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  1. Out or lodged ball?

    You are correct -- if it had been accurately judged. Award the "value" of the hit, but no outs -- so here, BR to first (and any other runners advance if forced).
  2. Scoring Question

    Time at bat, no hit (probably). You can get the baseball rules, which include scoring, by using the googler. Here's an excerpt: (b) The official scorer shall not credit a base hit when a: (5) is called out for interference with a fielder attempting to field a batted ball, unless in the scorer’s judgment the bat- ter-runner would have been safe had the interference not occurred.
  3. Interesting Time Play

    There's more than one third-base coach?
  4. Interesting Time Play

    It was shown on the TV replay. R2 (?) was about in the batter's box when the tag was made. Wasn't really that close (at least for umpires). The runner could have made it, but he slowed down and turned his head to watch the play at third.
  5. Does the runner go back?

  6. Ball Hitting Top of Wall, Deflected Out by Fielder

    Here's a FED case. I think the same applies in OBR. 8.3.3 SITUATION H: B1 hits a long fly ball to left field. F7 goes back to the fence, leaps, but is not able to touch the fly ball. The ball then rebounds off the fence, strikes the fielder's glove and ricochets over the fence in fair territory. Is this a home run or ground-rule double? RULING: This would be considered a ground-rule double. To be a home run, the ball must clear the fence in flight. Action secondary to the hit (ball ricocheting off the fence and then off the fielder's glove) caused the ball to go into dead-ball area. Therefore, the hit shall be ruled a ground-rule double.
  7. Ball Hitting Top of Wall, Deflected Out by Fielder

    I think this should have been a two-base award. Did they not review it?
  8. catch/lodged ball?

    Same for NCAA. It's kind of like spectator interference -- the umpire places the runners based on where they would have been had it not occurred (the difference, of course, is that you could get an out under spectator interference). In FED, it's an automatic 2-base award. Here are the relevant rules: NCAA: 8-3.l. If a fair batted or thrown ball becomes lodged in a player’s uniform, the ball shall be declared dead and bases awarded at the umpire’s discretion; FED: 8-3-3c. two bases if a fair batted or thrown ball becomes dead because of bouncing over or passing through a fence, or lodges in a defensive player's or umpire's equipment or uniform
  9. catch/lodged ball?

    I think FED has a case / interp where the ball is stuck for a while, Fx takes off his glove and then is able to get the ball. The ruling is that the ball was "temporarily stuck" and not "lodged" -- no awards. It becomes an award then the glove is thrown with the ball still inside it. I have often thought that if this is how they want to rule this, then they should just call it displaced equipment.
  10. First Throw By An Infielder When Ball Goes Out of Play

    If that was taken literally, we'd almost never have a TOP award. The infield is defined as the 90' square -- and almost all "infielders' play behind it. Someone has a definition to the effect of "if the player could reasonably make an out at first base, he's an infielder." That's about as good as we're going to get on these types of defintions -- at least until something blows up in the playoffs in MLB and they are forced to come up with a better definition (or formalize that one).
  11. Insurance null and void IF?

    Most policies can be summarized as: We Cover EVERYTHING!* * -- except what actually happens
  12. Insurance null and void IF?

    NASO used to cover more than some of the other insurances. For example, 1 and 4 above would be covered (iirc, of course). I do agree that the best course would be ot read the policies and / or to talk to the companies involved, rather than asking us mopes for our unenlightened opinions.
  13. unpire.org blocked as dangerous

    It's also blocked by malwarebytes and firefox
  14. unpire.org blocked as dangerous

  15. Thrown ball goes into the stands

    And, once he advances to and touches second, he cannot (legally) go back and touch first. Even if he physically does this, he is still subject to being out on appeal.