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  1. I think West will go in a body bag and gurney immediately after nonchalantly dumping some hot head rookie. Just my $0.02.
  2. A question about new hires should follow a question about who is expected to retire. I assume Dale Scott will officially hang it up due to his injuries, and if we are being honest here, Kerwin Daley should also probably retire to preserve his long term health. Any others?
  3. The umpires are going to run out of room on their sleeves. Wasn't he also a pro wrestler?
  4. Just out of curiosity, do you go to the groundskeeper on a check swing? Asking for a friend...
  5. Just for clarification, what does "QOCN" stand for? I could not find the definition on your site. Thank you.
  6. I have no issue with Davis enforcing the rule. A pitcher complained, Davis did the right thing. I just thought he was quick on the trigger with what I interpreted as an attempt to add some humor to an otherwise lousy night. Davis could very easily taken the approach of "We are are not continuing until you move that back." As others have said, we will never know the full situation as we were not there.
  7. It reminded me of the scene from "Rookie of the Year" when Henry ends up throwing the guy out at home from the CF bleachers.
  8. Next year, I want to see Beltre ask for a picture with Gerry during the AS game.
  9. Umpires get cranky during a blowout as well, but Davis was picking boogers here. Best thing he could have done was turn his back and walk away. Let's get this over folks.
  10. Hopefully he was around to take the SH*# and not on a bus to wherever the Rome Braves (SAL) were playing.
  11. And a grand salami to boot. Watch to the end.
  12. More information please...
  13. After looking through OBR, I do not see this specific situation addressed. Faced with the situation on the field, I would apply the rule language as it pertains to a batted or bunted ball. Did the batter INTEND to interfere or was it incidental? Did he simply drop (straight down) the bat or did he provide a direction? A second criteria that is commonly applied is did the ball hit the bat (that's nothing) or did bat hit the ball (interference)? Fire away...