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  1. Premium Membership Changes

    Quick question - Is the $15 dollar gift card in lieu of the 10% discount at Ump Attire? Thank you.
  2. Positions

    I would agree with this. I may not go up to the 45, but I will move up the line a bit to get a good look at the slide at 2nd and then a pulled foot/swipe at 1st. As PU, you are not that far away that you cannot get back into position to make a call at the plate.
  3. 100 Bears for the Holidays

  4. Passed my Exam

    Congrats on the PE!!! Now good luck with the CE requirements.
  5. If anyone know of one for sale, please let me know.
  6. "Rose goes in the front Big Guy"
  7. New guy on the block

    Welcome aboard!! Family business was in Kearny.
  8. I'll bite... Why hokey? I thought they were pretty darn cool.
  9. And for the question everyone is thinking... Will there be a "Third Team" special this year? Two year cycle broken last year.
  10. Backswing interference?

    Based on the rule, I think they missed this one. Backswing Int.pdf
  11. Unorthodox rotation situation

    On his hands and knees gasping for breath....
  12. Burn out

    I agree with your approach to work "better" baseball and not necessarily "any" baseball. I have found that the negative aspects are less when you work "better" baseball as the coaches and players are more knowledgeable and you don't deal with the Mickey Mouse crap.
  13. Burn out

    Are you a civil engineer? (I am.)
  14. Passing 1st base after a walk

    One other case that I encountered this summer. Close play at first. BU calls safe, but runner was unaware and thinking he was out started heading back to his dugout. His bench started yelling that he was safe and to get back to the bag. DT threw the ball back to F3 who tagged the runner before he got back to the bag. BU banged him out for being off the bag. After doing some research, I found the attached nugget in the Wendelstedt manual. doc00014520170731064213.pdf
  15. Heating and fitting Wilson West Vest Platinum

    Let it sit in the sun to soften, then put it on and wear while cutting the grass, walking the dog, washing the car. Not only will you mold it, you will give the neighbor's something to talk about...