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  1. Positions

    But, PU is going to move a bit to be able to help on the FPSR at second.
  2. Base Hit?

  3. Where to start on learning NCAA ruleset

    I think there is (or was) a chart in the back of the NCAA book (but maybe I'm remembering from a different sport). Get the current rule book from someone. Read it and take your own notes on what is different. What is "important and confusing" to me will be diffeernt for you. When you are done, you'll have your own personalized version of BRD that you can review before each game.
  4. 2 umpire system mechanics question

    These answers, combined, are correct. imo, of course.
  5. Judge or Altuve ?

    Take it to the fan-boy forum.
  6. Catch/injury AFL game

    I didn't watch the video -- but that statement is NOT part of the rule.
  7. THe same thing BU is supposed to do. Call it when it happens and don't wait for the result of any subsequent play. (And, the same thing U2 is supposed to do in 3- or 4- or 6-man.)
  8. Balk Question

    Isn't that true only in OBR (which was probably the rules set in the OP) and only in the windup? (No, I didn't go check.)
  9. Balk Question

    Because I've seen it happen. At an NAIA tournament game. And, I only provided it as one (of several) possibilities as to what happened, recognizing that *as described* the call was incorrect.
  10. Balk Question

    Maybe, and I wasn't there, he separated and rejoined his hands and THEN stated the motion with his legs.
  11. interference??

    Nothing, unless it's intentional
  12. 2018 POE

    I think the acronym you are looking for is "POE"
  13. There is no rule that states that the pitcher cannot deviate or "better do it every time." Either the individual pitch is legal or it's not, but just a variation is legal.
  14. It's possible that LL is different, but in OBR, an Illegal Pitch is only a quick pitch, or pitching with the pivot foot not in contact with the rubber. Everything else (along these lines) is a "don't do that" -- illegal, with no specific penalty. If it continues, the player can be ejected, but it never gets that far.
  15. It most likely should be "nothing." But, there's no reason for the coach to "really give it to the ump."