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  1. If his leg starts moving before his hands/arms stop moving, he didn't stop.
  2. Some of you are thinking waaaaay too much into this. This isn't really a "mechanic" either. Wouldn't it fit under "Situations"?
  3. Add me to the "I'm not cleaning it off" list.
  4. They really don't need to be shined. Clean them up with mild soap and water and call it good.
  5. All I know is that an assistant who is told to shut his mouth, then comes on the field, is leaving. I don't care what level or rule code it is. If it's FED I'll just put in the report that I judged it to be a major infraction or closed.
  6. Sold, thread can be locked.
  7. Regardless of whether the runner was initially safe or out, I have an out in relation to Johnny's question. As far as I know, voluntary release does not HAVE to be the fielder reaching into his glove with his throwing hand and pulling the ball out. I'm thinking of when a fielder makes a tag or a catch, then just turns his glove over and dumps the ball out as he goes back to the dugout after the third out. That is voluntary release, just not the kind we normally think of. Anyone have anything else from Johnny's video from a game management/NCAA protocol standpoint?
  8. Is anything keeping him from throwing the ball to someone else? I mean the throw won't be good, but he can probably throw it....
  9. It's only one pair and they're brand new. PM me with an offer if you're interested.
  10. Still have these pants hanging in my laundry room. Haven't been worn. I'll take $50 for them shipped.
  11. If a coach wants to talk about a play, he can come talk about it when it happens. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, I'm done talking about it once we start the game again.
  12. The OP kept a batter in the box on a hit-by-pitch, and you want him to wait until between innings to discuss it with the coach? If he comes out to ask for an explanation, give him one and move on from there. If he wants to vent for a few seconds, indulge him. It sounds like he may have let it go on for a little too long, but it isn't the end of the world. If this becomes a regular thing with this guy, you may have to cut him off, but once isn't that big of a deal in my opinion.
  13. As long as you match colors and get calls right, does it really matter if the plate umpire wears a jacket, long sleeve shirt, short sleeve shirt, or plate coat? College baseball, MiLB, and MLB don't have an restrictions against jackets on the plate, so why would it be taboo at other levels?
  14. My coldest was February of 2015. D2 game where it was around 24 with a wind chill of 12. This was partly due to the fact that we started our doubleheader at 10 a.m. because we had to be off the field at a certain time for another team to practice. It was at a neutral site because it had snowed at the home team's field. Coldest HS game was around the freezing mark and it was spitting ice/snow the entire game with the wind blowing. Equally as miserable as the game above but I didn't have a Thermabase type jacket at this point. I had all kind of layers on under the old windbreaker type jacket. Thankfully they decided beforehand to forego the JV game that was scheduled after the varsity game.
  15. I understood Kevin's post. My point is that starting position of U2 doesn't really have anything to do with taking plays from the outside in 3 or 4-man and applying the wedge concept. I mean I guess you would end up doing that if you had a steal with R1 starting where that umpire is, but the two things aren't directly related in my opinion.