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  1. I think Kevin's link answers this on page 33. 1. A batted ball bounces up to hit the batter or his bat after he swings at it. Ruling: This is a foul ball unless he was obviously out of the batter's box when the contact occurred. While the other codes Kevin cites clearly define this situation, in Little League it appears to be an interpretation as it is not found in the rule book. Drop the phrase "By interpretation..." on the agitated coach and then take a step or two back as I would be willing to bet his head is about to explode.
  2. That is no guarantee....
  3. WOW!!! You must have REALLY pissed off your assigner.
  4. 85 today in eastern PA...
  5. I line my nose up with the inside corner and then take a half step more inside. Adjust accordingly. CB was right in the BRIGHT yellow zone.
  6. Its a full body pain...
  7. Hot Dog Johnny's?
  8. Using the catcher is always a good way to go. I am also a believer that the line up card is your friend. I will call the coach over, take out the card and point nonsensically at it while informing him that his pitcher needs to be calibrated. I have found that coaches appreciate this approach as it is subtle and does not put anyone "on the spot" but the point has been made.
  9. I'll echo @KenBAZ until this site went down, I did not fully recognize how much visiting U-E is a part of my day. Whatever the issue (sql, sunspots, gremlins with their di-a-bo-lyical sab-o-tay-geee), I am just glad you are back up. Thanks again for your dedication.
  10. Had this the other day. FED rule set. Batter lays down bunt along 1B line. Ball starts rolling foul and as batter is busting up the line, the pitcher comes racing over in front of the batter to touch the ball while in foul ground. The base path is dirt and there is a grass lip that could redirect the ball back toward fair territory. If the ball is fair and there is a collision, you have interference. (In my situation there was no contact). My question is with the ball in foul ground would you still have an interference call? My initial instinct is yes as I can not differentiate between this and someone who interferes with an F3 who is fielding a foul pop near the line. Thoughts? Thank you.
  11. Takes a big man to admit it...
  12. I was certain of this. If it was his intention to field the ball, he would have stopped on the fair side of the line and waited for it to come back. He was flying across the line and dipping his glove to get the touch to kill it. No need to move that fast across the base line to field, what was at that time, a foul ball.
  13. The standard for the play I am attempting to describe is somewhat lower as the pitcher only needs to touch the ball to kill it. If he touches the ball in foul territory, there is no more play therefore there can be no hindrance. My question is if the DC would have a case to state that the collision/interference prevented his player from ensuring that the ball remained foul.
  14. CB had a rough couple of days.
  15. Just to clarify, you mean the status of the ground ball. If F3 is fielding a pop on the line that is slightly foul and is hindered by the B/R, you still have an out.
  16. Now this doesn't appear to be consistent with @MidAmUmp. As noted, I am understanding that the INT protection is only in effect if the hindrance prevents the possibility of getting an out. In this case, F1 was not attempting to get an out, but essentially create a dead ball situation. I agree that if the ball then rolled fair we could not reasonably call a retroactive INT. Apologies if I am not understanding here. I am not trying to be a problem child, just get better.
  17. In this case, the grass lip could have re-directed the ball fair. It was the intention of the pitcher to KEEP the ball foul. I interpreted MidAmUmp's reply as, if the fielder is hindered from getting an out, you have INT, if he can't (keeping ball foul) you have nothing. To expand upon your reply Maven, if the B/R and pitcher collide while the ball is foul and the ball THEN rolls fair, we have INT?
  18. This is the condition I was fuzzy on. The protection is in place as long as the fielder has the opportunity to get an out and not just make a play on the ball to keep it foul. Thank you. I am smarter than when I woke up this morning.
  19. This is the correct OBR ruling. If the game was played under a FED rule set (high school), the award would be from the time of interference. IF R2 was stealing on the pitch and had acquired 3B BEFORE the interference with F4, he would be allowed to remain at 3B.
  20. Now I know why I have not logged into Facebook in almost 3 years.
  21. Imagine the surprise when you find out it was your assigner's daughter... It was a short, but sweet career.
  22. I know a cozy little snack stand nearby...
  23. @JonnyCatsays you only get groupies if you are a graduate of Pro School
  24. I went to the MLB Umpires site ( to check and was dismayed to see that it appears that they have not updated it in several YEARS as the passing of Wally Bell is still the lead story. Checking the All-Time roster for those initials and then checking The Google, the MJ is for former AL umpire Mark Johnson who passed away in November of 2016.
  25. Paging @BigUmpire, paging @BigUmpire...