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  1. All of that, then, seems like a waste of $ for a bag. Amd It's why I went with the single-compartnelnt large suitcase. IT solves all those problems and costs less.
  2. Play on.
  3. If it was a foul ball, R3 couldn't score, so only the first pat of you sentence above applies to this play. Yes -- and there's a case play to this effect (I think the bunt was to the third base side). Look in the first handful of cases under 8.4.2
  4. I have, and would do so again. (Well, maybe not as forcefully as that, but most HS/youth players aren't as big as that either.)
  5. If the rules code were OBR or similar, yes.
  6. By the book -- PU has this. He can either go up the line toward first a bit, and glance at R3 just before the ball gets to F9 and then turn for the catch. Or, he can drop back on 1BLX and have a little (but not much) better look at R3. If the crew is on the same page-- BU can drop back to just outside the 2B-3B baseline to get the tag-up. PU can watch BR touch first. As soon as the ball is touched, BU needs to bust in to the middle in case the ball is dropped and there's a play on BR.
  7. Great information, but could be sent out at the beginning of the season, or tournament to all involved. Or -- send it out a week or so in advance to those participating, if this is some sort of league -- "To umpire A, Umpire B, Coach V -- Just confirming that we have a game scheduled on xx/xx/xx beginning at hh:mm. I wanted you to be aware of some information at our field: (include list, maybe add any special parking information.) We look forward to having you here. Please let me know a good number at which to reach you in case weather forces us to change our plans."
  8. In the specific play where R1 / R2 does not advance on a walk / hbp etc. that forces in the winning run -- it's an appeal play, not abandonment.
  9. This will be viewed as heresy by some, but you don't need an umpire specific bag. Go to your local mega-lo-mart and buy a large suitcase with wheels and a handle. I used three of them over 20 years, and the total cost was less than one "umpire bag." And -- with the suitcase I could keep my clothes in it on hangers -- something that I don't think I could have done with the equipment bags.
  10. In FED, it's not ruled as abandonment -- the defense must appeal the "missed" base.
  11. Because the running lane ends at first base and if the runner gets to first before the hindrance, there can be no RLI. (said without watching the video)
  12. Agreed with Maven in general, but on any kind of a pop-up then 99% of the time if the BC gets in the way he didn't "do all he could" to get out of the way.
  13. Int, BR out. Maybe MC under FED and NCAA.
  14. Yes. All codes. (well, assuming it doesn't then hit something else and roll fair ...)
  15. Yes. Or maybe not. In this instance, instruct. It's the exception that proves the rule (about not instructing).