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  1. Could he have possibly meant that the batter just can't get time every time he asks? That time has to actually be granted?
  2. I feel you absolutely did the right thing. You'd be out there for ten straight days with no break if you had to call balk on the kid a million times. You didn't make the game about youu and that is a good thing.
  3. 18.5"? Are you ten ft tall?
  4. Never had that happen in a game that I've umpired. Definitely correct about announcing 3-2. That can really help eliminate a s&*(houses. Preventive umpiring.
  5. He pulled the ball up a foot. Timing looked to be a little fast to me.
  6. Damn. Have a game this afternoon and it is supposed to be 88 at game time. Let me know about the fit of the tights in the thigh area.
  7. You ain't kidding about that.
  8. Yep. I'm in the Coachella Valley and it's only 98 right now, so those new Smitty's hit the spot. No touch up at all with the iron?
  9. All kinds of elastic in that waist and they do stretch.
  10. They are darker. Haven't noticed the shiny issue yet. Just hope I don't become self conscious and keep string at my pants all game looking for shiny. Thanks, Stk004.
  11. What does passable for HS mean? I mean, I'm using them for college ball. I love them so far.