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  1. It was nice for car keys, gum and game fees.
  2. I imagine in most states, in order to work interscholastic games, you must belong to a local chapter of a state association. Here in PA you must attend a minimum number of those chapter meetings as well as a mandatory rules meeting at the start of each season. I had some questions for folks regarding their summer ball assignments: Do you belong to an association or work directly for an individual assigner? If an association, how often do they meet? Do they provide training? Do they have an evaluation process? How long are your meetings? What is the average attendance? Do they have multi-year contracts with leagues or is it year to year? Do they have a website and would you be willing to provide a link? If you work for an individual, do they arrange for any training? Anything else you are willing to volunteer Just curious to see how things are done in other parts of the country. Thank you.
  3. Just to provide information for my experiences with summer ball. Do you belong to an association or work directly for an individual assigner? Association. There are individual assigners for Sr. Legion, high level men's, college and tournament. If an association, how often do they meet? Meet eight (8) times a year with a minimum number of meetings requirement to get games. Also must have the same clearances as a PIAA high school official. Do they provide training? Yes. Training presentation at every meeting. Association also has relationship with a local HS that allows us to come down and call pitches during their pre-season open gyms. Tries to conduct at least one clinic per year with outside trainer. Do they have an evaluation process? Yes. Partners and coaches can submit evaluation through Arbiter. How long are your meetings? Now about an hour. What is the average attendance? 25-30 out of 60 rostered officials. (~50%) Do they have multi-year contracts with leagues or is it year to year? Multi-year with numerous leagues. Do they have a website and would you be willing to provide a link? If you work for an individual, do they arrange for any training?
  4. PIAA requires all black shoes. That is why I save my Spot-Bilts for high school season and break out the NBs for summer ball.
  5. Will you have a back zipper pocket like the UA Ulimate?
  6. YES!!!!!!
  7. A similar situation was brought up at our Association meeting last night. One experienced umpire had a good suggestion. If the ball hits the bat, you have nothing, if the bat hits the ball, you have an out. Seemed to make sense to me (in an "intention-free" situation).
  8. Mr

    Only issue I would have with this is the coach who puts a kid on the bump who has no right being there. I have seen it (and umpired it) and it is just excruciating. Quick question, if the state or league has a mercy rule, and you allow the game to continue, are you liable if a player becomes seriously injured in that extra time? We have had this come up in fall leagues that are primarily instructional. I can see a family trying to recoup some medical costs suing an umpire for violating the rules and if the game had been stopped, their player would not have suffered the injury. Thoughts?
  9. Just stop...
  10. Well there are two parts for me. Uniforms - make sure they are clean and pressed. Patches are in good shape and there are no "Irish pennants". Hats are clean (no sweat salt) and creased. Shoes. Clean with a shine. No caked mud or thick layers of dust. Equipment, just a quick once over for the straps on the CP, shins and mask. Also do a once over on the mask. Would rather find the issue then, as opposed to when I take once in the face. If I have taken a foul off of my mask during a game, I also make sure to take a quick look right then. Hopefully I am working with a catcher (or at least a coach) who recognizes that the few extra minutes are appreciated. That is followed by a more thorough review back at the car post-game.
  11. opener is in jeopardy.
  12. For your reading pleasure.
  13. I am now smarter than when I woke up this morning.
  14. If it were a prolonged interruption like this, I would give the pitcher/catcher three pitches with third one going down. I would do this to allow the pitcher to get loose again and let the catcher get acclimated. It has as much to do with self-preservation as anything. A prolonged warm up isn't necessary as everyone had their pre-game. This is more important at the levels most of us work as opposed to professional ball. A back-up MLB catcher is paid to be ready to go. For youth ball you may now be working with a third stringer as the back up may be the kid pitching. My $0.02. YMMV.
  15. Catcher's nailed it. That IS bada$$ !!!!!
  16. You made some excellent choices. Nothing (IMHO) to criticize. As you move along, you may find that there are features of your gear that you don't like and you want to try something else. Or you may find that you are perfectly happy with what you have chosen. The important thing is that you have adequate protection that keeps you out of the ER, off the disabled list and on the field. So much of what you read here is also personal preference. As you noted, many folks here swear by the Unequal chest protector. God bless. Me? You can have my platinum when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers. Good luck and don't suck!!! (Have some fun along the way as well.)
  17. I hope it rains...
  18. Pretty soon Warren is going to require a $20 cover and two drink minimum to visit this comedy club...
  19. We were supposed to have an on-field clinic Saturday, but I can't see it happening.
  20. They are forecasting a Nor'Easter here for Monday night into Tuesday (figures - first game is supposed to be on Wednesday). When dreaming of the hot humid days of summer it got me wondering what insect repellents you found work well. I want to try one of those no/low DEET products and was looking for feedback from those in the know. Thank you.
  21. The other part is to recognize where the award is from. Issues with a pitch, time of pitch. In the field it could be time of throw or when the ball enters dead ball territory. Unfortunately I do not have my rule book with table handy.
  22. FED Rule set. Ball becomes dead immediately when it is recognized as "lodged". Since it was a pitch that became lodged, the award is one base (8-3-3d) from the time of pitch.
  23. Not looking good at all... Welcome to Northeast Baseball!!!
  24. To @grayhawk's earlier point, nip this when it is NOT important to the outcome of the game and you will save yourself a whole ration of grief later. Consistency does not just apply to your strike zone.