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  1. Actually happened in my sons 12U game: Bases loaded no out. Batter hits pop up, umpires call infield fly. Fielder drops the ball and all runners take off. Multible attempts to make outs but team cant make any. Last runner scores because B/R--who is already out on IF -- gets in a rundown between first and second base. Question--is this interference by the BR?
  2. Does a pitch have to be caught by the catcher for interference to be called on the PU? For example, catcher drops the pitch and after picking up the ball ( which is right in front of him) to throw out a stealing runner his throwing hand contacts the PU and his throw does not retire the runner. Does this qualify as umpire interference?
  3. I am one of the umpire instructors for a large complex in Bellrose Queens and we are looking for umpires. No fees involved so if interested contact me at
  4. It is in both the PBUC and MLBUM case books.
  5. I had the situation before I was certified and was lucky. I called him safe and then when the coach yelled "Tag him" I called him out on the tag. The coach complimented me on my rules knowledge but at that moment I decided to join a real association and get some training. Yes--call him safe and wait for an appeal, which can be either a tag or stomping the base. But the appeal has to be obvious. --just because F3 still has his foot on the bag after the play is not enough for an appeal. While not a force no runs would score if this was the 3rd out of the inning.
  6. So if tagged we should bang him out, score the run and only reverse this if they ask for an appeal? What if they just step on the bag? And is it not different if the missed base is the plate? Doesn"t the rule state the runner must be tagged unless he is heading towards the dugout?
  7. R1 was forced. He misses 2B and is tagged out scrambling back to the base. Is this a force or time play? Also-- would he have to be tagged or could the defense just step on the bag for the appeal?
  8. Ok TIME play. Would it be a force out?
  9. If the runner had missed second base and the base was tagged before he could scramble back would this still be a timing play?
  10. In softball if a player loses possession of the ball when making a tag it is a one base award. I am not sure if baseball agrees with this.
  11. Bases loaded. Pitcher balks and hits batter with pitch. Question: Is the balk nullified because the batter and all runners advance? Or do we enforce the balk?
  12. I watched that game live on TV I was screaming, "Obstruction! Obstruction"! Yes, as a Yankee fan I always root against the Sox. Good call by Joyce. Not nit picking, but the PU should have called time before awarding home on the obs.
  13. Thank you. Yes, that was my mini confusion. And yes, this was an OBR interpretation question.
  14. Say a runner is obstructed while diving back to a base during a pick off by either the pitcher or any other defensive player. Is the runner automatically awarded the additional base? For example, if F1 is obstructed while going back to first on a pickoff---is he awarded second base?
  15. Thanks guys. Since this is obstruction with a play (as in a run down) OBR also states to award the extra base.
  16. Thanks guys. My guy went that way but I just wanted to be sure.
  17. In this type of situation both Fed and Obs award an extra base. But an interpretation that I just read in BRD states that in Fed an extra base not have to be awarded if the obstructed runner had no chance of making the extra base.
  18. Is that really true? If the fielder does not go after the ball are we supposed to assume that it was due to interference? Awhile back I was the BU for an 18U softball game. Runner on 2B. Runner goes on the pitch. Batter hits soft line drive towards short which cause the runner to stop suddenly to avoid the batted ball and then immediately takes off once the danger of being hit is over. F6 is a few feet behind her and drops the ball on what should have been an easy catch. In my judgement the runner did nothing wrong and, even though F6 seemed a bit flustered by the runner she should have caught the ball. ( I later checked an umpire manual and it stated that a runner must do something other than running the bases -- making contact, purposely stopping/ starting in front of the ball to hinder the fielder, etc.)---to be called for interference Defensive coach comes out looking for the interference call but I explain to him my reasons for not calling it. Would you have called interference in this situation?
  19. What is the criteria for a ball to be intentionally dropped? Does it have to be in his the glove first? Can a player guide the ball down with the back of his glove?
  20. Looking back you already answered my question when you said the ball must first be touched with hand or glove.
  21. My confusion was based that in the umpire course I attended we were told that the ball had to be in the glove and then dropped for the rule to be applied. Obviously that was wrong. Another question ---suppose the fielder allows the batted ball to strike him in the chest and then picks it up for a double play?
  22. Thanks.
  23. We are a large complex in Eastern Queens NY seeking experienced umpires for ages 8-16 in baseball and softball. Contact Matt at temkinmatthew@
  24. Welcome from a fellow umpire who married a Swede from Lund. Is youth baseball catching on?
  25. If the ball rolls into the bat in fair territory and remains fair it is a live ball and play on. If the bat strikes the ball a second time in fair territory then it is interference and the batter is out. In federation rules it must be intentionally striking the ball a second time to have an out.