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  1. Intersting Rare Check Swing Appeal

    The offense can appeal all it wants.  It won't (or shouldn't) be granted.
  2. Missed base on HR

    It wasn't a force out, and the appeal can't happen until all the baserunning is complete, so three runs score.
  3. Intersting Rare Check Swing Appeal

    He should be "worried" about both.  It's part of his job, and the play can happen on any steal (not just the two-strikes, two-outs OP).
  4. Missed base?

    Thanks, Maven.  I will point out that I argued the other side before 2010 (and I still think the ruling is "wrong.")
  5. Change to FED 1-4-2

    If it goes around the neck, it's an undershirt; if not it's a "sleeve."  Similar issue in basketball with the shooting sleeves.   And, a camo undershirt would (likely) be judged to be distracting.
  6. Missed base?

    FED has a case play or interp on this dealing with "overrunning" third toward the outfield and then not touching on the way by.  That could be informative.   Sorry that I don't have time to find it this evening.
  7. 2016 NCAA Test Questions

    In 29 -- if it's not a double play, then R3 is out and the batter returns with a strike.   In 35 -- in OBR, I think a pitcher is allowed a "momentary adjustment" and then separation, even with runners.  I think it's in the Evans balk video (and maybe elsewhere).  I know / see the reference you have, but I'm not sure it applies, yet.
  8. 2016 NCAA Test Questions

    35)  Bases are loaded, and as the pitcher gets on the rubber with both feet and his free hand at his side, he moves his free hand into his glove and momentarily adjusts the baseball. After a quick adjustment he takes his free hand out of the glove and drops it to his side before taking a sign from the catcher. This is not a balk. a.  True. b.  False.   29)  R3 and one out. B3 hits a high pop-up between the plate and 3rd base in foul territory. R3, while going back to the base, intentionally bumps F5 as he is coming over to make the play, causing F5 to drop the ball in foul territory. a.  Foul ball on B3 and no interference by R3. b.  Interference is called. R3 is out and the batter is awarded 1st base. c.  Interference is called. R3 is out and the batter is returned to bat with a strike added to the count. d.  Interference is called and the batter is out. R3 returns to 3rd.     (Isn't the "right" answer to this "both R3 and BR are out since it was intentional and a double play was likely?"  But, that's not one of the choices.)
  9. PU Covering Second Play at 3rd (2-man)

    You have almost twice as long to get to home, and less than twice as far to run.   Still doesn't mean I agree with the mechanic.
  10. 2016 NCAA Test Questions

    1) That's question 11.  Tie game, but all the stats count.   2)  Question 29.  R3 is out; batter returns with an added strike.
  11. 2016 NCAA Test Questions

    It's "inconsistent' only because they changed the premise from unintentional interference to intentional interference.
  12. Fed missed HP appeal

    Yes, you would use this mechanic on a close time-play.   the "no call" at home is used when there's a tag play at the plate, but the tag is missed and the plate is missed and the runner remains in the vicinity of home.  (And, I guess, it's also used when a runner clearly reaches the plate without a play and clearly before any third out -- as happens in 99% of the runs scored)
  13. 2016 NCAA Test Questions

    that is (or should be -- too many don't take it that way) one of the goals of the test.   I found this year's test (at least on my first pass through it) to be pretty easy.  Only a few I had to look up references for.  That said, I haven't submitted it yet, so maybe my 'easy" means I got about 50%.
  14. 2016 NCAA Test Questions

    I think this year that everyone has the same #17 -- but the answers might be in a different order.
  15. 2016 NCAA Test Questions

    A.  See 6-2e (it was a change last year AWAY from the OBR interp -- which would have R2 out.)