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  1. force play

    Agreed. And, recognize that the requirements to tag a base are different from the requirements to tag a runner.
  2. Unintentional Interference by Batter

    In stkjock's references -- the first is not relevant. It deals with a Batter-Runner; the OP deals with a batter. Different status; different p[protection; different responsibilities. His second seems to be relevant (without reading the entire thread whence it came). If the "kick" is part of the action of avoiding the pitch, play on. If it's a separate movement (trying to move out of the way in an attempt top be helpful) then it is something. If the runner was already moving, then it's Batter Interference -- the batter is out (with a few exceptions that don't seem to apply in which case the runner would be out). If the runner was not attempting to advance, but did as a result of the kcik, I'd just put everyone back.
  3. Wrong lineup

    The card given the umpire is what matters. If the league is such that no card is given to the umpire, then it needs to be taken to the league to resolve (the rules, unless there's something spelled out locally) will be silent on this. Frankly, unless there's some evidence that the team was trying to "cheat" or had done this before, I think the umpire's solution was correct.
  4. A couple pictures from last week

    I would strongly;y encourage you not to put your fingers over the tops of your shinguards. If they get hit, there's no give. Put the web between tyour thumb and finger around the top of the shinguard -- your thumb on the inside of your leg and your fingers on the outside of your leg.
  5. New umpire

    I would think the BU would move to the correct position no matter who was "pitching." I would also question whether you need two umpires at that level, but that's not what you asked.
  6. awarding bases

    Position on the field. It's judgment.
  7. What do you got?

    Good one. I would not have known that difference off the top of my head.
  8. Run scores with no intervening play

    Can't possibly be before C. Might be after.
  9. Catcher's OBS

    Thank you. I was only going for the one, so to get the double is especially rewarding.
  10. Base award?

    What if F3 dropped the ball and BR accidentally kicked (to the extent that's not an oxymoron) it out of play? Most here would have no problem awarding bases. Same in the OP.
  11. Catcher's OBS

    assuming "D-3" means college (and not HS), then it wasn't CO. (yes, it's overly pedantic)
  12. Run scores with no intervening play

    If no intervening play is made, then that clause doesn't apply. Return the runners.
  13. Where to place runner?

    It is a choice issue. But the choices are the play (BR out, R2 now at third) or the penalty (BR at first, R2 now at third). You'd have to reach pretty hard to find a situation where the former is better, but if the coach wants it, the coach gets it.
  14. Balk question

    By rule I'd have a balk. In practice, the lower the level the more I'd be to try to let it go, depending on how big the shrug and how long between that and stopping and stepping off. And, I'm assuming this is something other that "adjusting his sleeves as part of the process of getting comfortable on the rubber."
  15. U2 out of position?

    He got low to the ground so he wouldn't get hit by a subsequent throw. He could have kept moving over toward the third base side a step or so after the ball was fielded, but he couldn't have gone much further and still be stopped for the play.