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  1. The USA Today article was from June 20 and it was definitely tongue in cheek. A very good article.
  2. I agree with the WUA statement about Joe sharing a humorous moment with a player.
  3. Or as Bruce Willis said in Moonlighting, "Say, Sara Sara". lmao Thank you very much.
  4. And neither of those shots show how low and how far that catcher took that pitch. No was he gets that call from me and the catcher ought to tell the pitcher that it was the catcher's fault on that call. That was a catcher screw up.
  5. In looking at the runners feet the last few steps I can't tell if he's out of the lane. I think he corrected himself.
  6. Sometimes it's just a human reaction people have. I've had weeks where I get the crap beat out of me by bouncing baseballs. I will admit I get skittish at times like that and have actually jumped out of the way.
  7. Great post. Couldn't agree more. It also infuriates me that a guy who served in the military for 4 years behind a desk in St. Louis, the closest to a war front being a traffic jam, feeling they are therefore entitled to VA care for the rest of their lives. People make up stuff about congress getting free healthcare after serving one term, that's a lie, and then rave about how badly veterans are treated. I guarantee there are a lot of one term veterans who never did anything or went anywhere who do a lot of the boasting. I spent a career in the Navy to earn my benefits so I get a little miffed when I hear these guys bitching about Home Depot didn't give them a discount. Oh, and the guy at the fast food restaurant who posted a video because he didn't get a discount. Pay the extra 42 cents. Are you that insecure that you have to throw your service in everybody's face so you can get a pat on the back?
  8. Had to eject a college head coach once when his batter swung at a pitch up and in with a 3-2 count and it went off his hands. The plate umpire was blocked out by the catcher jumping up to catch the ball and came to me for help. I said he swung, the ball hit his hands and now it's a dead ball and the batter is out. The coach went bonkers and said if I didn't know that the hands were part of the bat then I need to get back in the rule book. After I ejected him my partner and I just gave each other the did that really come out of his mouth look.
  9. Will they be making these in a plate and base pants version?
  10. Our man, Scott Kennedy just released a Youtube video about new Smitty Poly Wool flat front combo pants.
  11. And you have, in my opinion, the strongest high school association in the country.
  12. Wasn't saying anything about the pause, read and react. I was just mentioning that they are teaching the run, read and react. Agree with the reading the development comment 100%.