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  1. Softball vs Baseball

    There are collision rules in amateur levels of softball just like in baseball. (FED/NCAA) Softball umpires that work 3-man go 1BLX too. I don't know why they do it but they do.
  2. Darrin Sealey Resigns

    This is exactly 100% dead on. I have thought this for a long time but it is not always a popular sentiment to express. I hate how the "hero" tag is thrown around so much. It cheapens it for the people who are actually heroes.
  3. Honigs

    Thanks guys.
  4. Honigs

    Has anyone had any more trouble getting their order from Honigs recently? I need a new shirt and I like their short sleeve MLB style shirts the best, but I don't want the hassle of not getting my order. I thought I remember reading about some people having issues with them since they consolidated everything in Colorado so I figured I would ask.
  5. I may be stupid, but I've never missed a call because the base or plate wasn't white enough. I guess you're not that good.
  6. The bases and plate are already white before you run out there and spray them. Exactly. I cannot believe we are having this conversation. If you are just starting out umpiring, don't do this. Ever.
  7. Properly disengaging plate

    Agree with this. What you told him about his right foot was not correct. It doesn't matter where it lands as long as he gains distance and direction. Even he didn't disengage and faked to first without a throw, it's a balk anyway.
  8. Dan McDonnell Ejection

    The official warning is great and all but if someone crosses the line there are still automatics. I imagine he said something that was deemed automatic as he walked away.
  9. Narrowing Down Chest Protectors

    If I didn't love my Douglas and didn't want to spend $140+ on a new chest protector, I would get the Champion. $55 for a hard shell is hard to beat.
  10. New ATL stadium

    I have a good friend/work colleague who worked in Atlanta for a while and is about to go back there. He tells me the area around the new place is really nice. From the way it sounds you won't have any issues.
  11. Gaining Ground toward 2nd

    The NCAA interprets it this way. MiLB and MLB interpret it this way. If you work one of those two levels you should call it as such. Like MidAmUmp said, it was on the rules test for the NCAA this year. I don't know what else you need. If you don't work under those rules, interpret it how your supervisors tell you.
  12. Balk Questioning by nice (ignorant) coach

    If his leg starts moving before his hands/arms stop moving, he didn't stop.
  13. Going for help. Keep it simple

    Some of you are thinking waaaaay too much into this. This isn't really a "mechanic" either. Wouldn't it fit under "Situations"?
  14. To clean or not to clean... THE PLATE

    Add me to the "I'm not cleaning it off" list.
  15. New Balance Plate Shoes

    They really don't need to be shined. Clean them up with mild soap and water and call it good.