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  1. Best pair of Shin Guards I have ever had... just drill out the rivets and it comes right off...
  2. Courtesy Runner can you say that... "fundamentally, there's no difference"... There is A LOT of difference... In the original post F2 is substituted for by S1 and is REMOVED from the game... in your situation he bats as the catcher, gets a hit as a catcher, then is entitled to have a CR as the catcher because he NEVER leaves the game... you have a totally different situation in your statement and yes what you are saying is 100% legal... all the time...

    Yes to qualify for Varsity you need to take it by 2/15

    The rules test in TX is easier than the NFHS test...
  5. Courtesy Runner

    Wow really didn't think that this would get so intense... I really disagree with what our State Association has said but... I don't write them I just enforce them so... so if you umpire in Texas it is Legal...
  6. Courtesy Runner

    This was my logic... but by the TASO State Rules interpreter.. Crew Chief above has the correct ruling. Below Crew Chief Posted 05 December 2011 - 05:29 PM Double Johnsons confuses the issue. F2 is due up to bat, PH1 comes in to bat. He singles, at this point many coaches will ask for a CR on the premise that the sub is going to catch. This is what the BRD is referencing and is illegal, the original F2 is still in that position until somebody actually catches. Now if he reenters the original F2 then certainly he cane be CRed for. If the original F2 did not have reentry rights there can be no CR for anybody, there is no catcher at the time.
  7. Courtesy Runner

    This is the correct ruling...
  8. Courtesy Runner

    Team A's catcher, Johnson, is pinch-hit for by S1. S1 gets a hit, and the coach of Team A re-enters the catcher, Johnson for S1. With Johnson re-entered the coach can now use a courtesy runner for Johnson. True / False... why?
  9. Wilson Shins Frankensteined

    It is as easy as cleaning them... get the body sweat salt off them they will last!
  10. Wilson Shins Frankensteined

    These are the best shin guards on the market ... bar none Looks like a lot of work to change almost nothing... 1. change the rivets? was this for looks? No one sees them unless you wear them on the outside. 2. Isn't the knee cap suppose to be a floating knee cap, 3. If you take care of metal straps they don't rust... I did take my metatarsal foot flap off though Sees to be a waste of time and money and i know that a little TLC after each use keeps these in great shap.
  11. 2012 NFHS Rules Changes

    Lawyer: So you asked if the team was properly equipped by "NFHS Rules and regulations?" Umpire: Yes Lawyer: so you expect the coaches and teams to abide by the rules Umpire: Yes Lawyer: So you as the official choose not to abide by the rules? but you enforce them? Umpire: No I call and abide by the rules and enforce them. Lawyer: All of them or just the ones you want to? Umpire: All Lawyer: So you check the bats and helmets per the rules in the book? Good luck you lose... As far as hidden equipment coming out after the check (thank god it is gone) you just have to state to the court: "We check the bats and helmets that were presented to us when we asked for them at the beginning of the game" You were wrong not to check them and not only you would have been in trouble but so would have your Association Board, the Districts for overriding a "safety" rule, and coaches. So if your Association thinks that the FPSR is not a good rule you will not call it? Enforce the "safety" rules you are really protecting yourself when you do...
  12. 2012 NFHS Rules Changes

    Yes I am with the Alliance Chapter...
  13. lightning caused the balk!

    Just something you might want to consider if this happens again (if you can).... once you suspend the game and get everyone in a shelter (generally dugout is not the best choice), tell everyone you will be back in 30 min to restart the game and find a place you can wait out the storm away from everyone... This releases you of the responsibility keeping players, coaches inside the shelter and no one can chirp at you about restarting the game early. I know a lot of places don't have someplace to hangout but this is what I try to do... even to the point of going to my car...
  14. 2012 NFHS Rules Changes

    Exactly... Why? If my partner did that or anyone in our association was guilty of this they would stand on their own and be responsible for their own actions. He won't take it off... eject him... very simple hope it wasn't something of value ($$$ or emotional) As I stated before you have no right to do that... again just eject him!
  15. 2012 NFHS Rules Changes

    Well the best part now is that we don't have to check them in pre-game anymore... but if you see one on the field take care of it.... I guess you will have to keep up your strength but ripping telephone books in half now... have a good one!