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  1. 1) Yes -- just the award (unless R1 or the coach asks a specific question about it -- then you can answer the question). 2) You can retouch under all codes under a dead ball. The difference is that you cannot (legally) retouch under FED if you are on or beyond a succeeding base WHEN then ball becomes dead. You can retouch under OBR until you touch the next base AFTER the ball becomes dead. So, in the OP -- if R1 was between second and third when the ball became dead, he's SOL under FED. He can still retouch under OBR. But, once R1 advances to third (after the ball is dead), he's now SOL under OBR.
  2. There's some sort of eyeglass cleaner that allegedly helps prevent the fogging. Google will probably help in about .18 seconds.
  3. If you are having trouble doing this, it means you are not comfortable enough with all the other things you need to be doing to pick this up. It happens when the game slows down enough for you to be able to see more /add more tasks to your list. That's not meant as a slam on you (or anyone else) -- it's just the way it works for all of us, in all the tasks that we perform on a daily basis.
  4. You can get to the right answer by recognizing that R2 could (legally) return to second. So, he's not forced from second any more.
  5. If you are an umpire, then I don't really thing going as an umpire qualifies as a "costume" for hallowen. jmo. My wife and I always have a themed costume. I go as the front end of a horse. She goes as herself.
  6. Why would anyone think this is a balk? Even the FED has removed (or changed) this case.
  7. I think (hope) everyone involved (player, coach, umpire) learned something here.
  8. It depends on what you mean by "delivers the pitch." If R1 reached second before the TIME OF PITCH then he's now R2 and first is unoccupied. TIME OF PITCH is (generally) when the pitcher begins his motion, not when the ball leaves the pitcher's hand
  9. I think he thinks they aren't square to the plate. My guess is that it's an effect of the camera lens / zooming. Much like the views from center field make it look like the boxes are angled.
  10. The rule hasn't changed. The ball can be touching the ground AND still in control of the fielder (on this type of play -- and based on the description -- I didn't see the play)
  11. No. Nor NCAA (because it's the code that hasn't been asked about). IF you think the BR slid / dove because of F1's position, then you could have OBS. I don't see it that way.
  12. Buy a long-sleeved jacket and a pair of scissors.
  13. Yes. I was upset with the young tads on my front garden when they started using that phrase.
  14. Very effective humble-brag. (And, congrats)
  15. I think the phrase is 23 skidoo.