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  1. 2016 NCAA Test Discussion

    The NCAA rulings are the same as the OBR / PBUC rulings on these plays.   Lots of good officials in IUA who can also help you out.
  2. Inproper batter

    It raises an interesting strategy in leagues (e.g., FED) where the batter can be "walked" without throwing any pitches.
  3. 2016 NCAA Test Discussion

    Thought about posting in test thread but that thing has gotten pretty hard to follow, plus I'm not really in doubt of the correct answer.  #7 on the test led me to what seems like an odd rule - 5-13-b:   Art. b. Any protest by the coach of a competing team must be made at the time of the action or incident that caused the protest and before play is resumed. If the game ends (legal contest) in a protestable situation, the offended team has until all infielders have left fair territory and the catcher has cleared the dirt circle to voice its protest intentions. All protests must be made to the umpire-in-chief. Decisions on a protest involving nonconference teams shall be resolved by the secretary-rules editor of the rules committee. So let's say a situation ends a game (I guess a misapplication of an IFF rule similar to the one in the video portion of the test could be a possibility) that a team could protest.  Defensive team gets the third out and runs off the field to celebrate near the dugout (catcher included).  Presumably they could do this in a just a few seconds.  So according to this rule, the offensive coach would practically have to immediately run to the UIC and say he wants to protest, otherwise it'd be too late?  Seems odd...     If the defensive team got the third out and ran to the dugout, then the game didn't "end" -- it's still (for now) a tie.   If the defense wins, they (usually) celebrate at the pitcher's mound.   But, I do think you have a good point.
  4. Magic eyeglasses

    If the game today were played without one, and then someone brought out the first glove or mitt, then yes, it would be covered under this rule.    
  5. NFHS 2016 Baseball Interps

  6. VHSL Test

    1) Reads like a legal set. 2) I think you have a typo.  I think they are trying to describe a legal wind-up.
  7. VHSL Test

    If the question was asked a few (5?) years ago, the answer would have been C.  It was an exception to the "the player who interferes is out" guideline.
  8. 2016 NCAA Test Discussion

    Glad to see you came to your sense on this.
  9. 2016 NCAA Test Discussion

    It's because of a rule change (disguised as an "editorial revision") last year.  NCAA has moved AWAY from the OBR general guideline of "start with the premise that a runner is always out if hit by a batted ball, unless he could have reasonably expected the fielder right in front of him to field the ball."  Now, a runner is out when hit by a batted ball only if that action prevents a fielder from making a play (again, a general guideline, not the actual rule)
  10. 2016 NCAA Test Discussion

    The rule is clear, but the question says something like "as the pitcher is taking the rubber ..."  So, here. the momentary adjustment and removal of the hand is allowed.
  11. VHSL Test

    Why is that an issue?  It's a good topic for a question because the rule was changed a few years ago, and it's good to get people to remember the change.
  12. Intersting Rare Check Swing Appeal

    IT's not hard to do, but we don't get much opportunity to practice it and if we're not ready we can be surprised.   Add me to the "this is a learning opportunity" post grayhawk made up above.
  13. 2016 NCAA Test Discussion

    I'm laughing at this exchange because I'm thinking about how one of the points of having a meeting instead of just letting us watch videos was so we could all be on the same page.   Apparently that didn't work out too well.    
  14. Intersting Rare Check Swing Appeal

    The offense can appeal all it wants.  It won't (or shouldn't) be granted.
  15. Missed base on HR

    It wasn't a force out, and the appeal can't happen until all the baserunning is complete, so three runs score.