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  1. They are darker. Scott Kennedy wore them throughout the post season. Did you notice them? I didn't. I had to message him to find out.
  2. Right. I was saying that I always set up in deep b in that situation and then adjust. I think we're on the same page.
  3. The cast of Hamilton I think.
  4. Why couldn't there be a steal attempt? I might have missed something here?
  5. Agreed. No doubt I would be in deep B for that play.
  6. And he should have said something about this one for sure. Not sure why the umpire was on that side of the bag for this play. I think you can see so much more on the other side of the bag.
  7. It is astonishing to me that any umpire would disagree with that call and yet I'm seeing how it shouldn't have been called because it had no effect on the play by people posting on FB. WTF?
  8. I made the same call to end a high school game which stopped a 5 year conference winning streak for one team. And the kid was even further out of the direct line between the bases. One of my favorite players also. I had people screaming at me and that players brother bumped me on the way to the parking lot. When that play happened tonight I got a text from the coach of the winning team that night. lol
  9. Not in all cases.
  10. Since they're mic'd up then a warning probably wasn't warranted. Coach knew what he did would get him ejected. Didn't argue afterwards.
  11. I had to cut off the sleeves of my honig's tee shirts. Hard to find mock turtle neck tee shirts. And I need them because my neck is as thick as my stomach.
  12. You a good boy Jim Kirk. Like what you're doing with your business.
  13. CWS

    Something very, very cool about the BBUC. < PLUG There is no snobby, I'm better than you, attitudes from the instructors. Except Mike, but that's Mike. Wish I had the money to go again.
  14. CWS

    And I'll vouch for this umpire making the statement and the camp as well. You want to see passion? Come experience the instruction at this camp. You want to become a better umpire? Come experience this camp.
  15. CWS

    30 rookie seasons.