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  1. Struggling With Plays at First When Working Solo

    Right -- draw a line through your position and parallel to the 3b line. Don't let any runner get "behind" that line -- unless he's going to score easily (no potential play / time play issue)
  2. Missed Base/OBS

    I don't see how that happened in the play. Allow the appeal at first.
  3. So, what's fair here?

    You should find out who worked some other game in the same area that was also suspended, and then switch with that crew. Now, you each get paid for the first part of the original game and for the second part of the suspended game.
  4. Catcher trips over bat

    Absent some intent by the batter, no.
  5. A, B and C Positioning

    Different groups have different philosophies on BU's positioning. All agree that with no one on, BU is in A. After that: 1) With a runner at second or third, be in C, otherwise B. (This is "old school" and not used much anymore.) 2) With a steal of second possible (i.e., R1 and no R2; with or without R3) be in B, otherwise C (this is what I prefer). 3) With a steal of third possible (i.e., R2 and no R3; with or without R1) be in C, otherwise B (this is what you have above). Given that you are just starting, you should do what your group requires. Not many move in two-person based on the number of outs.
  6. Batters interference?

    The batter's box does not protect him. Whether it's INT or not is based on the umpire's judgment as to whether the batter had time to vacate the area. If he had the time but didn't vacate, it's int. If he didn't really have time (the ball rebounded almost immediately back to the catcher, for example), then it's not INT.
  7. Starting F1 Doesn't Face a Batter

    Even though the game hasn't started, the substitution rules are in effect. 4-1-3. Does that matter?
  8. Starting F1 Doesn't Face a Batter

    The state suspends all games (well, at least those that have had a pitch; I don't know of any specific rules about line-ups-but-no-pitch games that would be different) unless they are complete (4.5 or 5 innings).
  9. Starting F1 Doesn't Face a Batter

    That is how I meant it. The game was scheduled for Wednesday (say), lineups were exchanged and official (rule 1-2 or something in FED), before a pitch could be thrown the lightning / rain came. The game will "resume" on Thursday (say). Or, if it matters (I don't think it does), a couple of pitches were thrown and then the game was suspended. Will "restart" with a 1-1 )or whatever) count. Home F1 faced "1/2" a batter; Visiting F1 hasn't faced anyone.
  10. FED rules only. Lineups are exchanged and then lightning is seen. The skies open up a few minutes later and the game is suspended. Does F1 listed on the lineup have to face a batter? If he doesn't, can he play another position? Can he "return" to pitch later? FED rules indicate injury, incapacitation, illness, ejection or discipline remove the "must face a batter" requirement, and allow F1 to play another position but not pitch. Are we applying the same rule to "weather?"
  11. When To Call It

    HS and college rule, and used by many youth and adult-summer organizations.
  12. When To Call It

    I also agree with LRZ here. IF there's not enough time for the defense to get x runs, and make three outs, and switch sides and then have the home team make three outs without scoring .... no need to even start the inning.
  13. Perfect Pickle Play

    No reason to be "about to head up the line" in either part of the play. Suppose you had and *then* R3 (and later R2) headed for the plate and there was a throw back. Leave U1 to handle it all in this situation. (No comment on the players actions -- either on offense or defense)
  14. Misses bag, Winning Run Scores

    It's just that simple.
  15. What happened to the strike zone?

    No overall change in what should be called (but your specific area might have said something / placed some emphasis on something). And, what you describe is NOT "the major league strike zone to some degree."