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  1. noumpere

    Balk or No Balk

    It's once a pitcher has come set, or joined the hands that he can't do it -- except as part of his motion, which this was. If both hands were at his side, and then both were moved at the same time to join, this is (by rule) a balk in FED. How strictly it's called depends on the area. There are pitchers who start with the hands together, swing both back as part of the step bak and then swing both to the front and have them meet as part of the lift to the balance point. But, I've only seen this with the ball staying in the pitching hand.
  2. noumpere


    I seem to remember reading where that's an invalid assumption, at least for some softball rules codes. An "unannounced sub" is some sort of illegal player (but I don't know the exact penalty, or if it varies by code).
  3. noumpere

    Balk or No Balk

    Once the pitcher starts his motion he can do almost anything he wants with his hands, as long as the motion is continuous, and there aren't more than two "pumps." No balk in the OP. (But the motion wouldn't seem to be very effecient, at least to me.)
  4. noumpere

    NFHS Rules question

    That's the OBR interp, I think. Different from the FED interp.
  5. noumpere

    NFHS Rules question

    I think this is one of those places where OBR and FED give different results. And, I'm pretty sure there is a case play or interp on this -- I remember looking this issue up many years ago.
  6. noumpere

    Umpire shoes

    No in any league where the pitches come in at less than an obvious arc. Be sure the shoe is steel toed -- and not just hard plastic. check the equipment forum for more advice.
  7. noumpere

    Balk and Catcher Interference on a Steal of Home

    Maybe. ;) That is, I understand balks are (usually) delayed dead balls in NCAA and OBR -- but my point was that since R2 advanced past third, we wouldn't "enforce the balk" as someone said. AND, I thought I remembered, and thanks to Sr. Azul for confirming, the rule book said that in this instance the ball is dead -- which seemed too harsh for the offense. Based on the interp apparently on the arbiter, yes.
  8. noumpere

    Who is out?

    The trail runner is always out in a "passing" situation. You got that right.
  9. noumpere

    Balk and Catcher Interference on a Steal of Home

    I can hear someone (I assume an umpire) yell "that's a balk" well before the ball reaches the plate. If we enforce the balk, are we not letting the second run score?
  10. noumpere

    Balk and Catcher Interference on a Steal of Home

    Who called the balk and what was it for?
  11. noumpere

    Fair or foul ball

    ... unless the ball has passed a fielder (with the definition of "passed" depending on the rules code.)
  12. noumpere

    Ball 4 Balk

    Since it's a rules issue, your partner should have come to you immediately. Good for looking it up after -- you'll own this rule now. Kicking something is one of the best ways to learn it.
  13. noumpere

    HBP Strike 3 again

    I make just the opposite assumption
  14. noumpere

    Ball 4 Balk

    Hint to the OP: The answer depends on the rules code being used.
  15. noumpere

    Multiple appeals

    An "intervening play" has to do with RLI and nothing to do with appeals. It can't be a "time play" when all runners, including the BR are (eventually) out -- there's no one left to "score" before any recognized third or fourth out. There was a guy with your user name on some of these boards who was nothing but a troll -- I hope you aren't that guy.
  16. Glad my "throw-away" comment in post 3 (I think) and again a few later, led to the discussion. Also glad Maven didn't show up until long later to "ruin" the discussion. I might have to try that technique again.
  17. noumpere

    Don't enforce the balk

    I agree
  18. noumpere

    Don't enforce the balk

    Nom I do not agree wth Scott. I am pointing out (or trying to) how his play is different from the CI-and-steal pla yand from the R1, R2 steal play (where the steal doesn't matter).
  19. noumpere

    Don't enforce the balk

    I highlighted a different part of the relevant play. It's the same as saying "because the runners were forced to advance." In Scott's OP, the runner advanced on a steal, not because he was forced due to the walk. One is an award; one is not. Thus, the different rulings.
  20. noumpere

    Runner Returning to a Missed Base

    Both generally correct for OBR. It's touching the base beyond the *current location* *after* the ball becomes dead that matters. Once R1 retouches, however, the award will be third. (Above edited because I was so focused on the "retouch" issue, I missed that the OP had the player still advancing to home.) Both incorrect for FED. It's touching the base beyond the *one missed / left early* at the time the ball *becomes* dead that matters. So, since is on or beyond second at the time the ball becomes dead, R1 cannot legally return to correct his baserunning error.
  21. noumpere

    NJSIAA Test Questions

    Like this one:? SITUATION 6: At the pre-game conference, the home team coach is covering ground rules. He points out that in right field the light pole is a few feet in front of the fence. He mentions that a black tape is around the light pole, about 12 feet above the ground. He states that it is a home run if a fly ball hits the light pole above the tape since the ball would have easily cleared the fence if the light pole were not there. RULING: A ground rule cannot supersede the rules book. A fly ball hitting the light pole above the tape will remain in play and will not be ruled a home run. The batted fair ball must go over a fence in flight before a home run can be awarded. (4-1-2, 8-3-3a)
  22. noumpere

    softball test question #1

    Duplicate post.
  23. Yes, but this wasn't a pick-off. It was an appeal. This *might* be one of those times to use the "intent of the pitcher" clause.
  24. All balks. Right from the comment of OBR: If a pitcher balks when making an appeal, such act shall be a play. I'm not sure this is a balk, in this specific instance. (Nor am I sure it is not.)
  25. noumpere


    That's the better mechanic, I agree -- but some areas give this play to PU. So, PU needs to be far enough down the line that he can get to a good position at third and be set by the time any play happens there. For most, that's something like a gentle stroll about half way up the line, and then read the play. If BR pulls up as he heads to second, just stay there. If BR is rounding second hard, then a more aggressive move toward third by PU, and get all the way tho third of BR commits.