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  1. Balk

    20 points!!! For some reason my spellcheck stinks. Thanks for the information.
  2. softball pitching

    As is slapping the glove against her thigh.
  3. Infield fly rule

    This is a pretty standard test question: Bases loaded--no outs. Batter hits a pop up that umpires call an infield fly. Ball drops to ground, uncaught and all runner take off. Defense throws home, to third and then to 2B and and the bases are all stepped on before the runners arrived. ( Yes, I know, This team has extremely slow runners.) How many outs do we have?? The answer is one. Once the IFF rule is called the batter is out and the force is removed. If the ball is uncaught any and all runners must be tagged for an out.
  4. Extra Balls on Field

    I was the BU for a Varsity softball game today. The home team had a habit of leaving their warm up balls near the dugout but still within live ball territory. I made sure they were placed in the dugout but it got me thinking. What is the ruling if a player accidentally picks up the wrong ball while attempting to retire a runner? Say there is a ball stuck in the fence above home plate and it comes down when the catcher is going after a passed ball and he picks up the ball which just fell down rather then the one in the game?
  5. Balk?

    Pitcher in set position and in one motion steps back from the rubber and throws to first. Did not step to first. Does the step off relieve him of the need to gain distance and direction? Balk?
  6. RI on an attempted DP

    Sounds like a bad throw to me. Did the runner intentionally interfere? Was he doing anything other than running to 1B in the runners lane? Play on.
  7. Gear for slowpitch?

    Just a mask and a cup.
  8. Play at plate UNC-Davidson

    Yes. And in OBR the same now applies if the B/R beats the throw to first base but misses the bag.
  9. Interference

    A batter can never be called out for being struck with a deflected batted ball ( unless intentional) but he can be called for interference if he interferes with a fielder attempting to field a deflected batted ball.
  10. Balk?

    Yes-- your first answer applies.
  11. Half Swing Appeal Rules

    A checked swing appeal has nothing to do with a violation of the rules therefore, by definition, it is not an appeal. Perhaps one day it will be termed what it is-- a request.
  12. Balk?

    Right handed pitcher in the set. In one motion he steps backwards off the rubber and, in the same motion--and without any foot motion towards 1B-- he throws to first base for a pickoff.
  13. Balk?

    I have seen this in the younger divisions. They step back and throw to first---not hard to do in a 50/70 game. Is it legal?
  14. Balk

    I guess I was not clear in my OP. There was never a windup and that has no bearing on my question. F1 is in the set position. Rather than stepping off and then throwing to 1B he steps off the rubber and throws simotaniously. Does this simotanious step now make F1 a fielder who no longer has to gain distance and direction in his move to 1rst or 3rd (OBR)
  15. Question

    A smart fielder would first tag R1 and then step on the base before the B/R gets there. 2 outs. Do the reverse and the B/R is out but R1 is safe if he remained on the bag or dived back after the force.
  16. Half Swing Appeal Rules

    A checked swing "appeal" is not an appeal. Check the definition of what an appeal actually is and how it can be executed. It only involves missing a base or improperly tagging up--or BOO
  17. Catch or no?

    Not really. At first base if F3 eventually holds the ball before the B/R hits the bag it is an out Even if jiggled once F2 holds the ball before it hits the ground it is just a strike out. Which means it does not mater if the B/R is 30 feet past 1B since he is out since it is a fought 3rd strike. Sorry to be redundant--I see Stk--004 said the same thing.
  18. softball appeal

    The PU had no business ruling it a trap--after the BU made his call that is-- unless the BU asked for help. And if this did happen then the BU should have changed his call. Even so if I had been the PU I would have stuck with the original call.
  19. Want some opinions on this one

    In real baseball , such as travel or tournament,I agree. In recreational everyone is learning and I have yet to hear a complaint.
  20. Want some opinions on this one

    I once had the bases on a 13U CYO game and the coach wanted to appeal that R2 missed 3rd. I told him to make an appeal. He then said that he did not know how to do that so I told him to wait until the PU made the ball live and have his pitcher throw to 3rd. He did and I called the runner safe. The coach stared at me dumbfounded and said. "After all that you call him safe?" I replied yes but to look at the bright side--you now know how to make an appeal.
  21. Mechanics/angle

    If you were in the right spot and saw the tag then how could you have blown it? Never let the crowd or a coach make you doubt yourself but if you feel that you were blocked out and the manager asks you to go for help then it is up to you if that is what you want to do. However, your partner should have been at cutout near 3B so it is unlikely that he would have had a better angle.
  22. Except that in interference runners keep the base they had at time of violation. Does this change anything?
  23. Knee knocks hand off base

    I think a lot depends upon the timing of the play' If it was bang-bang I would call him out. If there was any type of delay in the runner being forced off the base I would call time and place him back on the bag.
  24. That was my question. 2 outs. Ground ball to short. For some reason F 6 throws home but run scores. R3 then interferes with F2 before B/R reaches first base. PU calls interference--does this now negate the run?
  25. Ok so--in the play where R3 crashed into F2.. If it had been two outs who would have been called out--R3 or the B/R? And if the B/R was out would the run have scored?