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  1. Warren is back. I think he's done some tweaking. I haven't had it since he came back.
  2. Could PU even see the trip? It looks to me he was blocked by F2.
  3. You get what you pay for. Do a search in the Equipment section and you'll get a lot of information.
  4. I'm having at home. Posting and changing forums.
  5. I'm not complaining, just sharing. I'm not working summer ball this year. I just wanted to share for discussion. @kevin_K shared some info about his organization's deal. It may be useful during the offseason. I'm just an umpire, I don't get involved in the business side of things.
  6. Nuttin'!
  7. I've had concerns since this organization went statewide. The guys responsible for the umpires have a not so good reputation for non-payment, late payment and other such conduct. Here is the latest scenario. I received this in an email from one of my assigners. We had a situation on Thursday at a USABL game. The crew that was assigned to the 6:30 pm game called me from the field at 6:15 due to lighting in the area. The coaches at the game decided to cancel the game at 6:29 pm. I inform USABL that the coaches had canceled the game and was told that the officials WOULD NOT BE PAID any fees by USABL. This did not sit right with me. We called Babe Ruth who is the President of USABL, but only got his voice mail. At that point I sent him an e-mail which was ignored by him. Tomas our Vice President reached out to Mr. Ruth and this is his reply; “Tomas-- If we paid for all 60 games last night that got rained out with very badly timed rain we would be in the red. This is just a SH*#ty situation likewise one pitch is thrown and you get full pay. Not to mention the game still gets rescheduled we end up paying twice but do not get paid again by teams as you know. I get when a team cancels and does not tell anyone but when it is out of everyone's hands and mother nature rains at the worst time possible we would ask that all umpires understand.”
  8. Good no call!
  9. @BrianC14,as a Red Sox fan, can your judgement be unbiased? I think it was good baseball...of course, I'm a Yankee fan.
  10. Double play on a home run? Check your link.
  11. Mavenized!
  12. Original comment was funny, poll is not. I'm locking it.
  13. Moved
  14. This is a force and no run can score if the third out is a force.