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  1. So we went from dancing on graves..........
  2. Oh go play some hockey!
  3. Yeah? Well I walked to school, up hill both the snow.
  4. BITE YOUR TONGUE with your Beantown ballyhoo! I grew up a Cubs fan whilst living just outside of Chicago. To me, Red Socks are just like the Dallas Cowboys of the 90's. Either you love them, or you love to hate them because people love them. My two favorite teams are the Cubs and whoever is playing Boston.
  5. ............and a lucky Red Sox chair
  6. Only in NJ??
  7. 2.... Not only does it provide a complete and balanced "look", but if you carry seeds, gum, candy, etc. I keep my lineup card holder in the left side as well.
  8. i.e. @Thawk751, Y-O-U are the most knowledgeable umpire that we have seen!! Yep, he's gotta go.
  9. @jonathantullos
  10. you can also send the horse to the glue factory...............
  11. Many in today's society feel that they are "owed" something. They don't want to have to work for it, or earn it. It all started with this politically correctness bullSH*# such as "participation trophy/ribbons, etc. If you want to win, put some effort into it folks!
  12. @KenBAZ, I have to admit, I really appreciate the insight you had on many issues. However, when you mentioned your "Lucky Red Sox chair", I had to deduct some cool points.
  13. Coach: "What did he do?" Me: "No stop, coach. Blew through the stop." Coach: "He stopped the same way he always does!" Coach, you asked, I answered............lets play ball.
  14. The "E" in Mercedes is pronounced 3 different ways.