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  1. If the NCAA basically came out and said to hell with any consequences of an incorrect call that is changed on consultation/replay, that would be great. We could ignore the fact a runner didn't tag up or a passing situation, etc. and we just place them where they would have gone. Personally I don't see that happening anytime soon. Other things to take into consideration are MLB has a very highly trained staff of less than 100 & HD replay with a gazilion camera angles at each ballpark. We have probably over 3000 umpires who work under NCAA rules with varying levels of ability & replay at probably less than 100 schools (give or take 25) with limited camera angles. I've offered the advice before that in those situations where you just don't know on a fair/foul (note: this is maybe once every couple of years situation) to leave the ball live because we can always change it to foul and bring them back. It may come to if we just don't know on an outfield catch/no catch to call it a catch because we can always get together and change it to no catch and advance runners. Easier said than done when you have less than a second to decide.
  2. I'm speaking in general, not about the exact play that occurred yesterday. I'm just explaining why we can't move runners up with common sense as we can in other situations. In some situations, yes, the runner may tag up (as he did yesterday) in other situations the runner will read the ball down and not tag he's at a disadvantage if we change it to a catch. So basically our options are - crew consultation/replay if avail., change call and return runners to TOP base OR Stay with call on the field and not allow the call to be changed. Sucks either way...but the less poopy end of this stick is to leave runners at TOP base.
  3. You can't Award bases as you see fit because of base touches/tag ups. R2 sees the ball down and takes off for 3rd. Umpire calls it no catch. Crew gets together, goes to replay, comes back and says catch. R2 never tagged up and cannot now legally tag up because the ball is dead. So if we place R2 on 3rd because common sense says that's where he would have ended up had we got the call correct to begin with, we either have to also say R2's non tag up is ignored because we screwed up and put him at a disadvantage -OR- we put him at a disadvantage once we put the ball back in play and allow the defense to appeal that R2 didn't tag up -OR- we out him back on 2nd and play on.
  4. If an umpire at my clinic waited as long as he did on a screwed up play like this, I would tell him exactly what I wrote earlier...the player screwed up and made your life difficult. Again, this has absolutely nothing to do with timing. The runner was practically laying on the baseball. No one could see it. The timing was good, the fielder held up his glove, he called him out, then the fielder realized he didn't have the ball. Fielder picked it up, umpire stayed with the play, and changed his call when evidence proved the runner was safe. We all know most double calls occur because an umpire made up his mind too soon. This was not the case in this situation. I would say something if a camper immediately called him out, then had to change the call because the umpire didn't take everything into account. I would say something if a camper made a double call and the ball was obviously not in the glove/on the ground. That didn't happen on this play. I would have absolutely nothing wrong with a camper handling this play this way.
  5. When players screw up, it makes our lives difficult. There was no way for him to see the ball on the ground. You've got a fielder and runner blocking the view of the ball. Hell, the fielder even thought he had the ball. His timing was fine. The player just made it difficult for him to do his job.
  6. So is the proposal to stick a guy back there and rule on everything other than balls and strikes? How else will fair/foul, plays at the plate, catcher's interference, batter's interference, etc. be called???
  7. I'll drink to that!
  8. I have attached flyers for the 2017 Mid-American Umpire Clinic and Advanced Umpire Clinic. Both clinics are filling up fast. Reserve your spot before we are sold out again this year! 2017 Clinic Flyer.pdf 2017 Advanced Clinic Flyer.pdf
  9. Well, here's more proof at 1:05 of this video... This is from 2004 but the interpretation hasn't changed.
  10. Oh...look! That's NCAA Secretary/Rules Editor Randy Bruns and 2 time CWS Umpire Steve Mattingly going over pitching rules at our 2016 Mid-American Advanced Umpire Clinic. That's HOW I know what they want called.
  11. You guys do understand sometimes you have to just umpire, correct??? Not every scenario is specifically covered in the rule book. This is yet another example of why upper echelon college and professional umpires do not post on message boards...they get sick and tired of providing proper answers relayed to them from those in charge, only to have internet experts telling them they are wrong because "it's not in the book". Oh, they still lurk and read for laughs. I know because several ask me why I still do it. Sometimes I wonder. The rules I've given you, when pieced together indicate that the pitcher must clear the rubber to throw to 2nd. That's how you umpire when the book isn't specific. Call it your way, I'll call it mine. Again, I know how they want it called, and that's how I'll call it. Here's a video of Jeff Nelson balking a pitcher for not clearing the rubber. Guess he's wrong, too?
  12. Don't quote MLB rules that don't apply to the college game.
  13. You can look up the video question on the NCAA central hub. Thats where I copied/pasted the correct answer. Look, keep calling it the way others are telling you. Not to be a prick but it's not too hard to figure out who I am. My resume speaks for itself. I know how the NCAA wants it called.
  14. Additionally one of the video test questions on the NCAA test showed a pitcher not clearing the rubber to pick to 2nd. The correct answer was: Call a balk and as soon as the pickoff is caught by the infielder, call time and award all runners one base from the base occupied at the time of the pitch.