. However, I wish him all the best while in attendance at the Wendelstedt school, and hopefully PBUC & beyond! BACK YOUR UMPIRES!! (who knows, you may get free MLB tickets one day.......)
  6. other than customer service response time (or the lack there of), I have no complaints with Paul's shirts. Many umpires in my area have ordered from him.
  7. 'Twas similar to the beginnings of some of VolUmp's defenseless rants & ridicules. Thank you for clarifying.
  8. Had this several times last night. "Wait til he touches guys, then you can mug him"............kept them out of the batters boxes
  9. Ms

    unless its softball???
  10. PM @tpatience. I hear he's the man with the know how.
  11. I think we need to name this the Maven emoji.............. LOVE IT!
  12. I can think of 2 reasons why he did this. 1), he didn't want to hit Cruz with it..............2) He's got some much damn seniority, he doesn't give a $#!T! Seriously, who is going to tell him in a post game, "Joe, you removed your mask with the incorrect hand for the photo op".....????
  13. Am I seeing something that isn't there, or in the video, is Yadi's mitt held on by a strap??