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  1. Assigning Expectations

    Yep -- stay if I can; be very apologetic (and as specific as possible as to the reason) if I can't. It goes a long way toward getting assignments and being seen as someone who the assigners and teams want on the games.
  2. Relocating due to rain

    Heck -- I'm surprised the umpire didn't ask for a game fee for the original game AND a game fee for the rescheduled game. I mean, that's what he'd get if the game had been postponed until today, right? I agree with you -- and the "travel fee" is included in the game fee. Sometimes, you get paid "more" because the game only goes five innings; and sometimes you get paid "less" because the game goes extra innings, and there's a rain delay, etc. It's all part of what we sign up for when we agree to work baseball.
  3. NFHS Pitcher Question

    A. Sorry, no reference handy, but I'm pretty sure it's in the case book.
  4. Odd appeal play

    I disagree with that. The first action should be to play on the runner -- then get the appeal if that action fails. The team can't be sure that the umpire saw / agrees with the runner leaving early so take the two attempts at retiring the runner. BTW, I agree with the out call, as I envision the play in my mind's eye.
  5. Play continued after third out

    Correct by rule; correct by the CS&FP handbook.
  6. Batter's Box

    Whci gets us to the "D3K" rule today -- every K was a D3K back then. (And, no, I don't have personal experience in it from back then)
  7. Fair/Foul

    That complaint usually comes when the ball is ruled fair -- not when it's ruled foul as in the OP.
  8. George Carlin would be proud.
  9. Not to sound like Coach Rich, but sometimes coaches are "trained" to act like this by over-officious umpires who mis-interpret the rule and strictly enforce some "must slide" rule. And, too, sometimes it's a local league who has a misguided "safety" rule in place and wants it enforced this way.
  10. Fair/Foul

    I agree it's foul. I'm guessing that someone is questioning that -- what's his/her rationale for why the ball should be fair?
  11. Tagging on fly

    No, he didn't. And, even if he did, he never left it while advancing, so it's impossible to "re tag" it.
  12. No sht fair

    Yes, it's inconsistent. Same with the routine grounder resulting in an out at first by 3 steps (signal, no verbal) compared with the con-o'-corn (verbal -- but that's really just for your partner -- no signal) Until / unless you are in a position to change the mechanics, live with it.
  13. Hit em with the old 7.13(2)

    IF (and this is just speculation), the umpire calls the runner out, it can easily be reversed on replay. If the umpire calls the runner safe because of OBS, not so much (expecially if F2 missed the tag and then makes a play on another runner or makes no play on the runner at home because of the call)l
  14. Backswing INT vs foul ball situation

    I'm confused by your original description, but if B1 swung at the pitch, missed, and then hit the pitched ball before F2 could catch it, I'd say B1 is out -- you got it right.,
  15. Righty Move to First

    What umpire school did he establish?