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  1. I heard it at an Evans clinic several years ago.
  2. I think it was 2.99 3 years ago. Also deductible.
  3. I use an app called MilesIQ. It uses my phone's gps and automatically tracks my miles. At the end of the week I go on the web and categorize my trips. At any time I can get a "log" printed.
  4. If we cared enough about what color/style shirt was popular, maybe we would. Our bylaws call for navy for baseball and powder for softball. This is a windmill I choose not to fight.
  5. Around here, the schools are sent a roster of varsity eligible members (120). The schools can then submit a list of up to 25 they want to work their home games in priority order. They can also request specific umpires not work their games. Assignments start with position 1 has the plate opening day, position 2 has the bases and so on. If you've already been assigned a game that day, move on to the next on the list. If no one is available, then the guys not on lists get their opportunity. Our Association by-laws state that the lists must be followed as best they can. Additional lists are submitted for conference, county and state tournaments. It seems to be mostly BS. 2 years ago I had the plate opening day at one of the top schools. I hadn't worked any level for that school in 3 or 4 years, but i had opening day and a week later games on the plate. We are not allowed to see the lists, but we are told how many lists we are on and are given a score for our position. My 11 lists put me with a score of 88 which puts me on the bottom half of the lists. I think I get high scores from the assigner when he has run through the list, then I get the good schools...or not.
  6. Part of NJ is south of the Mason-Dixon Line.
  7. Too far south for me.
  8. How do you define south jersey?
  9. There are several apps available in the apple App Store. Some even charge for the app!
  10. What tax ID was on the Arbiter Pay 1099? As @zm1283 said, Arbiter Pay is just the service making the payment. They may produce the 1099 as part of that service.
  11. Arbiter is not paying you. The schools are still responsible for the tax reporting process. it doesn't really matter as you should be reporting ALL of your income.
  12. I'm with @noumpere . I treat it like every other game.
  13. Does anybody out there live/work in a state that is still using one inch stripes for the officials shirts. I have a few available since NJ has gone to wider stripes.
  14. Since there were responses in all three, I merged them all.