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  1. If the defensive team covers the plate, their catcher can clean it.
  2. Personally, if a daddy ball coach covers the plate in dirt, you shouldn't be around to clean off the plate either. Forfeit the game and leave.
  3. Skip covers the plate = Nope, I'm not cleaning it. Skip kicks out a foul line = Nope, I'm not rechalking it. Skip throws a base = Nope, I'm not putting it back in the ground. Skip throws SH*# out of the dugout = Nope, I'm not picking any of it up...but we ain't starting again until it's off the field.
  4. A warning for bench jockeying (I'm assuming that's what you meant about unsportsmanlike warning) is not the same as a warning for throwing.
  5. Try again... The rule you've quoted deals with bat boys/girls, security, etc. The first sentence should have given that away when it says anyone OTHER THAN players, coaches or umpires... The last time I checked a rostered player in the bullpen was a player. And the rule I quoted was actually 8-3-n. (Page 76 to be exact.) The penalty is the same, regardless, but the verbiage makes a difference.
  6. Actually it is under spectator interference in the NCAA rule book. It says "When a spectator or any other individual interferes intentionally with any thrown or batted ball, the ball is dead at the moment of interference and the umpire shall impose such penalties as will nullify the act of interference "
  7. That's why I said you turn it over to the conference supervisor and let him deal with it. Don't be "that guy".
  8. Nor do I have a problem correcting a ground rule that violates an NCAA rule, but this is not the case in the photo you've posted. Now, if their ground rule is if a ball hits the scoreboard in flight it's a ground rule triple, then that's in violation of NCAA rules and I would correct that.
  9. First of all, there's nothing wrong with it. As has already been stated...trees hang over the fence sometimes and we consider them a home run. The scoreboard is above the yellow line. That's a home run. If I had a problem with a ground rule but both coaches agreed to them, we would play the game according to the ground rules given and I would then contact my supervisor after the game and turn the situation over to him. That's what he gets paid for...not me. I would assume the bolded part of the rule you're hung up on was inserted due to the fact that some places want to play catch/carry/throw from the dugout and the NCAA eliminated all of that this year. The NCAA isn't going to make a team/site tear down a scoreboard and move it back.
  10. Or maybe just contact your supervisor and let them handle it ???
  11. I don't see anything wrong with it. But assuming that you do have a problem with it...what are you going to do?
  12. Scenario 1: 3-2 w/ 2 outs the plate umpire stays home. So U3 moves from B to C to stay ahead of R1 and U1 is responsible for B/R. Scenario 2: U3 can stay with the ball (possible trouble??) if it's potential for a "sure double" and let U1 take B/R into 2nd since he would have to go there anyway when the play is over. It's perfectly fine to rim that play. The throw is coming from left, rimming keeps ball, bag and runner all in front of you. I can't tell you the last time I entered the infield to take the B/R into 2nd. I rim everything.
  13. I'm one of those "lots of guys" wearing them. I love them.
  14. To put this thing to bed... At the NCAA level, it's a balk & catcher's interference. R3 scores, all other runners advance on the balk & the batter is awarded 1st base on the catcher's interference.
  15. Fair/Foul, Catch/No Catch and Tag/No Tag all take precidence over watching R2 touching 3rd. In a gray area such as "almost dead on the 45 foot mark", to hell with the base touch. All 4 eyes should be on the tag attempt. Anytime there is a tag attempt in a gray area umpires should make eye contact before making a call. In this instance if I were the base umpire and I'm 100% sure there was no tag, I would quickly make eye contact with the plate umpire, tell him I have it and signal safe while yelling "No tag!"