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  1. It depends on what you mean by "delivers the pitch." If R1 reached second before the TIME OF PITCH then he's now R2 and first is unoccupied. TIME OF PITCH is (generally) when the pitcher begins his motion, not when the ball leaves the pitcher's hand
  2. I think he thinks they aren't square to the plate. My guess is that it's an effect of the camera lens / zooming. Much like the views from center field make it look like the boxes are angled.
  3. The rule hasn't changed. The ball can be touching the ground AND still in control of the fielder (on this type of play -- and based on the description -- I didn't see the play)
  4. No. Nor NCAA (because it's the code that hasn't been asked about). IF you think the BR slid / dove because of F1's position, then you could have OBS. I don't see it that way.
  5. Buy a long-sleeved jacket and a pair of scissors.
  6. Yes. I was upset with the young tads on my front garden when they started using that phrase.
  7. Very effective humble-brag. (And, congrats)
  8. I think the phrase is 23 skidoo.
  9. Not\ bashing, but I would think about how / why I made contact with the runner, and how my positioning could be improved so I didn't do so the next time this happens. For example, maybe I don't commit so hard to third if the throw is going to second. Maybe, if I went fair, I don't do so next time. Maybe, if I went fair and then moved to foul, I stay fair. ...
  10. That's the correct rotation. I didn't see U3 break for second, but if he did maybe he didn't see U1 going there and thought the base was uncovered. Maybe U1 got a late start.
  11. 3/4 -- Yes. 2 -- BU is in B. Who has the catch depends on how far toward the line F4 drifts. Especially if it's toward the line, either umpire should be able to see the passing, but the primary responsibility should belong to whoever does NOT have the catch. Umpire communication is key here.
  12. If the batter reacts late, he likely has given up his protection under this clause.
  13. Just to clarify, if there's an intervening play in OBR or NCAA, then the runners are returned TOI, not TOP.
  14. It's nearly unthinkable that baseball announcers would get nine of 10 correct.
  15. Disagree. Call it when you have it. It kills the play and sends the other runners back (depending a little on the code and the exact location of the runners).. Plus, if you wait, you will look (incorrectly) like you are MSU.