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  1. NB base shoes

    New Balance informed us last week that this shoe will NOT be made in a 4E like the others. Some people have returned the shoes to go to a 2E but not a lot. More people have relayed to us that they LOVE the shoe. As with anything, personal preference is the key. With FREE RETURNS, you can't go wrong at our place. We bring OUR store to YOUR living room. Order the D and 2E, try them on at home and return what you don't want. We'll pay for the shipping.
  2. Are these all the same mask?

    Thanks for the LOVE! WE appreciate you relaying that info to your colleagues
  3. SWMBO - The next Chapter

    Please let your wife know how much I admire her recommendation to you She's definitely a KEEPER!

    Thanks for the email. We looked into getting these, but the MLB guys did not know they were getting these jackets until the beginning of the season. I kept asking and showing pictures & my resources said they "did not know" anything about these jackets. Therefore, we did not order these. Also, I polled my resources at the collegiate and high school levels - "is this a jacket you would let your guys wear?" and the unanimous answer was "No." At that price point, Business 101 told us to hold off and NOT make the investment in this jacket.
  5. 3n2 vs New Balance, size question

    That's right @BT_Blue! You know us all too well! FREE SHIPPING options AND FREE RETURNS!!!! Why not take advantage of us bringing our store to you??!!! Order different sizes, send them to the house to try them on; simply send back what doesn't fit and WE WILL PAY FOR THE SHIPPING! Once your shoes arrive back to our offices, we'll credit the credit card you used for the purchase and you'll see it in your account within 2-3 business days. Let me know how else we can help! Scott Kennedy / scott@ump-attire.com
  6. Black Friday

    Sorry for the delayed reply. We hosted the Thanksgiving Day Bash at my house so I was all hands on-deck for the wife OR, my belongings would've ended up in a dumpster! Thanks to @JSam21 for the SAVE and posting the website link for our Black Friday deals. I keep telling Jim about all of the emails I receive from umpires and referees THANKING us for doing what we do! It's like EVERY day is a SALE or a Black Friday special. Free Shipping options, Real-time inventory sync, Free Returns, Expected Shipping Delivery dates & the BEST Customer Service BY FAR!! You all keep telling us you love that we don't have 5-6 bullet points with our specials that have all kind of stipulations or restrictions about what you can order. We will keep doing what we do best and we LOVE being the"#1 online retailer and YOUR leading authority for sports officials in gear and apparel!!" Scott Kennedy / scott@ump-attire.com
  7. Are these all the same mask?

    Camera angles on the field & digital picture on our website: www.ump-attire.com Tumpane wears the same one we have on our site. Thanks! Scott@ump-attire.com
  8. CP advice for college games

    I've had dozens of MiLB umpires pass through Louisville, stop in and purchase the Champion P2 chest protector. In my conversations with them, they've been hit with foul balls and have (unfortunately) blocked pitches in the dirt. They've ALL seemed to love it and they LOVE that WE HAVE IT In-Stock. Personally, I "grew up" with the Wilson brand, so I'm sticking with the lady I took to the dance. Grabbing this chest protector, trying it on and see if I would ever use it ??? I would say, "Yes." For those of you reading this post, here's a link to the Champion that the MiLB guys are using from our website: https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Gear-Footwear/Chest-Protectors/P2_Champion-Body-Armor-Umpire-Chest-Protector
  9. Thanks Mr. Thunderheads Admin .......
  10. Yes, another inch where the harness wouldn't move off of the frame. haha!
  11. Perfect bag for the shin guards. What most people don't know is that you could fold your chest protector in half and put it in this bag. When you do this, give me credit for it....haha! Thanks!
  12. I'm going to take a "pass" on that one & fry some bigger fish for you all to see. Thanks!
  13. Yes - a lot of guys wear these as tights for the bases. Thanks!
  14. JUST on this product. Not on my shirts. The Smitty convertible jacket is cut pretty big. Thanks!