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  1. Yes and the jackets run really small too.
  2. In my experience, PlusPOS shirts run a size small.
  3. I'm calling BS on this, Elk.
  4. We do pretty much what MidAmUmp said. The calling umpire, if asked to conference with other umpires, says "This is what I've got, does anyone have anything different?" If the call is changed, we offer an explanation to the coach the call affects. The original calling umpire makes the signal.
  5. Monday or Friday? I was at Maryvile Monday and Pigeon Forge Friday. Just curious. In the OP, on the second part about positioning, "Tell you what coach, I won't tell you how to coach and you don't tell me how to umpire, OK. That's your warning."
  6. The Wilson Platinum shinguards are bullet proof.
  7. After he comes out, tell him to tell his pitcher not to throw the ball in the batter's box. Then tell him," oh and that's your warning."
  8. I've got the Majestic and the Officials Choice shirts...not much difference. Just trying to help you out Brian.
  9. Try this
  10. The raft is a lot cooler too!
  11. If he wouldn't leave, sounds like maybe he wanted to "GO".
  12. Bubble wrap? Just saying...
  13. Oh, you're a coach. Don't eat too much cheese in your off time.
  14. Brian, Like I've said before, I'd move! It's 90 degrees here today.