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  1. Last time by and other fun stuff

    If the fielder took the throw on the bag like a 1st baseman before Judge got there (like a force play), he would still be out right? It was obvious that they were appealing. Judges running almost got them to screw it up by making the more difficult tag play
  2. Last time by and other fun stuff

    So smart a base runner that he didn't know to touch second on the way back!
  3. CP under plate coat

    I usually wear a right sized dri fit kind of shirt over my CP (I don't have a plate coat). I think I feel like the slightly tight shirt helps keep it in place.
  4. Wilson Masks, CP, Shins

    Someone grab that CP. best CP for the money for sure. I have one and a backup or I'd grab it
  5. Best lines you've heard or used at an umpire?

    why don't you go stand near their bench so we can take a team picture
  6. Nutty Buddy Question

    my set up as well
  7. Ump from NJ

    Wlecome NJSBUA as well
  8. NYSBUA Clinic

    @SJA - I was also a bit disappointed. While I always enjoy a day talking to and getting to know other umpires, I am looking for feedback and advanced instruction in a clinic at this stage of my game. I though the cage work wasnt worth much, in that we saw very few pitches and spent most of the time watching from the other end of the cage, w/out the opportunity to really learn from other's sessions. I did like the station that focused on DP footwork and steals of 2nd. As I said, I had an enjoyable day with some friends from home (NJ) and met some really nice guys from the local area. All of the instructors were gracious with their time (Rod Drake is pretty entertaining) and seemed to enjoy sharing knowledge and stories - but I did not feel like the instruction was up to what I was looking for.
  9. NEW New Balance Plate Shoe

    Jim - how do they size width wise? i am a pretty average 10 1/2 shoe - what width would you recommend? thanks
  10. 3rd World Play

    its not easy out there
  11. Avoiding contact?

    It was the 3rd out. I called the out.
  12. Avoiding contact?

    Nhfs rules. Runner heading towards 3rd in a rundown. F5 has ball in glove waiting to tag the runner, maybe 10 feet away from the bag. The runner runner runs straight into f5, with no attempt to slide or avoid contact. F5 holds his glove in front of him for the tag and the ball pops out.
  13. Awarding bases

    I guess this is what I'm looking for: If you're watching your touches properly, you will know which happens first, touch or throw. Watch runner touch, then pick up the ball. Something for me to note/work on
  14. Awarding bases

    Any tips on realizing the positions of the runners at the time of throw? I often find that by the time a ball goes out of play (for example a throw from the outfield that goes through the infield and eventually rolls out next to the backstop), I have no idea if the runner had reached 2nd at TOT. And, in a 2 man game, who should be paying attention to that? U1 awards bases right? thanks
  15. 4th of July Clinic

    Kevin - thanks very much for sharing this. I look forward to giving it a try tonight and will certainly be in touch with you and Rich for follow up..