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  1. Retirement? Sale

    I copied some of this from the "equipment" forum. I'm not yet quite sure what, if any, I want to sell -- I'm having trouble coming to grips with the fact that I might need to retire. So, make an offer or ask questions (I'm out for a bit, so I'm lacking some details below and won't be able to answer specifics unless I can get someone at home to check): WestVest Platinum with Team Wendy Pad Upgrade -- . I had it retrofitted before last season. Wore it one month (the cool / cold month of April) before I got hurt and was out for the season. Wore it this May (also mostly cool) before I got hurt and am done for the season. I think the fates are trying to tell me something. Douglass Chest Protector -- Original, Unworn. I forget the exact length, but I can measure. I ordered it when they were having their "going out of business" sale a few years ago. Plate and Base Shoes -- New Balance. Whatever the model was a couple of years ago. Not worn much (see the WV Platinum). Size 9.5, I think -- maybe 10. Wilson Mask with Team Wendy Pads -- Pads upgraded two years ago Wilson Shin Guards -- I forget the model, but they are gray with the hard ankle protectors. These are a bit worn. Honig's Poly Wools -- Very good shape -- probably worn about 10 times each. (I think I read where they recently changed the style / manufacturer -- these are the original version) Two plates, two bases. 34" waist. I wear a 32" inseam in "street" pants. Smitty Pants -- Plate and bases. Worn much more than the Honigs, but in good shape. Adjustable waist. Multiple pairs of each. Outer Shirts -- Black, Polo, Navy. L and XL. One long sleeve Navy. All the Navy has state patch on the shoulder (you can take it off). Multiple MFG (Official choice, honig's, mostly), One Cliff Keen, I think. One might have a number 23 on the sleeve. Under Shirts -- Navy, Red, White, Black. McDavid or similar. Some crew neck; some mock turtle neck. Assorted black and navy ball bags, indicators, brushes, etc.
  2. 3-man, R3 , less than 2 outs

    An appeal needs to be obvious. So, either it is and BU won't be making the call above (unless U1 is oblivious to the obviousness), or it wasn't and your presumption is unfounded. In play 2 -- U1 can just look at or ask PU if the runner left early and then make the call. It's not like s/he has to decide in a vacuum. And, the same play happens in two-man, so you play was unnecessarily complicated.
  3. Online Clinic

    I had been pushing for that (at least as an option) for many years. It's about time. During the in-person meetings, they crammed about 30 minutes worth of information into an 8 hour day.
  4. Safe or Out

    U1 should almost never stay in foul territory when the ball is hit in the infield. Stay there if F4 is coming hard toward the line and fields the ball -- but that happens only a couple of times a season. We would likely see F4 in the video if that were the case here.
  5. Runner

    R1 and F3 each chug a beer. If R1 finishes first he is safe; if F3 finishes first R1 is out. Note that some leagues have a designated chugger -- either for all, or for a specified number of other players.
  6. Positions

    But, PU is going to move a bit to be able to help on the FPSR at second.
  7. Base Hit?

  8. Where to start on learning NCAA ruleset

    I think there is (or was) a chart in the back of the NCAA book (but maybe I'm remembering from a different sport). Get the current rule book from someone. Read it and take your own notes on what is different. What is "important and confusing" to me will be diffeernt for you. When you are done, you'll have your own personalized version of BRD that you can review before each game.
  9. 2 umpire system mechanics question

    These answers, combined, are correct. imo, of course.
  10. Judge or Altuve ?

    Take it to the fan-boy forum.
  11. Catch/injury AFL game

    I didn't watch the video -- but that statement is NOT part of the rule.
  12. THe same thing BU is supposed to do. Call it when it happens and don't wait for the result of any subsequent play. (And, the same thing U2 is supposed to do in 3- or 4- or 6-man.)
  13. Balk Question

    Isn't that true only in OBR (which was probably the rules set in the OP) and only in the windup? (No, I didn't go check.)
  14. Balk Question

    Because I've seen it happen. At an NAIA tournament game. And, I only provided it as one (of several) possibilities as to what happened, recognizing that *as described* the call was incorrect.
  15. Balk Question

    Maybe, and I wasn't there, he separated and rejoined his hands and THEN stated the motion with his legs.
  16. interference??

    Nothing, unless it's intentional
  17. 2018 POE

    I think the acronym you are looking for is "POE"
  18. There is no rule that states that the pitcher cannot deviate or "better do it every time." Either the individual pitch is legal or it's not, but just a variation is legal.
  19. It's possible that LL is different, but in OBR, an Illegal Pitch is only a quick pitch, or pitching with the pivot foot not in contact with the rubber. Everything else (along these lines) is a "don't do that" -- illegal, with no specific penalty. If it continues, the player can be ejected, but it never gets that far.
  20. It most likely should be "nothing." But, there's no reason for the coach to "really give it to the ump."
  21. Fair/Foul

    1) Bounding just means "not in flight" -- so bouncing, chopper-two-hopper, grounder etc -- all the same 2) Yes. One oddity is that if the ball hits an object such as a batting helmet in fair territory, the status in NOT yet determined (it can still become either fair or foul, depending on what happens next. If the ball hits the helmet in foul territory, it's immediately foul. 3) Usually -- if the ball becomes fair or foul *because* it passes the base (or first hit the ground beyond the base), it's BU's call. If it becomes fair or foul *because* it settles or is touched in front of the base, it's PU's call.
  22. I agree with Grayhawk's analysis, and will add -- you can get (most of) the plays at second from either side of the mound. You also have less time to react to a play at first. And, of course, I've been burnt by a PU going to third when there was a swipe-play, so I much prefer the PU got toward first and then react.
  23. Assigning Expectations

    Yep -- stay if I can; be very apologetic (and as specific as possible as to the reason) if I can't. It goes a long way toward getting assignments and being seen as someone who the assigners and teams want on the games.
  24. Relocating due to rain

    Heck -- I'm surprised the umpire didn't ask for a game fee for the original game AND a game fee for the rescheduled game. I mean, that's what he'd get if the game had been postponed until today, right? I agree with you -- and the "travel fee" is included in the game fee. Sometimes, you get paid "more" because the game only goes five innings; and sometimes you get paid "less" because the game goes extra innings, and there's a rain delay, etc. It's all part of what we sign up for when we agree to work baseball.
  25. NFHS Pitcher Question

    A. Sorry, no reference handy, but I'm pretty sure it's in the case book.