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  1. Yes -- at least at all levels/rulesets any of us do.
  2. More stuff sold this past weekend -- but I also found a mask (I'll try to get a picture) Honigs Chest Protector -- K1. 12" from neck to base. Plus I added a 2" extension (removable -- just velcro) for a total of 14". Worn a lot, but no stains or anything. Includes removable bicep protectors. $100 Base Shoes -- Reebok 980. Worn a couple of years. Shows some wear.. SIze 11. $25 Wilson Shin Guards -- I forget the model, but they are gray with the hard ankle protectors. These are a bit worn. $45 Honigs Shins -- Model K20-18". Worn a lot, Shows some wear. $30 Smitty Pants -- Plate and bases. In good shape. Size 34. (I normally wear 34x32 in "everyday pants" -- the plate pants have been hemmed to allow for shins and plate shoes) Adjustable waist. Multiple pairs of each. I seem to have 4 base and three plate. Still looking for more. Plus 1 pair of plate and base without the adjustable waist. These are nearly an exact match for the Honigs poly-wools (once you are more than 5' from your partner, no one will be able to tell the difference) $25 Honigs shoe bags -- 2 sets of 2. Still in original package. $10 each. (I might have sold these -- I will have to check) Navy blue shirts $10 Official Choice - 2 L, 4 XL. some with IHSA patch on sleeve; some without. 1 Teamwiork, size XL(?) IHS patch 1 long sleeved Honigs -- $10 each I have a few shirts left but I'm not sure of the exact brand or size. Most have the IHSA logo / or patch on the sleeve. Honigs pullover blue jacket;very good to excellent condition; size XL -- $35 Assorted brushes, indiclickers, -- make an offer. NEW: Mask frame. I think it's a wilson dynalite (or whatever came on the A3009) -- but I'm not sure. I have pads, but they are old and I'd strongly suggest they be replaced. NEW: Old style Navy jacket with the snaps in the front and a fleece lining. Has IHSA logo on the front. Any offers considered.
  3. generally, that's because not enough umpires (in that area / at that level) use them. If you start doing so, others will follow and soon those who do not give the "that's nothing" signal in this play will be the ones getting the questions.
  4. Nor is it obvious that he was "making (an) attempt to advance".
  5. You can get more detailed information by reading the case book and looking at past interps at
  6. It's always delayed dead. It's always at least the next base for the obstructed runner. There is no exception for "in the act of fielding"
  7. Yes, if that was really the time of the foul. But, without replay, we don't know that. So, the official needs to judge whether it was a "timing error" (put time back) or "the foul occurred so close to the expiration of time that the timer couldn't stop the clock" (or some words to that effect). In fairness, the latter usually happens with less than a second, and not with 1.2 seconds left. *IF* time is allowed to expire, a TO is still allowed -- but successive TOs are not allowed. No Tech for requesting the successive TO, it's just not granted.
  8. I agree with this -- you look to be in some sort of scissors-box hybrid -- and it doesn't look very stable. It might all be due to F2's foot while he is kneeling. You couls also widen your stance more to help.
  9. And, if the pitch is strike three, the batter is out, the inning is over, and no runs score.
  10. Yes, someone should be the UIC. But, the plate umpire should still talk at the meeting, and you don't need to notify the coaches who is the UIC. Unless, of course, you have some local variation on that.
  11. This action is specifically called out in NCAA as being OBS. again, a definition diference between the codes.
  12. What!?
  13. Yes.
  14. That's what I meant by "the definitions vary" in my first response. But, if the runner is OBS before the ball is released by F1 / F2, that is OBS. F3 can't be fielding the ball until it's been thrown.
  15. Agreed -- but runners return to the last base as part of the INT, so in a practical sense R2 will return to second and any appeal chance will be lost.