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  1. The tags are worthless (to me). And, I never knew there was a gallery, so it's no loss (again, to me).
  2. 4) Sometimes when I do this training, and I am playing F4/F6, I actually put the ball in my back pocket. If I have a "good" F3, he'll slap his glove at about the time the ball would have arrived. Way too many umpires actually make a call at first and then F3 shows the umpire his empty glove. Now U1 is looking around the field for the ball. Very funny for all but the poor U1. 6) Too many umpires do not understand the difference between making the call (deciding) and announcing the call. And too many trainers do not explain the difference. So, when the trainer says "be stopped to make the call" and does not elaborate, the trainee mis-understands what is meant.
  3. If you pay for me to come to Phoenix, I will give you an evaluation. And, yes, I've offered those types of services to all I worked for / local associations.
  4. I have retired. I am (mostly) at peace with that decision. I am sure that I will miss it come the first warm day of spring.
  5. Hi Noum,

    I teach an umpire's class that starts fairly soon, I can get rid of your indicators, brushes, and ball bags. What do you have, are they in good shape, how many and and how much?




  6. I'm still not sure whether he does, or if he's just adding to the sarcasm from the newspaper.
  7. Just FYI -- these are (I assume) the shoes than John McS bought from me. for this same price. I can vouch for the condition.
  8. Another pair of shoes sold.. Here's what I think I have left. Buyer pays shipping (but that's negotiable if you buy lots of stuff): Honigs Chest Protector -- K1. 12" from neck to base. Plus I added a 2" extension (removable -- just velcro) for a total of 14". Worn a lot, but no stains or anything. Includes removable bicep protectors. $100 Plate and Base Shoes -- New Balance. Whatever the model was a couple of years ago. Not worn much (see the WV Platinum). Size 9.5, I think -- maybe 10. Size 10-4E (both). Plate is NB 460; Base is NB950 (I think) Plate $70; Base $50 Plate Shoes -- NB 450. Worn a couple of years. Shows some wear, but no tears or anything. Size 10-4E. $50 Base Shoes -- Reebok 980. Worn a couple of years. Shows some wear.. SIze 11. $25 Wilson Shin Guards -- I forget the model, but they are gray with the hard ankle protectors. These are a bit worn. $45 Honigs Shins -- Model K20-18". Worn a lot, Shows some wear. $30 Smitty Pants -- Plate and bases. In good shape. Size 34. (I normally wear 34x32 in "everyday pants" -- the plate pants have been hemmed to allow for shins and plate shoes) Adjustable waist. Multiple pairs of each. I seem to have 4 base and three plate. Still looking for more. Plus 1 pair without the adjustable waist. These are nearly an exact match for the Honigs poly-wools (once you are more than 5' from your partner, no one will be able to tell the difference) $25 Gerry Davis Pants -- the first version. Same size as above. I think 1 base and 1 plate (maybe 2 of each). Size 34 but also with the adjustable waist. The base have been "rehemmed" so there's not much fabric left if you need to lengthen; plenty of room to lengthen on the plate pants. $25 Honigs shoe bags -- 2 sets of 2. Still in original package. $10 each. Navy blue shirts $10 Official Choice - 2 L, 4 XL. some with IHSA patch on sleeve; some without. 1 Teamwiork, size XL(?) IHS patch 1 long sleeved Honigs -- $10 each Honigs pullover blue jacket;very good to excellent condition; size XL -- $35 Navy ball bags -- at least 2, maybe more. $5 each. Assorted brushes, indiclickers, -- make an offer.
  9. Consider the source, and compare to the others from whom you have heard.
  10. I assume it's the annual document put out by RefMag -- usually available on their website (at least if you are a member) and distributed by many states (and the college version is available at the clinics, etc) It's usually about a dozen pages long and covers rules changes, POEs, a refresher on the prior year's changes, maybe a quiz ....
  11. "Stretch" is not *just* the act of of joining the hands. It's the action that most pitchers used to take of raising both hands above the head and then joining the hands as they were brought down to (about) chest level. It's that "raising" that's optional. Coming set by joning the hands is NOT optional,and you can't start in the set (hands together) position
  12. As a practical matter, there's no difference between what PBUC says and what Maven says.
  13. And, just to help you out since you seem to be learning -- it's not a "timing play," it's a "time play."
  14. Right. That's what lets R3 also correct his mistake.
  15. It's only a tie. I had a similar game, but the first pitch was hit for a home-run. I'm sure it's happened to others.