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  1. That's not what Mussgrass said. He said to use whats in front of you to make your call. Do you not use player's reaction to judge the high inside, check swing, ball hit something I'm not sure what, pitch? I think that is all Muss is saying. And if I'm putting words in your mouth, Muss, please feel free to correct me.
  2. Did you notice the cross on the end of Ted Barrett's stopwatch? Nice.
  3. Are you sure it's not just a catcher's mask?
  4. Yeah but the BR missing the base really doesn't happen that often, really.
  5. No, no, me either on the argument thing. I struggle trying to understand several things from a generational standpoint was my only point. Good luck to you young man!
  6. I'm sure baseball has been a big part of most of our lives on this site. Baseball has been with me from childhood to high school, to Jr. College to playing 2 years at a D1 school. I coached for a couple of years and have been umpire since 1978. So yeah, I get baseball is a big part of your life, mine too. I just don't understand wanting to tattoo a Nike Ti mask on your body. But, to each his own I guess.
  7. Please tell me you're kidding.
  8. Jim, Are you saying HS umpires would not call RLI on a runner, out of the runner's lane, that is hit by the throw? Why?
  9. Yeah, there's no denying we do like our guns.
  10. Patron state of shooting stuff!
  11. I had this dipped 2 years ago:
  12. That is a BAD ASS mask!
  13. Really? In Little League? I stand corrected. Maybe I should have prefaced my posts with "in the levels I work..." Like I said, I stand corrected.
  14. Jim, Maybe once a year. Most coaches, in my experience, do not really understand the college DH rules at all, or how to use the rules to their advantage.
  15. Yeah, I pretty much disagree with almost this entire post. You call a pitch a strike, a fan has a comment, and you stop the game, bring the coach in and tell him to control his fans? Then you tell the coach that unless he controls his fans, he will be ejected? Now you're just making up rules.