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  1. Kansas is a band.
  2. What are you talking about? Especially the behind the back comment?
  3. The "This is Kentucky" excuse doesn't cut it. I personally don't like the rule, but is a biggie at the time. Run him.
  4. I didn't see it either
  5. Oh. don't forget that the ball being past him by about 30 feet means that he's still in the act of fielding.
  6. Was umpiring, but it could also be the other. Since it's an umpiring site we'll stay there.
  7. It's crazy how some of them can be so wrong, and it is proven to them, and they will still swear they are in the right. I'm trying to think of the game, but the Cardinals were in it and the runner going to home was clearly obstructed by the fielder throwing his legs into the air while he was on his stomach, causing the runner to trip. The umpires correctly called obstruction and awarded the runner home. Thinking the runner was Allen Craig. Anyway, some guy made the comment about how he was a Div I umpire and that was in no way obstruction. Wow. I want to work with that guy. In my entire life I've never thrown up my legs to stand up like that.
  8. If they were hurt during the collision I'd maybe call an ambulance?
  9. Good thought.
  10. Hobby umps.
  11. I also classify it as a clarification from the west coast umpire tribunal.
  12. Somehow I got stains on them like somebody dropped their chapstick in the washer or something. I'm the only one who would notice, but that's my OCD shining through.
  13. It was funny though.
  14. If the opportunity presents itself try to find somebody in your unit who has been a pro umpire, meaning actually worked in MILB and have them mentor you. They can help you get ahead and spot things that other umpires might deem as ok. They can teach you the way they want it done in the schools and possibly give you a head start. Good luck.