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  1. The first time I take the bat to the HC and tell him that is a team warning. The next time I eject the player. Coach gets to replace him on the base he attained with his hit. No out, but ejection. No controversy here...almost every time I have used this approach the batter's grip has improved and the catcher and I are better protected. Coaches have been respectful of the calls.
  2. I can't think of a better way to close this topic.
  3. Obvious troll. I'm locking it.
  4. The incident I referenced also had an adult, a parent, that was arrested for hitting one of the players.
  5. You guys should really get some sleep...I'm closing this one also.
  6. This topic is done.
  7. I am very familiar with this incident. The umpire mentioned in the article is our interpreter and has held numerous position at the state level. i had the next game for one of these teams...a conference tournament game and they had to play their JV players. They were knocked out of the tournament as a result.
  8. Well, he's worked with him....just sayin'. Congrats Rich...
  9. It seems to me that the obstruction being discussed is a new standard that is evolving or has just evolved, whereas most interference has been the same standard for quite a while. Not a scientific evaluation, just my perception.
  10. I had deep seeded doubts and recognize that OBS in this type situation (this was actually my second one this week) is something I need to become more cognizant of. Thanks for all the feedback. Why I have been on U-E for over 9 years.
  11. R3, 1 out, Fly ball to F8. Runner tags...and here is what happened. I know you want me on 3BX, but I have always done 1BX and can't break the habit. Offensive coach was asking about blocking the plate without the ball. I felt that F2 gave the back of the plate. I made the out call after seeing the ball. Any comments?
  12. This topic is done.
  13. Outside protector you don't do the slot.
  14. I'm putting an end to this.
  15. Give him a break, he's from north Jersey...he put together a full sentence...with punctuation.